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2021 Torian Pro - Fantasy Fitnessing

2021 Torian Pro

May 28 - 30th, 2021

Final Results - Women

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Final Results - Men

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Event 1 - Reverse Triathlon

For time:
5K Run
7K Bike
2K Row

#Women  #Men 
1Jessica Coughlan43:41.82 1Bayden Brown38:17.2
2Ellie Turner44:13.97 2Luke Mcmahon39:04.41
3Caitlin Danyi44:23.57 3Matt Gilpin39:29.42
4Kara Saunders44:25.94 4James Newbury39:41.69
5Christee Bishop44:47.89 5Luke De Jonge39:42.7
6Danielle Ford45:13.48 6Rees Machell39:50.34
7Gemma Hauck45:42.23 7William Kearney40:05.56
8Emily Fenech45:47.99 8Jay Crouch40:07.5
9Simone Arthur45:50.38 9Khan Porter40:09.85
10Amanda Mackay45:58.76 10Luke Fiso40:11.0
11Laura Clifton46:12.92 11Jack Clark40:19.26
12Justine Beath46:18.83 12James Gilmour40:19.55
13Madeline Sturt46:35.63 13John Champion40:22.96
14Laken Makhlouf46:42.89 14Dene Flude40:30.16
15Emily Atton47:14.43 15Cj Walker40:43.58
16Aimee Tawhai47:30.20 16Evan Morris41:01.59
17Bailey Rogers47:31.99 17Michael Mikaere41:11.63
18Abby Ashton47:52.51 18Royce Dunne41:19.68
19Courtney Haley48:07.30 19Rob Watt41:23.61
20Jade Williams48:27.75 20Ben Fowler41:29.37
21Alethea Boon48:27.88 21Bayley Martin41:37.85
22Emma Wright48:51.10 22Jack Jeffery42:10.57
23Olivia Smoothy49:09.16 23Mitchell Case42:11.57
24Rachel Farinola49:18.77 24Brandon Swan42:30.57
25Annika Roberts49:53.90 25Jake Standen42:34.14
26Adrienne KarniewiczCAP + 24 26Adam Leaney42:37.4
27Sheree WillcoxCAP + 171 27Luke Fowler42:59.45
28Briony ChallisCAP + 233 28Joel Molinia43:00.50
29Chelsea DochertyCAP + 500 29Zeke Grove43:29.82
30Christina LivaditakisCAP + 535 30Jake Law43:34.75

Event 2 - Amanda 21

For time:
21 Muscle Ups
21 Squat snatches 65/45kg

#Women  #Men 
1Kara Saunders03:04.54 1Zeke Grove02:49.13
2Alethea Boon03:26.85 2Royce Dunne03:09.99
3Laura Clifton03:55.37 3Jay Crouch03:10.43
4Laken Makhlouf04:18.69 4Ben Fowler03:13.87
5Gemma Hauck04:24.95 5Brandon Swan03:16.69
6Justine Beath04:28.2 6Matt Gilpin03:17.0
7Ellie Turner04:38.20 7Luke De Jonge03:18.93
8Simone Arthur04:43.26 8Michael Mikaere03:20.85
9Emma Wright04:52.47 9Luke Fiso03:22.74
10Abby Ashton04:55.64 10Bayley Martin03:24.16
11Courtney Haley04:56.14 11William Kearney03:28.37
12Christee Bishop05:10.59 12Rees Machell03:29.20
13Briony Challis05:13.41 13Khan Porter03:34.94
14Jessica Coughlan05:25.47 14Luke Mcmahon03:35.63
15Bailey Rogers05:25.66 15Mitchell Case03:35.92
16Madeline Sturt05:26.16 16Jake Standen03:36.32
17Christina Livaditakis05:32.51 17Evan Morris03:40.90
18Chelsea Docherty05:41.55 18Jack Clark03:41.19
19Aimee Tawhai05:53.6 19Rob Watt03:47.45
20Emily FenechCAP + 1 20Cj Walker03:48.1
21Caitlin DanyiCAP + 3 21Bayden Brown03:53.16
22Adrienne KarniewiczCAP + 4 22John Champion03:55.58
23Annika RobertsCAP + 5 23Luke Fowler03:57.62
24Danielle FordCAP + 7 24James Gilmour04:00.97
24Olivia SmoothyCAP + 7 25James Newbury04:06.43
26Jade WilliamsCAP + 8 26Jack Jeffery04:14.38
27Rachel FarinolaCAP + 16 27Joel Molinia04:22.5
28Amanda MackayCAP + 21 28Adam Leaney04:41.92
29Emily AttonCAP + 23 29Jake Law05:44.70
30Sheree WillcoxCAP + 26 30Dene Flude05:49.8

Event 3 - Hann

For time:
100ft Handstand walk
6 Rope climbs 15ft
100ft Double kettlebell lunge 24/16kg
100ft Handstand walk
4 Rope climbs 15ft
100ft Double kettlebell lunge 24/16kg
100ft Handstand walk
3 Rope climbs 15ft
100ft Double kettlebell lunge 24/16kg

