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Taylor Williamson and Luis Oscar Mora with the Tampico FitFest

Taylor Williamson won the women's division of the Tampico FitFest, while Luis Oscar Mora won on the men's side. Also on the women's side is Mayhem Athlete Sasha Nievas finished 4th.

Athlete: Taylor Williamson

Releated Athletes: Luis Oscar Mora   Sasha Nievas   

Source Created On November 08, 2022 8:54AM PST

Samuel Kwant has a respiratory infection during Rogue

Add Samuel Kwant to the list of athletes who were injured and sick during the 2022 Rogue Invitational. Kwant had a respiratory infection, which helps explain how the 4th fittest man on earth was not in the same area of the headboard during this competition.

Athlete: Samuel Kwant
Competition: Rogue Invitational

Source Created On November 08, 2022 8:41AM PST

Ricky Garard withdraws from the Dubai Fitness Championship

Morning Chalk Up posted that Ricky Garard has withdrawn from the Dubai Fitness Championship. Prior to the announcement Ricky Garard was scheduled to do all the things, Rogue, Down Under, Dubai and WZA. This move will allow the 3rd fittest man on earth to rest a bit this offseason. It is also a blow to the Dubai Fitness Championship which lacks the big name athletes they have had in past years.

Athlete: Ricky Garard
Competition: Dubai Fitness Championship

Source Created On November 08, 2022 8:35AM PST

Bailey Rogers injured her back ahead of the Rogue Qualifier

Bailey Rogers shared a post highlighting a recent back injury that limited her training leading into the Rogue Invitational. In the post she discusses not squatting or deadlifting for 9 weeks, and having not used a weight larger than 50kg until two weeks prior to the competition.

Athlete: Bailey Rogers
Competition: Rogue Invitational

Source Created On November 08, 2022 8:32AM PST

Emma Mcquaid sets Irish national snatch record

Just one week post Rogue, Emma Mcquaid has set the national snatch record at the Irish Weightlighting Championships for her weight class

Athlete: Emma Mcquaid

Source Created On November 08, 2022 8:26AM PST

Sam Stewart leads The Lads to Wodapalooza

2021 CrossFit Games athlete, Sam Stewart is joined by Jamie Headon and Michael Smith in a return to the 2023 Wodapalooza elite team division.

Athlete: Sam Stewart
Competition: Wodapalooza

Releated Athletes: Michael Smith   Jamie Headon   

Source Created On November 08, 2022 8:23AM PST

Sara Sigmundsdottir is confirmed for Wodapalooza

Sara Sigmundsdottir has been confirmed as an individual athlete at 2023 Wodapalooza. Last year Sigmundsdottir bowed out of WZA during the heavy lift, and didn't get back on track for the rest of the year as she still recovered from her 2021 ACL injury. The 2023 WZA will be her first step back.

Athlete: Sara Sigmundsdottir
Competition: Wodapalooza

Source Created On November 08, 2022 8:20AM PST

Jayson Hopper joins James Sprague and Cole Sager in a Wodapalooza team

Good Dudes is a confirmed team for Wodapalooza with Jayson Hopper, Cole Sager and James Sprague. Sager and Sprague trained together in Spokane a bit during the offseason, so there is a connection there, however this seems to be a bit of a unexpected trio.

Athlete: Jayson Hopper
Competition: Wodapalooza

Releated Athletes: Cole Sager   James Sprague   

Source Created On November 08, 2022 8:16AM PST

More Athletes confirmed for Dubai Fitness Championship

Simon Mantyla, Guillaume Briant, Alex Kotoulas have been confirmed on the Dubia Instagram page

Competition: Dubai Fitness Championship

Releated Athletes: Simon Mäntylä   Guillaume Briant   Alex Kotoulas   

Source Created On November 03, 2022 9:53AM PDT

More athletes confirmed for Dubai

Karin Freyova, Seher Kaya and Matilde Garnes have been confirmed on the Dubai Fitness Championship Instagram.

Competition: Dubai Fitness Championship

Releated Athletes: Karin Freyová   Seher Kaya   Matilde Øyen Garnes   

Source Created On November 03, 2022 9:51AM PDT

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