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2021 Mid Atlantic CrossFit Challenge - Fantasy Fitnessing

2021 Mid Atlantic CrossFit Challenge

May 28 - 30th, 2021

Final Results - Women

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# Name Total Points

Final Results - Men

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Event 1 - 8 Mile (1 Rep Max Snatch)

1 Rep Max Snatch
#Women  #Men 
1Christine Kolenbrander210 lbs 1Zach Watts310 lbs
2Winter Nicolette Rodriguez205 lbs 2Scott Panchik300 lbs
3Taylor Reber200 lbs 2Mark Hutchinson300 lbs
3Kat Grillo200 lbs 2Ben Smith300 lbs
3Tia-Clair Toomey-Orr200 lbs 2Jayson Hopper300 lbs
6Brooke Wells195 lbs 2Travis Williams300 lbs
6Amanda Barnhart195 lbs 2Travis Mayer300 lbs
8Kelly Clark190 lbs 8Hunter Holifield290 lbs
9Meredith Swindle185 lbs 9Justin Medeiros285 lbs
9Gabrielle Ocker185 lbs 10Tyler Eggimann280 lbs
9Kyra Milligan185 lbs 10Angelo Dicicco280 lbs
9Emily Nussbaum185 lbs 10Luke Parker280 lbs
9Emily Beroth185 lbs 10Connor Duddy280 lbs
9Jessica Griffith185 lbs 10Samuel Kwant280 lbs
9Haley Adams185 lbs 15Marquan Jones275 lbs
16Nicole Gibson-Burke180 lbs 15Dalton Mankin275 lbs
16Olivia Sulek180 lbs 15Hal Fisher275 lbs
16Danielle Dunlap180 lbs 15Tristan Faure275 lbs
19Nicole Soto175 lbs 15Michael Needleman275 lbs
19Shaylin Laure175 lbs 20Marco Alejandro270 lbs
21Feeroozeh Saghafi170 lbs 20Matthew Greene270 lbs
21Megan O'Donnell170 lbs 22Austin Nedelcoff265 lbs
23Maggie Pairan165 lbs 22Max Kutler265 lbs
23Rebecca Voigt Miller165 lbs 22Cam Crockett265 lbs
23Ellie Huffman165 lbs 25Josh Woodhull260 lbs
26Leah Irons160 lbs 25Sean Gordon260 lbs
26Rebecca Fuselier160 lbs 27Vincent Buttitta255 lbs
26Paige Henry160 lbs 28Norman Woodring250 lbs
29Carla Henriet135 lbs 29Casey Crable245 lbs
30Emma Chapman125 lbs 30Adam Klink225 lbs

Event 2 - Need For Speed II

For time:
40' Torque Tank Push Down
45 Cal Ski Erg
40' Torque Tank Push Back
45 Chest to Bar Pullups
40' Torque Tank Push Down
30 Cal Ski Erg
40' Torque Tank Push Back
30 Chest to Bar Pullups
40' Torque Tank Push Down
15 Cal Ski Erg
40' Torque Tank Push Back
15 Chest to Bar Pullups
40' Torque Tank Push Down

