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2007 CrossFit Games - Fantasy Fitnessing

2007 CrossFit Games

June 30 - July 1, 2007

Final Results - Women

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Final Results - Men

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Event 1 - The Hopper

For time:
1,000-meter row
Then, 5 rounds of:
25 Pull-ups
7 Push Jerks (135/85 lb.)

#Women  #Men 
1Jolie Gentry16:22.0 1Brett Marshall13:07.0
2Mary Rigney20:00.0 2James Fitzgerald13:39.0
3Nichole Dehart20:00.0 3Chris Spealler13:52.0
4Maggie Larson20:00.0 4Josh Everett14:13.0
5Nora Grant20:00.0 5Brendan Gilliam15:35.0
6Denise Serrano20:00.0 6Kris Ratz16:12.0
7Tara Muccilli20:00.0 7Brent Oakson16:53.0
8Kallista Pappas20:00.0 8Zac Pine16:55.0
9Susan Kopcha20:00.0 9Evan Von17:25.0
10Sage Castro20:00.0 10Andy Stumpf17:26.0
11Dani Martin20:00.0 11John Murphy17:27.0
12Melanie Ayres20:00.0 12Mike Hom18:08.0
13Mariah Serrano20:00.0 13Breck Berry18:21.0
14Kate Hunt20:00.0 14Freddy Camacho18:30.0
15Lori King20:00.0 15Brandon Banks18:40.0
16Jean Rapagna20:00.0 16Russ Greene19:24.0
17Jaime Stumpf20:00.0 17Dale Saran20:00.0
18Melanie Ward20:00.0 18Mark Rosen20:00.0
19Tara Parsons20:00.0 19Jeremy Thiel20:00.0
--- 20Andreas De20:00.0
--- 21Ryan Wolley20:00.0
--- 22Cj Martin20:00.0
--- 23Peter Egyed20:00.0
--- 24Marcus Neal20:00.0
--- 25Brian Vandewettering20:00.0
--- 26Steve Serrano20:00.0
--- 27Nate Pierce20:00.0
--- 28Michael Woodruff20:00.0
--- 29David Shanahan20:00.0
--- 30Connor Martin20:00.0
--- 31Connor Banks20:00.0
--- 32Taylor Nigh20:00.0
--- 33Nickolas Hawks18:14.0
--- 34Russell Bruel19:29.0
--- 35Nick Cruz20:00.0
--- 36Eric Le20:00.0
--- 37John Kane20:00.0
--- 38Saul Jimenez19:28.0
--- 39Thomas Silva14:46.0
--- 40Ryan Hunt19:39.0
--- 41Keith Ansell20:00.0

Event 2 - Trail Run

Trail run (approximately 5 k)
#Women  #Men 
1Kate Hunt25:14.0 1Chris Spealler20:43.0
2Jolie Gentry26:05.0 2James Fitzgerald20:45.0
3Dani Martin26:46.0 3Brett Marshall22:00.0
4Tara Parsons27:12.0 4Breck Berry22:04.0
5Kallista Pappas27:15.0 5Kris Ratz22:10.0
6Mary Rigney28:47.0 6Nickolas Hawks23:51.0
8Tara Muccilli29:59.0 7Jeremy Thiel23:56.0
9Maggie Larson30:17.0 8Brandon Banks23:56.0
10Melanie Ward30:34.0 10Josh Everett24:28.0
11Nora Grant30:46.0 11Ryan Wolley24:30.0
12Jean Rapagna31:14.0 12Russ Greene24:33.0
13Nichole Dehart31:47.0 13Cj Martin24:45.0
14Mariah Serrano35:14.0 14David Shanahan25:04.0
15Susan Kopcha35:29.0 15Peter Egyed25:21.0
16Lori King40:11.0 16Brendan Gilliam25:39.0
17Denise Serrano40:11.0 17Brent Oakson25:44.0
--- 18Andy Stumpf25:49.0
--- 19Nate Pierce25:54.0
--- 20Eric Le26:15.0
--- 21Taylor Nigh26:16.0
--- 22Thomas Silva26:19.0
--- 23Marcus Neal26:37.0
--- 24Andreas De26:41.0
--- 25Freddy Camacho27:01.0
--- 26Brian Vandewettering27:09.0
--- 27Saul Jimenez27:25.0
--- 28Evan Von27:25.0
--- 29Michael Woodruff27:29.0
--- 30John Murphy27:51.0
--- 31Connor Banks28:07.0
--- 32Dale Saran28:35.0
--- 33John Kane28:55.0
--- 34Ryan Hunt29:16.0
--- 35Mark Rosen29:22.0
--- 36Connor Martin29:28.0
--- 37Nick Cruz30:46.0
--- 38Mike Hom31:25.0
--- 39Keith Ansell32:44.0
--- 40Steve Serrano34:10.0

Event 3 - CrossFit Total

Back squat 1-rep max
Press 1-rep max
Deadlift 1-rep max

#Women  #Men 
1Nichole Dehart530 lbs 1Connor Banks1225 lbs
2Jolie Gentry496 lbs 2Josh Everett1133 lbs
3Tara Muccilli475 lbs 3Evan Von1025 lbs
4Mary Rigney465 lbs 4Dale Saran1005 lbs
5Nora Grant462 lbs 5Jeremy Thiel975 lbs
6Maggie Larson436 lbs 6Mike Hom945 lbs
7Denise Serrano430 lbs 7Brian Vandewettering915 lbs
8Lori King410 lbs 9Peter Egyed913 lbs
9Dani Martin385 lbs 10Breck Berry906 lbs
10Tara Parsons374 lbs 11James Fitzgerald906 lbs
11Kallista Pappas363 lbs 12Marcus Neal906 lbs
12Kate Hunt360 lbs 13Brett Marshall891 lbs
13Jean Rapagna360 lbs 14Freddy Camacho870 lbs
14Melanie Ward320 lbs 15Brendan Gilliam867 lbs
15Mariah Serrano300 lbs 16John Murphy855 lbs
--- 17Steve Serrano850 lbs
--- 18Nate Pierce840 lbs
--- 19Russ Greene798 lbs
--- 20Brent Oakson781 lbs
--- 21Mark Rosen770 lbs
--- 22Chris Spealler757 lbs
--- 23Andreas De755 lbs
--- 24John Kane745 lbs
--- 25Ryan Wolley720 lbs
--- 26Ryan Hunt720 lbs
--- 27Michael Woodruff715 lbs
--- 28Cj Martin710 lbs
--- 29Taylor Nigh675 lbs
--- 30David Shanahan660 lbs
--- 31Connor Martin650 lbs
--- 32Nick Cruz650 lbs
--- 33Eric Le645 lbs
--- 34Thomas Silva615 lbs
--- 35Nickolas Hawks535 lbs
--- 36Keith Ansell385 lbs

The following is a breakdown of the number of movements in each category programmed in the 2007 CrossFit Games. If a movement appears in multiple events, it is counted twice


Gymnastics Movements
Pull UpThe Hopper
Monostructural Movements
RowThe Hopper
RunningTrail Run
Weightlifting Movements
ComplexCrossFit Total
JerksThe Hopper
Single Movement2
Time DomainCount
10 to 20 minutes1
Greater than 20 minutes1
Max Lift1