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2019 Fittest in Cape Town - Fantasy Fitnessing

2019 Fittest in Cape Town

January 31 - February 2, 2019

Final Results - Women

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# Name Total Points

Final Results - Men

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Event 1

obstacle course
#Women  #Men 
1Karla Wolford03:31.0 1André Houdet02:33.0
2Emily Cavell03:32.0 2Lucas Parker02:34.0
3Katrín Tanja Davidsdottir03:41.0 3Luke Mcmahon02:38.0
4Mia Hesketh03:45.0 4Streat Hoerner02:40.0
5Michelle Merand03:49.0 5Richard Smith02:42.0
6Chelsey Hughes04:03.0 6Cole Sager02:43.0
7Michelle Basnett04:06.0 7Kyle Bernier02:51.0
8Courtney Haley04:08.0 8Sean Sweeney02:53.0
9Alessandra Pichelli04:09.0 9James Newbury02:57.0
10Nikita-Jenna Van Rooyen04:20.0 10Jason Smith03:02.0
11Simone Arthur04:26.0 11Mitchel Stevenson03:06.0
12Carly Menzies04:36.0 12Anderon Primo03:08.0
13Chelsea Jung04:53.0 13Jonas Mueller03:10.0
14Dina Swift05:08.0 14Timofey Prolubnikov03:13.0
15Anneke Spies06:29.0 15Tim Paulson03:14.0
--- 16Aj Visser03:16.0
--- 17Daniel Viger03:32.0
--- 18Tristan Maiorano03:33.0
--- 19Jordan Piggott03:34.0
--- 20Mick Stocchi03:35.0
--- 21Alan Foulis03:41.0
--- 22Trent Williams03:42.0
--- 23Khan Porter03:48.0

Event 2

Bar, Ring, rope monkey bar course
#Women  #Men 
1Michelle Merand00:35.0 1Lucas Parker00:19.0
2Emily Cavell00:35.0 2Jason Smith00:21.0
3Michelle Basnett00:37.0 3Timofey Prolubnikov00:23.0
4Mia Hesketh00:39.0 4James Newbury00:23.0
5Nikita-Jenna Van Rooyen00:45.0 5Sean Sweeney00:24.0
6Alessandra Pichelli00:48.0 6Trent Williams00:26.0
7Chelsea Jung00:52.0 7Jonas Mueller00:26.0
8Carly Menzies00:57.0 8Richard Smith00:26.0
9Courtney Haley01:09.0 9André Houdet00:27.0
10Katrín Tanja Davidsdottir1:00:00.0 10Aj Visser00:27.0
11Karla Wolford1:00:00.0 11Luke Mcmahon00:28.0
12Anneke Spies1:00:00.0 12Kyle Bernier00:28.0
13Chelsey Hughes1:00:00.0 13Mick Stocchi00:29.0
14Simone Arthur1:00:00.0 14Cole Sager00:29.0
15Dina Swift1:00:00.0 15Anderon Primo00:31.0
--- 16Tristan Maiorano00:32.0
--- 17Alan Foulis00:32.0
--- 18Daniel Viger00:33.0
--- 19Jordan Piggott00:36.0
--- 20Khan Porter00:39.0
--- 21Tim Paulson00:43.0
--- 22Mitchel Stevenson00:59.0
--- 23Streat Hoerner01:07.0

Event 3

400m Trail Run portions with Sand bags 40kg/60kg
#Women  #Men 
1Katrín Tanja Davidsdottir04:07.0 1Streat Hoerner03:29.0
2Dina Swift04:11.0 2Aj Visser03:32.0
3Alessandra Pichelli04:21.0 3Kyle Bernier03:43.0
4Mia Hesketh04:28.0 4Jason Smith03:46.0
5Carly Menzies04:40.0 5Sean Sweeney03:53.0
6Karla Wolford04:46.0 6Tim Paulson03:55.0
7Courtney Haley04:53.0 7Timofey Prolubnikov03:56.0
8Michelle Merand05:01.0 8André Houdet03:58.0
9Simone Arthur05:05.0 9Cole Sager04:00.0
10Michelle Basnett05:07.0 10Khan Porter04:01.0
11Chelsey Hughes05:22.0 11Richard Smith04:02.0
12Anneke Spies05:26.0 12James Newbury04:03.0
13Chelsea Jung05:27.0 13Trent Williams04:04.0
14Emily Cavell05:33.0 14Luke Mcmahon04:11.0
15Nikita-Jenna Van Rooyen06:22.0 15Tristan Maiorano04:14.0
--- 16Daniel Viger04:22.0
--- 17Lucas Parker04:24.0
--- 18Anderon Primo05:01.0
--- 19Jonas Mueller05:18.0
--- 20Alan Foulis05:31.0
--- 21Mick Stocchi05:42.0
--- 22Jordan Piggott06:24.0

