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2022 Syndicate Crown - Fantasy Fitnessing

2022 Syndicate Crown

May 20 - 22, 2022

Final Results - Women

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# Name Total Points

Final Results - Men

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Event 1 - Barbell Complex

3 attempts for max load of:
3 cleans
2 front squats
1 jerk (shoulder-to-overhead)

#Women  #Men 
1Christine Kolenbrander245 lbs 1Tudor Magda345 lbs
1Paulina Haro245 lbs 1Griffin Roelle345 lbs
3Gabby Mcclelland235 lbs 3Roldan Goldbaum340 lbs
4Roran Scott230 lbs 4Scott Panchik335 lbs
5Madison Mcelhaney225 lbs 4Justin Medeiros335 lbs
5Emily White225 lbs 6Jacob Pfaff330 lbs
5Olivia Sulek225 lbs 7Jayson Hopper325 lbs
8Tayler Patterson220 lbs 7Vicente Azua Jr.325 lbs
8Natalie Thompson220 lbs 7Dex Hopkins325 lbs
8Paige Semenza220 lbs 7Cole Greashaber325 lbs
8Ellia Miller220 lbs 11Garrett Clark320 lbs
12Meredith Swindle215 lbs 12Brian Huynh315 lbs
12Kristi O'Connell215 lbs 12Mark Hutchinson315 lbs
12Alexis Raptis215 lbs 14Rafael Sancen310 lbs
12Sequoia Barrera215 lbs 14Daniel Sterling310 lbs
16Allison Ralfs210 lbs 14Alec Smith310 lbs
16Kristine Best210 lbs 17Ben Smith305 lbs
16Arielle Loewen210 lbs 17Mathias Porter305 lbs
19Abigail Domit205 lbs 17Hal Fisher305 lbs
19Colette Casey205 lbs 17Will Moorad305 lbs
19Kelsey Schulte205 lbs 21Tristan Maiorano300 lbs
19Katie Calyore205 lbs 21Matt Poulin300 lbs
23Haley Adams200 lbs 21Scott Tetlow300 lbs
23Hollye Henderson200 lbs 24Raymond Romanick295 lbs
23Karis Demi200 lbs 24Mike Mcdonald295 lbs
26Madi Jones195 lbs 24Spencer Arey295 lbs
26Cody Veteto195 lbs 24James Sprague295 lbs
28Faith Stewart190 lbs 28Evan Rogers290 lbs
28Annalise Moore190 lbs 28Michael Evans290 lbs

Event 2 - Oregon Trail

For time:

30-cal Echo bike
Tank push (75 ft)
30 double dumbbell burpee deadlifts (50/35 lb)
Tank push (75 ft)
20-cal Echo bike
Tank push (75 ft)
20 double dumbbell hang snatches (50/35 lb)
Tank push (75 ft)
10-cal Echo bike
Tank push (75 ft)
10 devil presses (50/35 lb)

