2023 CrossFit Open

February 16 - March 6, 2023

Final Results - Women

Final Results - Men

CrossFit Games 2023 season calendar is confirmed.

Open - Feb 16th - Mar 6th Individual Quarterfinal - March 16-19 Team Quarterfinal - March 29-31 Age Group Quarterfinal - March 31-April 2nd Individual and Team Semifinals May 18-June 4th (3 weeks) CrossFit Games Aug 1-6

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2023 Games Season Structure announcement

CrossFit announced some high level details about the 2023 season.
CrossFit Open will be 3 weeks again, starting on February 16th
North America has been split into 2 regions, North America East and North America West
North America will have 2 semifinals, Europe will have 1. Each semifinal will have 60 individual athletes and 40 teams invited. All other regions will remain the same. These Semifinals will be run by CrossFit
All Semifinals will have standardized programming completed by CrossFit HQ
The Last Chance Qualifier has been removed from the schedule. The last 2 games spots will be given to athletes based on to be determined formula

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