#Women  #Men 
1Tia-Clair Toomey-Orr09:04.46 1Jayson Hopper07:45.98
2Haley Adams09:38.47 2Justin Medeiros07:52.96
3Brooke Wells10:38.88 3Scott Panchik08:05.65
4Feeroozeh Saghafi10:54.92 4Zach Watts08:09.58
5Rebecca Fuselier11:03.21 5Hal Fisher08:10.57
6Danielle Dunlap11:07.92 6Adam Klink08:12.0
7Christine Kolenbrander11:16.71 7Marquan Jones08:13.72
8Jessica Griffith11:18.88 8Samuel Kwant08:23.85
9Emily Beroth11:23.59 9Sean Gordon08:24.0
10Nicole Gibson-Burke11:28.8 10Travis Mayer08:24.6
11Amanda Barnhart11:37.44 11Tyler Eggimann08:24.90
12Leah Irons11:41.98 12Angelo Dicicco08:34.52
13Kelly Clark11:42.35 13Luke Parker08:36.64
14Paige Henry11:43.59 14Connor Duddy08:39.24
15Rebecca Voigt Miller11:50.16 15Ben Smith08:41.96
16Maggie Pairan11:53.25 16Mark Hutchinson08:46.47
17Kat Grillo11:57.57 17Hunter Holifield08:50.95
18Shaylin LaureCAP + 0 18Cam Crockett08:52.99
19Nicole SotoCAP + 1 19Travis Williams08:56.5
20Winter Nicolette RodriguezCAP + 3 20Casey Crable09:04.22
21Taylor ReberCAP + 10 21Vincent Buttitta09:04.40
22Megan O'DonnellCAP + 11 22Austin Nedelcoff09:06.70
23Ellie HuffmanCAP + 17 23Josh Woodhull09:10.82
24Meredith SwindleCAP + 20 24Norman Woodring09:24.90
25Emily NussbaumCAP + 25 25Max Kutler09:27.3
26Emma ChapmanCAP + 27 26Michael Needleman09:29.83
27Olivia SulekCAP + 30 27Tristan Faure10:50.95
28Kyra MilliganCAP + 35 28Dalton Mankin10:58.82
29Gabrielle OckerCAP + 40 29Matthew Greene11:33.54
30Carla HenrietCAP + 65 30Marco Alejandro11:44.90

Event 3 - Grettel

10 Rounds For Time:
3 Clean and Jerks
3 Bar Facing Burpees
Male: 135lb barbell
Female: 95lb barbell

#Women  #Men 
1Amanda Barnhart02:47.51 1Travis Mayer02:41.40
2Tia-Clair Toomey-Orr02:47.94 2Hunter Holifield02:42.87
3Brooke Wells02:49.66 3Hal Fisher02:43.46
4Feeroozeh Saghafi02:56.84 4Justin Medeiros02:49.90
5Olivia Sulek03:03.45 5Scott Panchik02:51.60
6Haley Adams03:05.13 6Zach Watts02:52.6
7Kelly Clark03:11.53 7Mark Hutchinson02:56.70
8Jessica Griffith03:11.70 8Jayson Hopper02:57.2
9Nicole Gibson-Burke03:12.42 9Connor Duddy02:58.92
10Christine Kolenbrander03:13.22 10Vincent Buttitta02:59.57
11Emily Nussbaum03:13.26 11Dalton Mankin03:02.49
12Kyra Milligan03:13.82 12Samuel Kwant03:03.0
13Kat Grillo03:14.19 13Casey Crable03:04.14
14Winter Nicolette Rodriguez03:16.70 14Tyler Eggimann03:04.15
15Rebecca Fuselier03:16.98 15Cam Crockett03:05.56
16Danielle Dunlap03:18.26 16Angelo Dicicco03:07.20
17Leah Irons03:19.86 17Marquan Jones03:10.37
18Emily Beroth03:22.99 18Norman Woodring03:10.62
19Taylor Reber03:24.32 19Adam Klink03:12.80
20Nicole Soto03:26.30 20Max Kutler03:12.83
21Maggie Pairan03:35.74 21Austin Nedelcoff03:14.87
22Paige Henry03:37.32 22Marco Alejandro03:15.21
23Megan O'Donnell03:37.86 23Ben Smith03:17.0
24Gabrielle Ocker03:41.2 24Tristan Faure03:22.52
25Ellie Huffman03:41.95 25Michael Needleman03:25.68
26Rebecca Voigt Miller03:54.94 26Josh Woodhull03:28.81
27Emma Chapman03:57.7 27Sean Gordon03:29.79
28Shaylin Laure04:07.66 28Luke Parker03:36.73
29Carla Henriet04:08.83 29Matthew Greene03:39.70
30Meredith Swindle04:23.71 ---

Event 4 - Inception

For time:
1 round of
900m TrueForm Run
18 Ring Muscle Ups
36 Wall Ball Shots

2 rounds of
450m TrueForm Run
9 Ring Muscle Ups
18 Wall Ball Shots

3 Rounds of
300m TrueForm Run
6 Ring Muscle Ups
12 Wall Ball Shots
Male: 30lb wall ball to 10' target
Female: 20lb wall ball to 9' target