Time cap: 12 minutes

#Women  #Men 
1Haley Adams10:49.14 1James Sprague09:14.98
2Emily White11:13.10 2Jayson Hopper09:21.26
3Gabby Mcclelland11:30.45 3Cole Greashaber09:34.50
4Alexis Raptis11:36.40 4Justin Medeiros10:07.45
5Kristine Best11:41.31 5Matt Poulin10:12.52
6Arielle Loewen11:52.28 6Will Moorad10:24.52
7Allison RalfsCAP + 0 7Scott Panchik10:27.45
8Olivia SulekCAP + 3 8Hal Fisher10:28.60
8Paige SemenzaCAP + 3 9Evan Rogers10:31.45
10Katie CalyoreCAP + 6 10Garrett Clark10:32.72
11Christine KolenbranderCAP + 8 11Scott Tetlow10:40.77
12Madi JonesCAP + 9 12Rafael Sancen10:43.95
12Sequoia BarreraCAP + 9 13Michael Evans10:53.90
14Abigail DomitCAP + 10 14Mathias Porter10:55.30
14Hollye HendersonCAP + 10 15Griffin Roelle11:03.47
14Ellia MillerCAP + 10 16Tristan Maiorano11:07.16
17Colette CaseyCAP + 11 17Jacob Pfaff11:12.6
17Faith StewartCAP + 11 18Alec Smith11:15.95
17Madison McelhaneyCAP + 11 19Tudor Magda11:23.6
17Paulina HaroCAP + 11 20Mark Hutchinson11:28.21
17Tayler PattersonCAP + 11 21Dex Hopkins11:31.43
17Natalie ThompsonCAP + 11 22Brian Huynh11:33.28
17Meredith SwindleCAP + 11 23Raymond Romanick11:36.16
17Kelsey SchulteCAP + 11 24Mike Mcdonald11:36.61
17Kristi O'ConnellCAP + 11 25Roldan Goldbaum11:40.96
26Karis DemiCAP + 15 26Daniel Sterling11:44.0
27Roran ScottCAP + 16 27Vicente Azua Jr.11:48.18
28Cody VetetoCAP + 18 28Ben Smith11:58.50
29Annalise MooreCAP + 21 29Spencer Arey11:59.2

Event 3 - 2014 Regional IE5

10 rounds for time:
1 legless rope climb, 15 ft
Run, 170 ft
Time cap: 11 minutes

#Women  #Men 
1Kristi O'Connell03:21.28 1Spencer Arey02:45.0
2Katie Calyore03:52.34 2James Sprague02:47.63
3Haley Adams03:53.36 3Rafael Sancen02:49.20
4Paige Semenza03:54.29 4Brian Huynh02:51.11
5Alexis Raptis03:59.86 5Hal Fisher02:51.87
6Meredith Swindle04:00.46 6Tudor Magda02:52.63
7Faith Stewart04:11.47 7Justin Medeiros02:52.91
8Arielle Loewen04:21.77 8Evan Rogers02:54.89
9Tayler Patterson04:23.82 9Will Moorad02:56.61
10Gabby Mcclelland04:31.85 10Mathias Porter02:59.23
11Abigail Domit04:42.3 11Alec Smith02:59.60
12Madi Jones04:46.33 12Jayson Hopper03:02.20
13Olivia Sulek05:09.80 13Griffin Roelle03:02.90
14Christine Kolenbrander05:26.23 14Scott Panchik03:02.95
15Sequoia Barrera05:29.95 15Roldan Goldbaum03:05.69
16Colette Casey05:43.25 16Mike Mcdonald03:09.20
17Hollye Henderson05:56.21 17Jacob Pfaff03:14.60
18Kristine Best05:56.62 18Cole Greashaber03:15.33
19Karis Demi06:41.74 19Matt Poulin03:26.53
20Natalie Thompson07:09.8 20Ben Smith03:27.27
21Madison Mcelhaney07:23.58 21Mark Hutchinson03:28.9
22Ellia Miller07:43.50 22Scott Tetlow03:28.73
23Allison Ralfs08:06.92 23Daniel Sterling03:47.7
24Emily White10:30.73 24Vicente Azua Jr.03:51.61
25Cody VetetoCAP + 2 25Dex Hopkins03:52.91
25Annalise MooreCAP + 2 26Tristan Maiorano03:53.84
27Roran ScottCAP + 6 27Raymond Romanick04:19.34
27Kelsey SchulteCAP + 6 28Michael Evans04:19.75
29Paulina HaroCAP + 8 29Garrett Clark06:00.95

Event 4 - Skiing With Karen

Concept2 SkiErg calories
Wall-ball shots (20/14 lb to 10-ft target)
GHD sit-ups
80-ft handstand walk (40-ft unbroken sections)
Time cap: 25 minutes