Event 4 - Mitch Buchannon 2019

For Time
30 Bar Muscle-Ups
60 Single-Arm Overhead Squats (32/24 kg)
900 meter Water Leg

#Women  #Men 
1Katrín Tanja Davidsdottir12:52.0 1James Newbury10:13.0
2Alessandra Pichelli13:16.0 2Khan Porter10:48.0
3Courtney Haley13:21.0 3Sean Sweeney11:18.0
4Mia Hesketh13:28.0 4Streat Hoerner11:21.0
5Simone Arthur13:40.0 5Cole Sager11:26.0
6Michelle Basnett14:26.0 6André Houdet11:37.0
7Karla Wolford14:29.0 7Kyle Bernier11:50.0
8Chelsey Hughes14:50.0 8Tristan Maiorano11:56.0
9Michelle Merand15:51.0 9Lucas Parker12:04.0
10Carly Menzies15:59.0 10Luke Mcmahon12:10.0
11Chelsea Jung16:25.0 11Aj Visser12:23.0
12Emily Cavell17:07.0 12Jason Smith12:43.0
13Anneke Spies17:47.0 13Jordan Piggott13:00.0
14Nikita-Jenna Van Rooyen18:04.0 14Mick Stocchi13:17.0
15Dina Swift18:15.0 15Trent Williams13:19.0
--- 16Tim Paulson14:18.0
--- 17Richard Smith14:31.0
--- 18Alan Foulis15:32.0
--- 19Jonas Mueller16:23.0
--- 20Daniel Viger16:57.0
--- 21Anderon Primo18:01.0
--- 22Timofey Prolubnikov18:46.0

Event 5 - Strongman Diane

For Time
25 meter Carry
Then, 9-6-3 reps of:
Handstand Push-Ups
Finally, perform:
25 meter Sled Pull
Time Cap: 8 minutes

#Women  #Men 
1Alessandra Pichelli04:32.0 1Tim Paulson03:45.0
2Courtney Haley04:46.0 2Cole Sager03:56.0
3Karla Wolford05:08.0 3Lucas Parker03:56.0
4Katrín Tanja Davidsdottir05:13.0 4Sean Sweeney03:56.0
5Carly Menzies05:21.0 5James Newbury04:04.0
6Mia Hesketh06:09.0 6Daniel Viger04:08.0
7Michelle Merand06:30.0 7Trent Williams04:11.0
8Chelsey Hughes06:55.0 8André Houdet04:19.0
9Dina Swift07:13.0 9Timofey Prolubnikov04:21.0
10Nikita-Jenna Van Rooyen07:58.0 10Luke Mcmahon04:27.0
11Michelle Basnett08:26.0 11Streat Hoerner04:31.0
12Chelsea Jung08:27.0 12Tristan Maiorano04:40.0
13Simone Arthur08:29.0 13Aj Visser04:43.0
14Anneke Spies08:35.0 14Jonas Mueller05:20.0
15Emily Cavell08:37.0 15Richard Smith05:27.0
--- 16Khan Porter05:35.0
--- 17Kyle Bernier05:52.0
--- 18Anderon Primo06:01.0
--- 19Jason Smith06:16.0
--- 20Alan Foulis06:35.0
--- 21Jordan Piggott07:24.0
--- 22Mick Stocchi07:47.0

