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2020 CrossFit Strength in Depth - Fantasy Fitnessing

2020 CrossFit Strength in Depth

January 24 - 26, 2020

CrossFit Games Qualifiers

Women: Haley Adams
Men: David Shorunke

Final Results - Women

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# Name Total Points

Final Results - Men

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Event 1 - Blade Runner

6km Run
This is a 2 times, 3000m loop

#Women  #Men 
1Carys Webster23:22.70 1Romain Fellonneau21:23.90
2Haley Adams23:35.40 2Lukas Högberg21:33.70
3Kirsty Oliver24:21.70 3Nicolay Billaudel21:53.10
4Mirka Henriksson24:29.80 4Scott Cottrill21:58.50
5Gabriela Migała24:39.50 5Giorgos Karavis22:04.30
6Christina Agerbeck24:57.0 6Mat Fraser22:11.80
7Laura Horváth25:08.10 7Fernando Llaneza Pardillos22:12.10
8Camilla Salomonsson Hellman25:26.0 8Alex Imbert22:17.70
9Madie Edwards25:29.80 9Steven Turnbull22:19.80
10Lois Smith25:30.40 10Will Moorad22:20.50
11Maddy Harris25:42.80 11Daniel Skov22:22.70
12Laura Isopoussu25:52.40 12Kyle Bernier22:25.40
13Nicole Mghenyi25:58.30 13Sam Stewart22:26.90
14Manon Saint-Maxent26:01.10 14André Houdet22:49.70
15Tayla Howe26:11.90 14Logan Ewing22:49.70
16Paige Powers26:19.30 16David Shorunke22:51.90
17Sapphire Goddard26:21.70 17Zack George22:54.80
18Carrie Ogilvie-Brown26:23.90 18Vincent Buttitta22:56.10
19Emelie Lundberg27:06.40 19Haraldur Holgersson23:06.80
20Alison Scudds27:35.30 20Alex Kotoulas23:15.60
21Linda Keesman27:45.30 21Austin Bolen23:19.60
22Stephanie Chung27:49.50 22John Coltey23:24.60
23Kelsey Kiel28:13.40 23Ram Dover23:31.30
24Gabrielle Ocker28:17.50 24Maximilian Henze23:38.10
25Daria Cieślikiewicz28:31.20 25Tom Wilson23:38.40
26Lisa Eble29:56.20 26Joshua Al-Chamaa23:42.50
27Belinda Bekker30:05.90 27Eric Evans23:47.0
28Nicole Pettel30:17.50 28Marcus Erixon23:57.60
29Sarah Adams33:26.10 29James Mclaughlan24:01.30
--- 30Owen Roberts25:16.80
--- 31Evander Harewood25:24.50
--- 32Jonah Jones25:52.30
--- 33Max Olivestrand25:59.20
--- 34Damián Martínez Satorres26:28.50
--- 35Bronislaw Olenkowicz30:30.0

Event 2 - The Standard

For Time:
30 clean and jerks 62.5/42.5kg
30 ring muscle ups
30 snatches 62.5/42.5kg