#Women  #Men 
1Haley Adams24:18.75 1Justin Medeiros21:48.39
2Arielle Loewen24:21.54 2Cole Greashaber22:00.63
3Alexis RaptisCAP + 2 3Tudor Magda22:49.62
4Kristine BestCAP + 18 4Matt Poulin23:03.45
5Christine KolenbranderCAP + 21 5Michael Evans23:13.15
6Kristi O'ConnellCAP + 22 6James Sprague23:13.24
7Gabby McclellandCAP + 30 7Jayson Hopper23:13.35
8Paige SemenzaCAP + 47 8Ben Smith23:24.13
9Katie CalyoreCAP + 50 9Raymond Romanick24:03.56
10Sequoia BarreraCAP + 63 10Evan Rogers24:06.57
11Olivia SulekCAP + 66 11Jacob Pfaff24:30.38
12Meredith SwindleCAP + 67 12Scott Tetlow24:30.83
13Abigail DomitCAP + 67 13Spencer Arey24:42.40
14Tayler PattersonCAP + 71 14Alec Smith24:56.3
15Emily WhiteCAP + 74 15Garrett Clark24:58.77
16Colette CaseyCAP + 78 16Griffin RoelleCAP + 0
17Paulina HaroCAP + 84 17Rafael SancenCAP + 1
18Madi JonesCAP + 88 18Mark HutchinsonCAP + 1
19Madison McelhaneyCAP + 94 19Mathias PorterCAP + 2
20Cody VetetoCAP + 101 20Will MooradCAP + 10
21Faith StewartCAP + 102 21Tristan MaioranoCAP + 13
22Hollye HendersonCAP + 106 22Dex HopkinsCAP + 17
23Ellia MillerCAP + 111 23Hal FisherCAP + 20
24Roran ScottCAP + 117 24Mike McdonaldCAP + 59
25Karis DemiCAP + 127 25Vicente Azua Jr.CAP + 64
26Natalie ThompsonCAP + 131 26Daniel SterlingCAP + 65
27Annalise MooreCAP + 145 27Roldan GoldbaumCAP + 82
28Allison RalfsCAP + 152 28Brian HuynhCAP + 99
29Kelsey SchulteCAP + 154 ---

Event 5 - Jackie Style

For time:
1,000-meter row
50 thrusters (45/35 lb)
60 chest-to-bar pull-ups
50 thrusters (45/35 lb)
1,000-meter row
Time cap: 15 minutes

#Women  #Men 
1Kristi O'Connell12:31.29 1Scott Tetlow11:15.65
2Haley Adams12:38.77 2Matt Poulin11:23.67
3Christine Kolenbrander13:10.85 3Justin Medeiros11:50.76
4Alexis Raptis13:12.31 4James Sprague11:53.4
5Paige Semenza13:13.97 5Will Moorad11:54.77
6Kristine Best13:30.1 6Jayson Hopper11:55.36
7Arielle Loewen13:47.87 7Cole Greashaber11:57.90
8Meredith Swindle14:06.97 8Rafael Sancen12:10.80
9Katie Calyore14:07.10 9Ben Smith12:29.39
10Roran Scott14:26.63 10Evan Rogers12:32.36
11Cody Veteto14:28.11 11Jacob Pfaff12:33.46
12Madi Jones14:34.27 12Tudor Magda12:34.29
13Colette Casey14:37.24 13Griffin Roelle12:38.38
14Gabby Mcclelland14:45.96 14Spencer Arey12:48.40
15Tayler Patterson14:47.59 15Garrett Clark12:51.14
16Faith Stewart14:50.76 16Mike Mcdonald13:02.53
17Sequoia Barrera14:52.3 17Michael Evans13:10.38
18Abigail Domit14:53.90 18Tristan Maiorano13:11.51
19Paulina Haro14:59.88 19Brian Huynh13:12.67
20Emily WhiteCAP + 1 20Mark Hutchinson13:30.8
21Olivia SulekCAP + 1 21Daniel Sterling13:35.86
22Hollye HendersonCAP + 1 22Hal Fisher13:38.12
23Madison McelhaneyCAP + 1 23Raymond Romanick13:43.29
24Annalise MooreCAP + 1 24Alec Smith13:46.76
25Natalie ThompsonCAP + 1 25Dex Hopkins13:48.74
26Allison RalfsCAP + 1 26Mathias Porter14:03.68
27Karis DemiCAP + 1 27Vicente Azua Jr.14:12.92
28Ellia MillerCAP + 1 28Roldan Goldbaum14:33.60
29Kelsey SchulteCAP + 1 ---

