2022 CrossFit Fittest in Cape Town

May 27 - 29, 2022

Final Results - Women

Final Results - Men

Event 1 - The Deep End

For time:
1,000-m SkiErg
5 rounds for time:
100-m swim
20 alternating bear hug forward lunges with slam ball (50/30 kg)
Time cap: 24 minutes

#Women  #Men 
1Mary Jamieson17:28.0 1Ruan Potgieter16:50.0
2Christina Livaditakis17:51.0 2Jason Smith17:14.0
3Michelle Basnett17:52.0 3Kealan Henry17:22.0
4Lee Keyrouz18:12.0 4Devin Ramsden17:28.0
5Michelle Merand18:24.0 5Darren Zurnamer18:33.0
6Ingy Hossam Eldin18:29.0 6Mohamed Sherif18:39.0
7Dina Swift18:57.0 7James Van Dongen19:08.0
8Tanha Bouffe19:00.0 8Conrad Winnertz19:40.0
9Anneke Spies19:20.0 9Mohamed Elomda19:48.0
10Reegan Finkel19:57.0 10Trent Williams20:13.0
11Jessica Thomson20:17.0 11Richard Wollboldt20:21.0
12Laura Hume20:44.0 12Michael Van Tonder20:22.0
13Ziamay Malan21:15.0 13Abdelrahman Abdullah Cavio20:28.0
14Megan Faul21:31.0 14Ruan Duvenage20:34.0
15Leilani Tison21:35.0 15Justin Holliday20:56.0
16Zandre Coetzee21:39.0 16Robert Heuer21:00.0
17Georgia Ayres21:40.0 17Assem Effat21:13.0
18Tammy Taylor21:41.0 18Richard Smith21:43.0
19Nicola Temperman23:17.0 19Estian Ferreira23:10.0
20Emma Morgan23:46.0 20Brandon Jacobs00:06.0
21Aya Fouad00:10.0 21Joubert Boshoff00:33.0
22Maxx Klynsmith01:13.0 22Hilmar Von Mansberg27:43.0
23Angelique Connoway01:45.0 23Cj WardCAP + 8
24Leeverne Engelbrecht01:45.0 24Belal HeshamCAP + 23
25Alisha Stone25:59.0 25Radouane El GhadouiniCAP + 39
26Carla HenrietCAP + 22 26David SegunCAP + 45
27Gilmari ReynekeCAP + 23 27Hamilcaro BriceCAP + 67
28Assma LalaouiCAP + 41 ---
29Dalia Al AmryCAP + 66 ---

Event 2 - 2014 Regional IE5

10 rounds for time:
1 legless rope climb (15 ft)
Run 170 ft
Time cap: 11 minutes

#Women  #Men 
1Michelle Merand04:16.0 1Robert Heuer03:02.0
2Leeverne Engelbrecht05:21.0 2Estian Ferreira03:04.0
3Reegan Finkel05:23.0 3Jason Smith03:06.0
4Michelle Basnett05:47.0 4Devin Ramsden03:11.0
5Angelique Connoway05:57.0 5Ruan Potgieter03:15.0
6Gilmari Reyneke07:09.0 6Kealan Henry03:15.0
7Jessica Thomson07:33.0 7James Van Dongen03:16.0
8Christina Livaditakis08:18.0 8Richard Smith03:17.0
9Emma Morgan08:34.0 9Radouane El Ghadouini03:19.0
10Mary Jamieson08:35.0 10Darren Zurnamer03:32.0
11Maxx Klynsmith08:52.0 11Joubert Boshoff03:34.0
12Dalia Al Amry08:59.0 12Mohamed Elomda03:35.0
13Anneke Spies09:32.0 13Assem Effat03:42.0
14Georgia Ayres10:16.0 14Trent Williams03:49.0
15Dina Swift10:46.0 15Ruan Duvenage03:57.0
16Nicola Temperman10:58.0 16Cj Ward04:08.0
17Alisha StoneCAP + 7 17Michael Van Tonder04:08.0
18Ingy Hossam EldinCAP + 7 18Justin Holliday04:14.0
19Tammy TaylorCAP + 7 19Conrad Winnertz04:16.0
20Lee KeyrouzCAP + 10 20Brandon Jacobs04:24.0
21Leilani TisonCAP + 10 21Hilmar Von Mansberg04:24.0
22Tanha BouffeCAP + 13 22David Segun04:31.0
23Laura HumeCAP + 19 23Mohamed Sherif05:08.0
24Assma LalaouiCAP + 19 24Abdelrahman Abdullah Cavio05:27.0
25Aya FouadCAP + 19 25Belal Hesham05:50.0
26Megan FaulCAP + 22 26Hamilcaro BriceCAP + 4
27Ziamay MalanCAP + 22 27Richard WollboldtCAP + 29
28Zandre CoetzeeCAP + 28 ---
29Carla HenrietCAP + 28 ---

Event 3 - Lucky Number 7

For time:
7 rounds of:
7 ring muscle-ups
7 bar-facing burpees
7 deadlifts (125/84 kg)
Time cap: 18 minutes