#Women  #Men 
1Haley Adams09:48.0 1Mat Fraser07:54.0
2Gabriela Migała10:04.0 2Giorgos Karavis08:21.0
3Nicole Mghenyi10:07.0 3Lukas Högberg08:33.0
3Stephanie Chung10:07.0 4Will Moorad08:36.0
3Camilla Salomonsson Hellman10:07.0 5Sam Stewart08:47.0
6Mirka Henriksson10:19.0 6André Houdet08:48.0
7Laura Horváth10:23.0 7Zack George08:55.0
8Alison Scudds10:30.0 8Alex Kotoulas08:59.0
9Kelsey Kiel10:38.0 9Daniel Skov09:07.0
10Tayla Howe10:55.0 10Austin Bolen09:08.0
11Emelie Lundberg10:56.0 10Bronislaw Olenkowicz09:08.0
12Laura Isopoussu10:57.0 12Haraldur Holgersson09:10.0
13Paige Powers11:01.0 13David Shorunke09:14.0
14Christina Agerbeck11:50.0 14Kyle Bernier09:37.0
15Manon Saint-Maxent11:54.0 15Jonah Jones09:42.0
16Daria Cieślikiewicz12:08.0 16Marcus Erixon09:45.0
17Lisa Eble12:23.0 17Owen Roberts09:48.0
18Sapphire Goddard12:43.0 17Romain Fellonneau09:48.0
19Carrie Ogilvie-Brown12:51.0 19Nicolay Billaudel09:57.0
20Kirsty Oliver13:04.0 20Maximilian Henze09:59.0
21Gabrielle Ocker13:05.0 21Evander Harewood10:01.0
22Belinda Bekker13:12.0 22Max Olivestrand10:03.0
22Nicole Pettel13:12.0 23Eric Evans10:22.0
24Lois Smith13:54.0 24James Mclaughlan10:35.0
25Maddy Harris13:59.0 25John Coltey10:51.0
26Carys Webster14:07.0 26Damián Martínez Satorres10:52.0
27Linda Keesman14:20.0 26Logan Ewing10:52.0
28Sarah Adams14:31.0 28Alex Imbert10:56.0
29Madie Edwards14:34.0 29Joshua Al-Chamaa11:00.0
--- 30Fernando Llaneza Pardillos11:03.0
--- 31Vincent Buttitta11:08.0
--- 32Steven Turnbull11:20.0
--- 33Scott Cottrill11:45.0
--- 34Tom Wilson11:50.0
--- 35Ram Dover12:04.0

Event 3 - Regatta SiD

On water row time trial
#Women  #Men 
1Laura Horváth03:38.0 1David Shorunke03:23.0
2Lois Smith03:46.0 2Lukas Högberg03:29.0
3Camilla Salomonsson Hellman04:01.0 3André Houdet03:31.0
4Gabriela Migała04:05.0 3Bronislaw Olenkowicz03:31.0
5Alison Scudds04:08.0 5Will Moorad03:42.0
6Laura Isopoussu04:12.0 6Alex Kotoulas03:46.0
7Kelsey Kiel04:14.0 7Mat Fraser03:47.0
8Paige Powers04:15.0 8Marcus Erixon03:48.0
8Haley Adams04:15.0 9Nicolay Billaudel03:50.0
10Lisa Eble04:17.0 10Max Olivestrand03:52.0
10Carys Webster04:17.0 11John Coltey03:54.0
12Sapphire Goddard04:18.0 11Maximilian Henze03:54.0
13Mirka Henriksson04:19.0 13Daniel Skov03:57.0
14Maddy Harris04:23.0 14Eric Evans03:58.0
15Tayla Howe04:25.0 15Alex Imbert04:00.0
15Nicole Pettel04:25.0 16Zack George04:02.0
17Christina Agerbeck04:27.0 16Tom Wilson04:02.0
17Daria Cieślikiewicz04:27.0 18Evander Harewood04:06.0
19Linda Keesman04:28.0 19Joshua Al-Chamaa04:07.0
20Kirsty Oliver04:30.0 20Steven Turnbull04:12.0
21Nicole Mghenyi04:34.0 21James Mclaughlan04:14.0
22Sarah Adams04:39.0 22Logan Ewing04:15.0
23Stephanie Chung04:43.0 23Giorgos Karavis04:17.0
24Emelie Lundberg04:52.0 24Haraldur Holgersson04:18.0
25Gabrielle Ocker04:54.0 25Fernando Llaneza Pardillos04:24.0
26Manon Saint-Maxent05:01.0 26Romain Fellonneau04:26.0
27Carrie Ogilvie-Brown05:02.0 26Vincent Buttitta04:26.0
28Madie Edwards05:36.0 28Ram Dover04:28.0
29Belinda Bekker05:56.0 29Jonah Jones04:31.0
--- 30Damián Martínez Satorres04:32.0
--- 31Kyle Bernier04:35.0
--- 32Scott Cottrill04:40.0
--- 33Sam Stewart04:42.0
--- 34Austin Bolen05:08.0
--- 35Owen Roberts05:52.0