Event 6 - King Kong 2.0

3 rounds for time:
8 ring muscle-ups
6 deficit handstand push-ups (9/6 in)
4 sandbag-to-shoulders (200/150 lb)
2 squat snatches (205/145 lb)
Time cap: 10 minutes

#Women  #Men 
1Kristi O'Connell06:57.12 1Will Moorad05:43.29
2Paige Semenza07:11.92 2Justin Medeiros05:55.18
3Haley Adams07:19.78 3Jacob Pfaff06:01.85
4Alexis Raptis07:20.13 4Griffin Roelle06:11.33
5Christine Kolenbrander07:38.92 5Jayson Hopper06:12.4
6Olivia Sulek07:51.66 6Cole Greashaber06:18.23
7Meredith Swindle07:55.62 7Evan Rogers06:23.29
8Sequoia Barrera08:23.42 8Mark Hutchinson06:25.23
9Kristine Best08:23.72 9Scott Tetlow06:45.7
10Arielle Loewen08:39.15 10Ben Smith06:45.45
11Faith Stewart09:03.3 11Brian Huynh06:55.9
12Gabby Mcclelland09:04.95 12Tudor Magda07:00.79
13Paulina Haro09:10.69 13Garrett Clark07:14.36
14Ellia Miller09:22.9 14Alec Smith07:21.84
15Roran Scott09:39.54 15Mathias Porter07:34.98
16Colette Casey09:58.55 16Mike Mcdonald07:39.26
17Cody VetetoCAP + 1 17Roldan Goldbaum07:50.35
18Abigail DomitCAP + 2 18Michael Evans08:17.29
18Karis DemiCAP + 2 19Hal Fisher08:23.6
18Katie CalyoreCAP + 2 20Dex Hopkins08:23.71
18Madison McelhaneyCAP + 2 21Tristan Maiorano08:27.61
22Allison RalfsCAP + 3 22Matt Poulin08:44.96
23Tayler PattersonCAP + 4 23Rafael Sancen08:50.64
23Madi JonesCAP + 4 24James Sprague08:54.84
25Emily WhiteCAP + 14 25Vicente Azua Jr.09:00.49
25Hollye HendersonCAP + 14 26Spencer Arey09:18.53
25Natalie ThompsonCAP + 14 27Daniel SterlingCAP + 1
28Kelsey SchulteCAP + 18 28Raymond RomanickCAP + 5
29Annalise MooreCAP + 22 ---

The following is a breakdown of the number of movements in each category programmed in the 2022 Syndicate Crown. If a movement appears in multiple events, it is counted twice


Gymnastics Movements
Chest To Bar Pull UpsJackie Style
GHD SitupsSkiing With Karen
Handstand Push UpKing Kong 2.0
Handstand WalkSkiing With Karen
Legless Rope Climb2014 Regional IE5
Ring Muscle UpKing Kong 2.0
Monostructural Movements
Echo BikeOregon Trail
RowJackie Style
Running2014 Regional IE5
Ski ErgSkiing With Karen
Weightlifting Movements
Burpee DeadliftOregon Trail
CleanKing Kong 2.0
ComplexBarbell Complex
Devil's PressOregon Trail
SnatchOregon Trail
Squat SnatchKing Kong 2.0
ThrusterJackie Style
Torque Sled PushOregon Trail
Wall BallsSkiing With Karen
Single Movement1
4 or More Movements3
Time DomainCount
Less than 5 minutes1
5 to 10 minutes1
10 to 20 minutes2
Greater than 20 minutes1
Max Lift1