Jackie Violette

Home Country: United States
Gender: Female
Instagram: @jackie_violette
CrossFit Affiliate:
Age: 20

Career Highlights

Best CrossFit Games Result: -
Best CrossFit Open Result: 790th (2022)


Past Results

2022 Competition Results

CrossFit Competition Final Ranking Average Event Finish Event Wins Event Top 5 Finishes Event Top 10 Finishes Number of Events
Atlas Games2319.80 0 16
Quarterfinals125221.40 0 0 5
CrossFit Open790-0 - - -

Similar Athletes

CrossFit CompetitionLiftWeight
2022 Atlas GamesBarbell Complex175 lbs/79.5 kg
2022 QuarterfinalsThe Other Total588 lbs/267.3 kg
Average Event Finish by Event Type
CompetitionAll EventsSingle ModalityCoupletsTriplets4 or More Movement WorkoutsChippersPyramid Chippers
2022 Atlas Games19.8281815--25
2022 Quarterfinals221.4420-180147--
2022 CrossFit Open-------
Average Event Finish by Time Domain
CompetitionAll EventsMax Lifts0 to 5 Minutes5 to 10 Minutes10 to 20 Minutes20+ Minutes
2022 Atlas Games19.828132217-
2022 Quarterfinals221.4420216181.5108-
2022 CrossFit Open------