Event 4 - Creeping Death

For Time:
100 wall ball shots 9/7kg
75 toes to bar
75 assault bike calories (females 50 cals)
75 double dumbbell shoulder to overhead 2x 22.5/15kg
100ft walking single arm overhead lunge 1 x30/22.5kg
#Women  #Men 
1Laura Horváth14:58.0 1Mat Fraser15:50.0
1Gabriela Migała14:58.0 2Bronislaw Olenkowicz16:04.0
3Haley Adams15:33.0 3David Shorunke16:12.0
4Kelsey Kiel16:19.0 4Joshua Al-Chamaa16:31.0
5Stephanie Chung16:34.0 5Giorgos Karavis16:51.0
6Christina Agerbeck16:56.0 6Lukas Högberg16:55.0
7Camilla Salomonsson Hellman17:14.0 7André Houdet17:02.0
8Nicole Pettel17:50.0 8Nicolay Billaudel17:35.0
9Paige Powers17:59.0 9Haraldur Holgersson17:36.0
10Tayla Howe18:00.0 10Marcus Erixon17:41.0
11Madie Edwards18:15.0 11Zack George17:47.0
12Nicole Mghenyi18:16.0 12Fernando Llaneza Pardillos17:57.0
13Sapphire Goddard18:32.0 13Vincent Buttitta18:11.0
14Carys Webster18:49.0 14Daniel Skov18:14.0
15Alison Scudds18:50.0 15Max Olivestrand18:15.0
16Emelie Lundberg18:53.0 16Kyle Bernier18:26.0
17Carrie Ogilvie-Brown19:14.0 17Will Moorad18:42.0
18Maddy Harris19:18.0 18Austin Bolen18:58.0
19Lisa Eble19:31.0 19Ram Dover19:13.0
20Lois Smith19:35.0 20Eric Evans19:15.0
21Mirka Henriksson19:37.0 21Scott Cottrill19:25.0
22Laura Isopoussu19:50.0 22Damián Martínez Satorres19:35.0
23Kirsty Oliver20:01.0 23Alex Kotoulas19:40.0
24Gabrielle Ocker20:05.0 24Sam Stewart19:45.0
25Daria Cieślikiewicz20:08.0 25Maximilian Henze19:54.0
25Linda Keesman20:08.0 26Alex Imbert19:58.0
25Manon Saint-Maxent20:08.0 27Jonah Jones20:01.0
28Belinda Bekker20:10.0 28Steven Turnbull20:05.0
29Sarah Adams20:22.0 29Romain Fellonneau20:07.0
--- 30Logan Ewing20:08.0
--- 31Owen Roberts20:09.0
--- 32Evander Harewood20:10.0
--- 33James Mclaughlan20:13.0

Event 5 - Clean Bandit

For Time:
30 double unders
10 cleans 100k/70kg
30 double unders
8 cleans 110/75kg
30 double unders
6 cleans 120/80kg
30 double unders
4 cleans 130/85kg
30 double unders
2 cleans 140/92.5kg