#Women  #Men 
1Tia-Clair Toomey-Orr23:59.86 1Jayson Hopper23:38.35
2Haley Adams25:40.44 2Travis Mayer24:05.79
3Nicole Gibson-BurkeCAP + 7 3Angelo Dicicco24:50.0
4Danielle DunlapCAP + 15 4Cam Crockett25:04.25
5Jessica GriffithCAP + 17 5Scott Panchik25:24.7
6Amanda BarnhartCAP + 18 6Justin Medeiros25:43.33
7Feeroozeh SaghafiCAP + 19 7Marquan Jones25:45.0
7Brooke WellsCAP + 19 8Sean Gordon26:05.53
9Leah IronsCAP + 20 9Adam Klink26:10.39
9Emma ChapmanCAP + 20 10Casey Crable26:19.80
9Paige HenryCAP + 20 11Tyler Eggimann26:30.14
12Rebecca Voigt MillerCAP + 21 12Ben Smith26:40.21
12Kyra MilliganCAP + 21 13Norman WoodringCAP + 2
14Rebecca FuselierCAP + 23 14Dalton MankinCAP + 6
15Christine KolenbranderCAP + 32 15Austin NedelcoffCAP + 10
15Winter Nicolette RodriguezCAP + 32 15Connor DuddyCAP + 10
17Kelly ClarkCAP + 34 17Mark HutchinsonCAP + 12
18Nicole SotoCAP + 35 18Hunter HolifieldCAP + 13
19Olivia SulekCAP + 37 19Samuel KwantCAP + 14
20Shaylin LaureCAP + 38 20Michael NeedlemanCAP + 17
21Kat GrilloCAP + 39 21Marco AlejandroCAP + 18
22Maggie PairanCAP + 40 21Josh WoodhullCAP + 18
22Gabrielle OckerCAP + 40 21Luke ParkerCAP + 18
22Meredith SwindleCAP + 40 24Hal FisherCAP + 19
22Emily BerothCAP + 40 25Matthew GreeneCAP + 20
26Ellie HuffmanCAP + 47 26Zach WattsCAP + 24
27Emily NussbaumCAP + 55 27Max KutlerCAP + 35
28Megan O'DonnellCAP + 58 28Vincent ButtittaCAP + 40
28Taylor ReberCAP + 58 28Tristan FaureCAP + 40
30Carla HenrietCAP + 166 ---

Event 5 - Triwizard Cup

4 rounds for time
30/20 calories Concept2 Bike
20 Toes To Bar
10 Thrusters
40' Overhead Walking Lunge
Male: 135lb barbell
Female: 95lb barbell

#Women  #Men 
1Tia-Clair Toomey-Orr11:03.0 1Jayson Hopper11:57.0
2Brooke Wells11:34.0 2Justin Medeiros12:00.0
3Haley Adams11:35.0 3Cam Crockett12:31.0
4Christine Kolenbrander12:13.0 4Tyler Eggimann12:34.0
5Jessica Griffith12:31.0 5Scott Panchik12:49.0
6Amanda Barnhart12:35.0 6Travis Mayer12:56.0
7Feeroozeh Saghafi12:42.0 7Connor Duddy13:05.0
8Rebecca Fuselier13:12.0 8Angelo Dicicco13:11.0
9Megan O'Donnell13:24.0 9Hunter Holifield13:17.0
10Nicole Gibson-Burke13:29.0 10Ben Smith13:34.0
11Leah Irons13:39.0 11Mark Hutchinson13:44.0
12Olivia Sulek13:54.0 12Zach Watts14:09.0
13Kelly Clark13:59.0 12Dalton Mankin14:09.0
13Danielle Dunlap13:59.0 14Norman Woodring14:17.0
15Kyra Milligan14:12.0 15Marco Alejandro14:28.0
16Maggie Pairan14:21.0 16Adam Klink14:48.0
16Winter Nicolette Rodriguez14:21.0 17Casey Crable14:51.0
18Emily Beroth14:29.0 18Josh Woodhull14:54.0
19Ellie Huffman14:43.0 19Vincent Buttitta14:57.0
20Kat Grillo14:58.0 20Marquan Jones14:59.0
21Shaylin Laure15:00.0 21Luke Parker15:06.0
22Paige Henry15:02.0 22Samuel Kwant15:11.0
23Rebecca Voigt Miller15:07.0 23Matthew Greene15:15.0
24Taylor Reber15:15.0 24Hal Fisher15:18.0
25Meredith Swindle15:17.0 24Michael Needleman15:18.0
26Emily Nussbaum15:36.0 26Austin Nedelcoff15:32.0
27Gabrielle Ocker16:06.0 27Sean Gordon15:58.0
28Nicole Soto16:10.0 28Max Kutler16:34.0
29Emma Chapman16:19.0 29Tristan Faure17:05.0
30Carla HenrietCAP + 34 ---