Event 6 - The Trap 2019

3 rounds:
buy in assault bike calories, 10 ring muscles ups
work through 50 burpee box jump overs
2min rest between rounds
#Women  #Men 
1Mia Hesketh12:44.0 1André Houdet12:05.0
2Katrín Tanja Davidsdottir12:49.0 2Cole Sager12:08.0
3Alessandra Pichelli12:53.0 3Tim Paulson12:14.0
4Karla Wolford13:06.0 4Luke Mcmahon12:18.0
5Michelle Merand13:09.0 5Jason Smith12:21.0
6Carly Menzies13:10.0 6Sean Sweeney12:43.0
7Chelsey Hughes13:11.0 7Anderon Primo12:48.0
7Courtney Haley13:11.0 8Tristan Maiorano12:52.0
9Simone Arthur13:15.0 9Kyle Bernier12:53.0
10Emily Cavell13:16.0 10James Newbury12:56.0
10Michelle Basnett13:16.0 11Trent Williams12:57.0
12Chelsea Jung13:19.0 12Lucas Parker12:58.0
13Dina Swift13:25.0 13Streat Hoerner12:59.0
14Anneke Spies13:35.0 14Aj Visser13:02.0
15Nikita-Jenna Van Rooyen13:39.0 15Timofey Prolubnikov13:06.0
--- 16Alan Foulis13:08.0
--- 17Jordan Piggott13:10.0
--- 17Jonas Mueller13:10.0
--- 17Richard Smith13:10.0
--- 20Mick Stocchi13:14.0
--- 21Daniel Viger13:20.0
--- 22Khan Porter13:32.0

Event 7 - The Spot Light Ladders

Wave 1: (For Time - Increasing Loads)
5 Squat Clean
4 Squat Clean
3 Squat Clean
2 Squat Clean
1 Squat Clean

The top 12 times will move on to Wave 2
Wave 2: (For Time - Increasing Loads)
3 Squat Clean
3 Squat Clean
2 Squat Clean
2 Squat Clean
1 Squat Clean

The top 6 times will move on to Wave 3
Wave 3: (For Time - Increasing Loads)
1 Squat Clean
1 Squat Clean
1 Squat Clean
1 Squat Clean
1 Squat Clean

#Women  #Men 
1Mia Hesketh00:28.0 1Anderon Primo00:29.0
2Alessandra Pichelli00:32.0 2Lucas Parker00:38.0
3Michelle Merand00:58.0 3Tim Paulson00:45.0
4Chelsey Hughes01:17.0 4Cole Sager00:48.0
5Katrín Tanja Davidsdottir01:30.0 5Alan Foulis01:21.0
6Courtney Haley02:09.0 6Jason Smith01:21.0
7Michelle Basnett12:04.0 7Sean Sweeney11:43.0
8Karla Wolford12:07.0 8Mick Stocchi12:08.0
9Dina Swift12:58.0 9Tristan Maiorano12:12.0
10Nikita-Jenna Van Rooyen13:24.0 10Richard Smith12:17.0
11Carly Menzies13:53.0 11André Houdet12:21.0
12Chelsea Jung14:02.0 12Daniel Viger12:36.0
13Simone Arthur24:02.0 13James Newbury21:51.0
13Anneke Spies24:02.0 14Streat Hoerner21:57.0
15Emily Cavell24:04.0 15Timofey Prolubnikov21:59.0
--- 16Aj Visser22:01.0
--- 17Jonas Mueller22:06.0
--- 18Trent Williams22:19.0
--- 19Khan Porter22:31.0
--- 20Kyle Bernier22:50.0
--- 21Jordan Piggott23:01.0
--- 22Luke Mcmahon23:02.0

Event 8 - Sprint Murph

800m Run
50 Chest To Bar Pull Ups*
100/75 Push Ups*
150 Squats*
800m Run

*Done in unbroken sets of 25, 200m run penalty if set athlete breaks their set of 25

#Women  #Men 
1Katrín Tanja Davidsdottir19:48.0 1James Newbury18:51.0
2Simone Arthur21:15.0 2Luke Mcmahon19:06.0
3Carly Menzies21:49.0 3Streat Hoerner19:59.0
4Courtney Haley22:45.0 4Sean Sweeney20:53.0
5Michelle Merand22:45.0 5Trent Williams21:37.0
6Anneke Spies24:02.0 6Cole Sager21:40.0
7Chelsey Hughes24:22.0 7Jonas Mueller21:50.0
8Emily Cavell24:24.0 8Timofey Prolubnikov22:35.0
9Michelle Basnett24:48.0 9Jason Smith22:50.0
10Alessandra Pichelli25:05.0 10Tim Paulson23:00.0
11Chelsea Jung25:05.0 11Tristan Maiorano23:22.0
12Dina Swift25:47.0 12Daniel Viger23:37.0
13Mia Hesketh27:02.0 13Aj Visser23:45.0
13Karla Wolford27:02.0 14André Houdet23:56.0
15Nikita-Jenna Van Rooyen27:07.0 15Lucas Parker23:59.0
--- 16Jordan Piggott24:01.0
--- 17Alan Foulis25:12.0
--- 18Kyle Bernier26:09.0
--- 19Khan Porter27:01.0
--- 20Mick Stocchi27:04.0
--- 21Anderon Primo27:06.0
--- 22Richard Smith27:08.0