#Women  #Men 
1Laura Horváth05:11.0 1Mat Fraser05:41.0
2Kelsey Kiel05:40.0 2Bronislaw Olenkowicz06:00.0
3Camilla Salomonsson Hellman05:55.0 3Zack George06:12.0
4Nicole Mghenyi05:59.0 4David Shorunke06:24.0
5Sapphire Goddard06:16.0 5Marcus Erixon06:32.0
6Lisa Eble06:18.0 6André Houdet06:44.0
7Emelie Lundberg06:19.0 7Max Olivestrand06:46.0
8Gabriela Migała06:20.0 8Eric Evans06:55.0
9Linda Keesman06:47.0 9Sam Stewart07:07.0
10Tayla Howe06:51.0 10Jonah Jones07:12.0
11Haley Adams07:17.0 11Giorgos Karavis07:22.0
12Carys Webster07:21.0 12Owen Roberts07:30.0
13Lois Smith07:31.0 13Joshua Al-Chamaa07:35.0
14Stephanie Chung07:32.0 13Haraldur Holgersson07:35.0
15Kirsty Oliver07:35.0 15Evander Harewood07:39.0
16Gabrielle Ocker07:44.0 16Austin Bolen07:43.0
17Paige Powers07:53.0 17Will Moorad08:20.0
18Daria Cieślikiewicz08:05.0 17Logan Ewing08:20.0
19Nicole Pettel08:19.0 19Alex Kotoulas08:21.0
20Mirka Henriksson08:34.0 20Lukas Högberg08:23.0
21Madie Edwards08:39.0 21Kyle Bernier08:33.0
22Belinda Bekker08:45.0 22Nicolay Billaudel08:39.0
23Alison Scudds09:15.0 23Maximilian Henze08:55.0
24Christina Agerbeck09:28.0 24Vincent Buttitta09:14.0
25Maddy Harris09:38.0 25Damián Martínez Satorres09:29.0
26Carrie Ogilvie-Brown10:01.0 25Daniel Skov09:29.0
26Manon Saint-Maxent10:01.0 27James Mclaughlan10:01.0
28Laura Isopoussu10:29.0 28Romain Fellonneau10:02.0
29Sarah Adams11:10.0 29Ram Dover10:33.0
--- 30Alex Imbert10:34.0
--- 31Fernando Llaneza Pardillos10:36.0
--- 32Steven Turnbull11:10.0
--- 33Scott Cottrill11:45.0

Event 6 - Tin Trail

4 rounds for time:
3 rope climbs
12m handstand walk
3 rope climbs
12m handstand walk
20m yoke carry 250/160kg

#Women  #Men 
1Gabriela Migała09:02.0 1Mat Fraser08:53.0
2Laura Horváth09:26.0 2Alex Kotoulas09:02.0
3Haley Adams10:25.0 3David Shorunke09:41.0
4Stephanie Chung10:38.0 4Haraldur Holgersson09:54.0
5Camilla Salomonsson Hellman11:04.0 5Bronislaw Olenkowicz10:08.0
6Alison Scudds11:41.0 6Nicolay Billaudel10:29.0
7Kelsey Kiel14:01.0 7Eric Evans10:38.0
8Nicole Pettel14:14.0 8Sam Stewart10:39.0
9Laura Isopoussu14:18.0 9André Houdet11:00.0
10Carys Webster14:34.0 10Kyle Bernier11:19.0
11Madie Edwards14:46.0 11Lukas Högberg11:25.0
12Emelie Lundberg14:50.0 12Will Moorad11:35.0
12Tayla Howe14:50.0 13Max Olivestrand11:49.0
14Mirka Henriksson15:20.0 14Daniel Skov12:22.0
14Manon Saint-Maxent15:20.0 15Austin Bolen12:34.0
14Paige Powers15:20.0 16Giorgos Karavis12:41.0
17Nicole Mghenyi15:27.0 17Ram Dover12:46.0
18Lisa Eble15:33.0 18Vincent Buttitta12:50.0
18Daria Cieślikiewicz15:33.0 19Fernando Llaneza Pardillos13:23.0
18Linda Keesman15:33.0 20Joshua Al-Chamaa13:27.0
21Gabrielle Ocker15:34.0 21Maximilian Henze13:32.0
22Maddy Harris15:35.0 22Scott Cottrill14:02.0
23Christina Agerbeck15:44.0 23Owen Roberts14:14.0
24Lois Smith15:47.0 24Jonah Jones14:18.0
25Belinda Bekker15:48.0 25Alex Imbert14:45.0
26Sarah Adams15:50.0 26Romain Fellonneau14:58.0
27Kirsty Oliver16:03.0 27Evander Harewood14:59.0
28Sapphire Goddard16:24.0 28Steven Turnbull15:04.0
29Carrie Ogilvie-Brown16:35.0 29Marcus Erixon15:44.0
--- 30Logan Ewing15:47.0
--- 31Zack George15:48.0
--- 32Damián Martínez Satorres16:10.0
--- 33James Mclaughlan17:46.0

