21.1 Athlete Videos

Women’s 21.1 Winner Johanna Juliusdottir

Men’s 21.1 Winner Jonne Koski

Brent Fikowski

Rich Froning

Noah Olsen Redo

Noah Olsen’s redo. Kept the standard on the wall walks, and improved his time by 43 seconds.

Kristi Eramo O’Connell Redo

Kristi provides commentary during the redo. I love the honesty about the challenges of an Open Announcement and running someone else’s race. It was great to see a good jump in time as well.

James Newbury

Less than 2 weeks out from a knee procedure makes Newbury’s performance impressive.

Noah Olsen’s First Attempt

Noah’s first attempt at 21.1. He later posted on Instagram he had a few no-reps in his wall walks and he was going to do another attempt.

Roman Khrennikov

I feel like I saw Khrennikov post several images of himself doing double under. Not sure if they were all attempts at 21.1 or just old footage. This matches his leaderboard score.

Tia Toomey, Brooke Wells & Alec Smith

3 members of the Proven team tackle 21.1. Video stops at Tia’s 17th wall walk in the round of 21.

Dan Bailey

Dan Bailey’s first attempt at 21.1. He mentions his wall walk standard wasn’t legit on all reps, and he plans to redo

21.1 Open Announcement

21.1 Open Announcement. Kari Pearce vs. Kristi Eramo O’Connell

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