#Women  #Men 
1Christina Livaditakis12:33.0 1Kealan Henry10:16.0
2Leeverne Engelbrecht12:50.0 2Darren Zurnamer10:58.0
3Michelle Merand13:42.0 3Jason Smith11:23.0
4Reegan Finkel14:23.0 4Ruan Duvenage11:45.0
5Maxx Klynsmith14:51.0 5James Van Dongen11:47.0
6Michelle Basnett14:57.0 6Mohamed Elomda11:48.0
7Gilmari Reyneke15:12.0 7Robert Heuer11:54.0
8Ingy Hossam Eldin15:37.0 8Trent Williams12:18.0
9Laura Hume16:01.0 9Estian Ferreira12:20.0
10Lee Keyrouz16:17.0 10Hilmar Von Mansberg12:30.0
11Anneke Spies16:27.0 11Conrad Winnertz12:41.0
12Nicola Temperman16:37.0 12Brandon Jacobs13:19.0
13Dina Swift16:40.0 13Hamilcaro Brice13:37.0
14Georgia Ayres17:50.0 14Mohamed Sherif13:44.0
15Angelique ConnowayCAP + 17 15Radouane El Ghadouini14:02.0
16Tanha BouffeCAP + 18 16Ruan Potgieter14:04.0
17Jessica ThomsonCAP + 20 17Richard Smith14:17.0
18Aya FouadCAP + 22 18Michael Van Tonder14:45.0
19Emma MorganCAP + 22 19Devin Ramsden14:46.0
20Mary JamiesonCAP + 22 20Abdelrahman Abdullah Cavio15:00.0
21Tammy TaylorCAP + 40 21Joubert Boshoff15:42.0
22Ziamay MalanCAP + 43 22David Segun16:10.0
23Assma LalaouiCAP + 50 23Justin Holliday16:44.0
24Leilani TisonCAP + 59 24Belal Hesham17:09.0
25Carla HenrietCAP + 60 25Assem EffatCAP + 6
26Alisha StoneCAP + 61 ---
27Dalia Al AmryCAP + 61 ---
28Megan FaulCAP + 61 ---
29Zandre CoetzeeCAP + 64 ---

Event 4 - Barbell Complex

3 attempts for max load of:
3 cleans
2 front squats
1 jerk (shoulder-to-overhead)

#Women  #Men 
1Megan Faul225 lbs 1Justin Holliday315 lbs
2Michelle Basnett216 lbs 2Assem Effat313 lbs
3Zandre Coetzee209 lbs 3Brandon Jacobs311 lbs
3Anneke Spies209 lbs 4David Segun304 lbs
5Mary Jamieson205 lbs 4Ruan Duvenage304 lbs
6Michelle Merand203 lbs 6Hilmar Von Mansberg302 lbs
6Leeverne Engelbrecht203 lbs 6Conrad Winnertz302 lbs
8Tanha Bouffe198 lbs 8Darren Zurnamer300 lbs
8Angelique Connoway198 lbs 9Mohamed Sherif298 lbs
10Christina Livaditakis194 lbs 10Kealan Henry291 lbs
10Emma Morgan194 lbs 10Jason Smith291 lbs
12Gilmari Reyneke192 lbs 10Estian Ferreira291 lbs
12Dina Swift192 lbs 13Michael Van Tonder289 lbs
12Reegan Finkel192 lbs 14Devin Ramsden287 lbs
15Ziamay Malan190 lbs 15Mohamed Elomda278 lbs
16Assma Lalaoui187 lbs 16Robert Heuer276 lbs
16Ingy Hossam Eldin187 lbs 16Trent Williams276 lbs
16Dalia Al Amry187 lbs 16Richard Smith276 lbs
19Tammy Taylor181 lbs 19Ruan Potgieter271 lbs
20Nicola Temperman179 lbs 20Radouane El Ghadouini269 lbs
21Alisha Stone176 lbs 21Abdelrahman Abdullah Cavio267 lbs
21Carla Henriet176 lbs 22Belal Hesham265 lbs
21Aya Fouad176 lbs 23Joubert Boshoff256 lbs
21Maxx Klynsmith176 lbs 24Hamilcaro Brice245 lbs
21Georgia Ayres176 lbs 25James Van Dongen243 lbs
26Leilani Tison172 lbs ---
26Laura Hume172 lbs ---
28Lee Keyrouz168 lbs ---
29Jessica Thomson165 lbs ---

Event 5 - Stellies Chipper

For time:
100 wall balls
15-m handstand walk
75-cal row
15-m handstand walk
50 handstand push-ups
15-m handstand walk
25 toes-to-bars
15-m handstand walk
Time cap: 21 minutes