Event 9 - The 100M HSW Sprint

100m Handstand Walk
#Women  #Men 
1Katrín Tanja Davidsdottir03:45.0 1Tim Paulson03:56.0
2Courtney Haley04:14.0 2Sean Sweeney04:12.0
3Alessandra Pichelli04:16.0 3James Newbury04:15.0
4Mia Hesketh04:20.0 4Aj Visser04:17.0
5Karla Wolford04:23.0 5Streat Hoerner04:18.0
6Simone Arthur04:31.0 6Jason Smith04:20.0
7Chelsey Hughes04:52.0 7Cole Sager04:27.0
8Nikita-Jenna Van Rooyen04:54.0 8André Houdet04:33.0
9Michelle Basnett05:19.0 9Kyle Bernier04:33.0
10Michelle Merand05:22.0 10Trent Williams04:38.0
11Dina Swift06:10.0 11Daniel Viger04:40.0
12Chelsea Jung06:11.0 12Luke Mcmahon04:42.0
13Emily Cavell06:12.0 13Tristan Maiorano04:43.0
14Carly Menzies06:42.0 14Anderon Primo04:46.0
15Anneke Spies06:45.0 15Jonas Mueller04:54.0
--- 16Lucas Parker04:58.0
--- 17Mick Stocchi05:02.0
--- 18Timofey Prolubnikov05:02.0
--- 19Richard Smith05:10.0
--- 20Jordan Piggott05:30.0
--- 21Khan Porter05:38.0
--- 22Alan Foulis05:41.0

Event 10 - Final

3-2-1 legless rope climb
21-15-9 axle bar thrusters with increasing weight
#Women  #Men 
1Mia Hesketh03:06.0 1Cole Sager02:25.0
2Courtney Haley03:07.0 2Sean Sweeney02:37.0
3Alessandra Pichelli03:09.0 3James Newbury02:47.0
4Michelle Merand03:43.0 4Lucas Parker02:49.0
5Katrín Tanja Davidsdottir03:55.0 5Streat Hoerner02:51.0
6Michelle Basnett03:57.0 6Anderon Primo02:55.0
7Carly Menzies04:07.0 7Timofey Prolubnikov02:56.0
8Simone Arthur04:26.0 8Tim Paulson02:58.0
9Chelsea Jung04:36.0 9Jason Smith02:59.0
10Chelsey Hughes04:50.0 10Kyle Bernier03:04.0
11Emily Cavell04:57.0 11Daniel Viger03:13.0
12Nikita-Jenna Van Rooyen05:11.0 12Richard Smith03:15.0
12Karla Wolford05:11.0 13Aj Visser03:16.0
12Dina Swift05:11.0 14André Houdet03:25.0
15Anneke Spies05:51.0 15Tristan Maiorano03:27.0
--- 16Alan Foulis03:28.0
--- 17Jonas Mueller03:30.0
--- 18Luke Mcmahon03:35.0
--- 19Trent Williams03:45.0
--- 20Mick Stocchi03:55.0
--- 21Khan Porter03:57.0
--- 22Jordan Piggott04:07.0

The following is a breakdown of the number of movements in each category programmed in the 2019 Fittest in Cape Town. If a movement appears in multiple events, it is counted twice


Gymnastics Movements
Air SquatSprint Murph
Bar Muscle UpsMitch Buchannon 2019
Box Jump OversThe Trap 2019
Chest To Bar Pull UpsSprint Murph
Handstand Push UpStrongman Diane
Handstand WalkThe 100M HSW Sprint
Legless Rope ClimbFinal
Pull Up Event #2
Push UpSprint Murph
Ring Muscle UpThe Trap 2019
Monostructural Movements
Assault BikeThe Trap 2019
Ocean SwimMitch Buchannon 2019
Running Event #1
RunningSprint Murph
Weightlifting Movements
CleanThe Spot Light Ladders
CleanStrongman Diane
Odd Object CarryStrongman Diane
Odd Object Carry Event #3
Overhead SquatMitch Buchannon 2019
Sled PullStrongman Diane
Single Movement5
4 or More Movements1
Time DomainCount
Less than 5 minutes7
5 to 10 minutes1
10 to 20 minutes1
Greater than 20 minutes1