Event 7 - 21-15-9

For time:
21 ski kcals
15 bar facing burpees
9 overhead squats 100/65kg

#Women  #Men 
1Laura Horváth02:04.0 1Mat Fraser01:42.0
2Kelsey Kiel02:11.0 2Bronislaw Olenkowicz01:43.0
3Stephanie Chung02:14.0 3Haraldur Holgersson01:55.0
3Gabriela Migała02:14.0 4David Shorunke01:57.0
5Haley Adams02:29.0 5Lukas Högberg02:05.0
6Tayla Howe02:40.0 6Joshua Al-Chamaa02:06.0
7Alison Scudds02:53.0 7Will Moorad02:08.0
8Lisa Eble02:59.0 8Max Olivestrand02:14.0
9Kirsty Oliver03:02.0 9Giorgos Karavis02:19.0
10Gabrielle Ocker03:05.0 10Kyle Bernier02:37.0
11Nicole Mghenyi03:08.0 11Sam Stewart02:38.0
12Carys Webster03:14.0 12Eric Evans02:41.0
13Emelie Lundberg03:22.0 13Zack George02:52.0
14Laura Isopoussu03:30.0 14André Houdet02:55.0
15Madie Edwards03:31.0 15Austin Bolen02:56.0
16Daria Cieślikiewicz03:33.0 16Jonah Jones02:59.0
17Camilla Salomonsson Hellman03:38.0 17Alex Kotoulas03:00.0
18Sarah Adams03:41.0 18Evander Harewood03:04.0
19Linda Keesman03:53.0 19Owen Roberts03:11.0
19Paige Powers03:53.0 20Romain Fellonneau03:13.0
21Christina Agerbeck03:55.0 21Marcus Erixon03:17.0
22Maddy Harris04:04.0 22Daniel Skov03:32.0
23Belinda Bekker04:12.0 23Maximilian Henze03:34.0
24Mirka Henriksson04:25.0 24Fernando Llaneza Pardillos03:44.0
25Sapphire Goddard04:36.0 25Damián Martínez Satorres03:51.0
26Manon Saint-Maxent04:49.0 26Alex Imbert03:54.0
27Carrie Ogilvie-Brown04:51.0 27Ram Dover03:59.0
28Nicole Pettel05:19.0 28Nicolay Billaudel04:12.0
29Lois Smith07:59.0 29Logan Ewing04:15.0
--- 30Vincent Buttitta04:32.0
--- 31Steven Turnbull05:23.0
--- 32Scott Cottrill07:06.0

The following is a breakdown of the number of movements in each category programmed in the 2020 CrossFit Strength in Depth. If a movement appears in multiple events, it is counted twice


Gymnastics Movements
Bar Facing Burpee21-15-9
Handstand WalkTin Trail
Ring Muscle UpThe Standard
Rope ClimbsTin Trail
Toes To BarCreeping Death
Monostructural Movements
Assault BikeCreeping Death
Double UndersClean Bandit
RowRegatta SiD
RunningBlade Runner
Ski Erg21-15-9
Weightlifting Movements
CleanClean Bandit
Clean and JerkThe Standard
LungeCreeping Death
Overhead Squat21-15-9
Shoulder to OverheadCreeping Death
SnatchThe Standard
Wall BallsCreeping Death
Yoke CarryTin Trail
Single Movement2
Time DomainCount
Less than 5 minutes2
5 to 10 minutes2
10 to 20 minutes2
Greater than 20 minutes1