#Women  #Men 
1Michelle Merand15:42.0 1Mohamed Elomda12:54.0
2Tanha Bouffe16:12.0 2Ruan Potgieter12:57.0
3Christina Livaditakis16:49.0 3Darren Zurnamer13:33.0
4Georgia Ayres17:00.0 4Kealan Henry13:43.0
5Leeverne Engelbrecht17:14.0 5Ruan Duvenage14:36.0
6Anneke Spies17:26.0 6Michael Van Tonder14:49.0
7Michelle Basnett18:01.0 7Conrad Winnertz14:51.0
8Emma Morgan18:32.0 8Jason Smith15:47.0
9Dina Swift18:34.0 9Radouane El Ghadouini15:53.0
10Reegan Finkel18:45.0 10Trent Williams16:02.0
11Lee Keyrouz19:13.0 11James Van Dongen16:29.0
12Nicola Temperman19:18.0 12Robert Heuer16:41.0
13Laura Hume19:21.0 13Devin Ramsden17:13.0
14Ziamay Malan19:56.0 14Brandon Jacobs17:48.0
15Carla HenrietCAP + 3 15Hilmar Von Mansberg18:01.0
16Angelique ConnowayCAP + 3 16Justin Holliday19:17.0
17Tammy TaylorCAP + 7 17Assem Effat19:36.0
18Leilani TisonCAP + 13 18Hamilcaro Brice20:03.0
19Maxx KlynsmithCAP + 13 19Abdelrahman Abdullah Cavio20:47.0
20Mary JamiesonCAP + 19 20Joubert Boshoff20:52.0
21Aya FouadCAP + 22 21Belal Hesham20:53.0
22Gilmari ReynekeCAP + 26 22Mohamed Sherif20:54.0
23Ingy Hossam EldinCAP + 32 23David SegunCAP + 35
24Jessica ThomsonCAP + 32 24Estian FerreiraCAP + 42
25Megan FaulCAP + 39 ---
26Dalia Al AmryCAP + 43 ---
27Alisha StoneCAP + 47 ---
28Zandre CoetzeeCAP + 49 ---
29Assma LalaouiCAP + 51 ---

Event 6 - Time For Pudding

For time:
27 chest-to-bar pull-ups
27 dumbbell squat snatches (22.5/15 kg)
18 chest-to-bar pull-ups
18 dumbbell squat snatches (22.5/15 kg)
9 chest-to-bar pull-ups
9 dumbbell squat snatches (22.5/15 kg)
Time cap: 8 minutes

#Women  #Men 
1Leeverne Engelbrecht03:43.0 1Ruan Potgieter03:40.0
2Michelle Merand03:50.0 2Mohamed Elomda03:41.0
3Tanha Bouffe03:56.0 3Kealan Henry03:43.0
4Christina Livaditakis04:16.0 4Jason Smith03:48.0
5Anneke Spies04:28.0 5Darren Zurnamer03:55.0
6Angelique Connoway04:29.0 6Ruan Duvenage04:10.0
7Lee Keyrouz04:33.0 7Devin Ramsden04:12.0
8Mary Jamieson04:34.0 8Hilmar Von Mansberg04:13.0
9Nicola Temperman04:53.0 9Conrad Winnertz04:20.0
10Emma Morgan04:59.0 10Robert Heuer04:24.0
11Aya Fouad05:05.0 11Assem Effat04:26.0
12Jessica Thomson05:06.0 12Justin Holliday04:28.0
12Michelle Basnett05:06.0 13Michael Van Tonder04:32.0
14Carla Henriet05:14.0 14James Van Dongen04:36.0
14Gilmari Reyneke05:14.0 15Abdelrahman Abdullah Cavio04:37.0
16Dina Swift05:15.0 16Trent Williams04:52.0
17Laura Hume05:19.0 17Estian Ferreira05:02.0
18Maxx Klynsmith05:21.0 18Radouane El Ghadouini05:11.0
19Ziamay Malan05:31.0 19Belal Hesham05:13.0
20Georgia Ayres05:40.0 20David Segun05:15.0
21Reegan Finkel05:55.0 21Brandon Jacobs05:45.0
22Megan Faul06:37.0 22Joubert Boshoff05:48.0
23Zandre Coetzee06:54.0 23Hamilcaro Brice06:12.0
24Ingy Hossam Eldin07:02.0 24Mohamed Sherif06:21.0
25Dalia Al Amry07:06.0 ---
26Assma Lalaoui07:21.0 ---
27Alisha Stone07:37.0 ---
28Leilani Tison07:45.0 ---
29Tammy TaylorCAP + 35 ---

The following is a breakdown of the number of movements in each category programmed in the 2022 CrossFit Fittest in Cape Town. If a movement appears in multiple events, it is counted twice


Gymnastics Movements
Bar Facing BurpeeLucky Number 7
Chest To Bar Pull UpsTime For Pudding
Handstand Push UpStellies Chipper
Handstand WalkStellies Chipper
Legless Rope Climb2014 Regional IE5
Ring Muscle UpLucky Number 7
Toes To BarStellies Chipper
Monostructural Movements
Pool SwimThe Deep End
RowStellies Chipper
Running2014 Regional IE5
Ski ErgThe Deep End
Weightlifting Movements
ComplexBarbell Complex
DeadliftLucky Number 7
LungeThe Deep End
Squat SnatchTime For Pudding
Wall BallsStellies Chipper
Single Movement1
Time DomainCount
Less than 5 minutes2
10 to 20 minutes3
Max Lift1