Event 6 - Kratos

10 Rounds For Time
1 Legless Rope Climb
4 Strict Handstand Push-ups
6 Alternating Dumbbell Snatches
Male: 100lb Dumbbell
Female: 70lb Dumbbell

#Women  #Men 
1Tia-Clair Toomey-Orr08:06.30 1Justin Medeiros07:41.54
2Haley Adams08:58.54 2Scott Panchik08:14.2
3Christine Kolenbrander09:22.38 3Jayson Hopper08:40.77
4Jessica Griffith09:41.26 4Zach Watts08:48.53
5Feeroozeh Saghafi09:41.36 5Ben Smith08:54.70
6Winter Nicolette Rodriguez09:44.23 6Travis Mayer08:59.71
7Brooke Wells09:46.19 7Tyler Eggimann09:16.32
8Danielle Dunlap10:21.86 8Cam Crockett09:19.55
9Amanda Barnhart10:43.48 9Marquan Jones09:32.41
10Nicole Gibson-Burke10:44.95 10Angelo Dicicco09:34.0
11Kelly Clark11:13.23 11Hunter Holifield09:37.85
12Leah Irons11:20.99 12Mark Hutchinson09:50.18
13Rebecca Voigt Miller11:45.30 13Josh Woodhull09:56.29
14Kat Grillo11:45.32 14Connor Duddy09:59.27
15Emma Chapman12:06.7 15Matthew Greene10:26.59
16Rebecca Fuselier12:11.59 16Norman Woodring10:51.82
17Meredith Swindle12:43.73 17Austin Nedelcoff10:58.7
18Kyra Milligan12:49.1 18Samuel Kwant11:06.65
19Nicole Soto13:06.5 19Tristan Faure11:11.80
20Megan O'Donnell13:07.40 20Marco Alejandro11:13.20
21Olivia Sulek13:21.62 21Adam Klink11:18.73
22Taylor Reber14:22.63 22Dalton Mankin11:22.40
23Gabrielle Ocker14:47.69 23Sean Gordon11:46.79
24Shaylin LaureCAP + 0 24Casey Crable12:08.99
25Maggie PairanCAP + 11 25Max Kutler12:12.62
26Emily BerothCAP + 15 26Luke Parker12:22.51
27Emily NussbaumCAP + 22 27Michael Needleman12:29.4
27Paige HenryCAP + 22 28Vincent Buttitta13:15.49
29Ellie HuffmanCAP + 33 29Hal Fisher13:18.79
30Carla HenrietCAP + 110 ---

The following is a breakdown of the number of movements in each category programmed in the 2021 Mid Atlantic CrossFit Challenge. If a movement appears in multiple events, it is counted twice


Gymnastics Movements
Bar Facing BurpeeGrettel
Chest To Bar Pull UpsNeed For Speed II
Handstand Push UpKratos
Legless Rope ClimbKratos
Ring Muscle UpInception
Toes To BarTriwizard Cup
Monostructural Movements
Bike ErgTriwizard Cup
Ski ErgNeed For Speed II
Weightlifting Movements
Clean and JerkGrettel
LungeTriwizard Cup
Snatch8 Mile (1 Rep Max Snatch)
ThrusterTriwizard Cup
Torque Sled PushNeed For Speed II
Wall BallsInception
Single Movement1
4 or More Movements1
Time DomainCount
Less than 5 minutes1
5 to 10 minutes2
10 to 20 minutes1
Greater than 20 minutes1
Max Lift1