#Women  #Men 
1Courtney Haley08:42.9 1Royce Dunne07:02.24
2Alethea Boon09:10.8 2Luke De Jonge07:17.68
3Simone Arthur09:25.45 3James Newbury07:29.96
4Madeline Sturt09:30.44 4John Champion07:39.40
5Laken Makhlouf09:34.65 5Bayley Martin07:40.31
6Kara Saunders09:49.61 6Luke Fiso07:43.8
7Justine Beath10:48.3 7Jack Clark08:02.31
8Bailey Rogers11:11.87 8Rob Watt08:03.29
9Christee Bishop11:45.14 9Ben Fowler08:08.78
10Danielle Ford11:50.76 10Jay Crouch08:13.80
11Briony ChallisCAP + 2 11Michael Mikaere08:32.59
12Emma WrightCAP + 3 12Rees Machell08:43.32
12Abby AshtonCAP + 3 13William Kearney08:46.0
14Gemma HauckCAP + 4 14Jake Standen08:47.0
15Chelsea DochertyCAP + 6 15Luke Fowler09:01.48
15Aimee TawhaiCAP + 6 16Matt Gilpin09:07.29
17Laura CliftonCAP + 7 17Evan Morris09:16.77
17Caitlin DanyiCAP + 7 18Cj Walker09:34.0
17Adrienne KarniewiczCAP + 7 19Bayden Brown09:37.9
20Jessica CoughlanCAP + 8 20Brandon Swan10:07.16
21Amanda MackayCAP + 9 21Jack Jeffery10:09.99
22Emily FenechCAP + 11 22Joel Molinia10:17.79
23Annika RobertsCAP + 12 23Khan Porter10:41.75
24Olivia SmoothyCAP + 14 24Luke Mcmahon10:44.4
25Ellie TurnerCAP + 15 25Jake Law10:46.74
26Rachel FarinolaCAP + 17 26Zeke Grove11:33.70
26Jade WilliamsCAP + 17 27Mitchell Case11:43.0
28Emily AttonCAP + 23 28Adam Leaney11:54.51
28Sheree WillcoxCAP + 23 29Dene FludeCAP + 4
30Christina LivaditakisCAP + 24 30James GilmourCAP + 13

Event 4 - Double Trouble

2 rounds for time:
30/25 Echo bike cals
100 Drag rope double unders
50 DB hang snatches 22/15kg

#Women  #Men 
1Kara Saunders09:23.92 1Luke De Jonge09:28.76
2Laura Clifton09:24.68 2Khan Porter09:41.72
3Ellie Turner09:55.67 3Bayden Brown09:46.34
4Jade Williams10:51.0 4Luke Fiso09:48.9
5Madeline Sturt10:56.18 5James Newbury09:48.41
6Christee Bishop11:07.9 6William Kearney09:53.33
7Justine Beath11:24.21 7Luke Mcmahon09:53.50
8Caitlin Danyi11:30.94 8Rob Watt10:01.47
9Danielle Ford11:42.42 9Jay Crouch10:03.78
10Alethea Boon11:44.36 10Mitchell Case10:21.28
11Simone Arthur11:45.51 11Rees Machell10:22.91
12Laken Makhlouf12:00.0 12John Champion10:23.9
12Emily Fenech12:00.0 13Jack Clark10:34.62
14Bailey RogersCAP + 2 14Bayley Martin10:36.23
15Jessica CoughlanCAP + 4 15Evan Morris10:41.32
16Chelsea DochertyCAP + 9 16Brandon Swan10:45.38
17Olivia SmoothyCAP + 13 17Royce Dunne11:02.94
18Abby AshtonCAP + 16 18Jake Standen11:13.36
19Briony ChallisCAP + 18 19Michael Mikaere11:15.40
20Emily AttonCAP + 25 20Jake Law11:17.26
20Christina LivaditakisCAP + 25 21Cj Walker11:22.71
22Amanda MackayCAP + 29 22James Gilmour11:25.24
23Gemma HauckCAP + 38 23Jack Jeffery12:00.0
23Courtney HaleyCAP + 38 23Matt Gilpin12:00.0
25Emma WrightCAP + 39 25Ben FowlerCAP + 6
26Aimee TawhaiCAP + 40 26Zeke GroveCAP + 13
27Annika RobertsCAP + 43 27Dene FludeCAP + 16
28Sheree WillcoxCAP + 51 28Luke FowlerCAP + 20
29Rachel FarinolaCAP + 60 29Joel MoliniaCAP + 29
30Adrienne KarniewiczCAP + 86 30Adam LeaneyCAP + 33

Event 5 - Clean & Jerk

Clean & Jerk Ladder
Men (kg)
106 - 111 - 115 - 120 - 125 - 129 - 134 - 138 - 143 - 147 - 152 - 154 - 156 - 159 - 161

Women (kg)
70 - 75 - 79 - 84 - 88 - 90 - 93 - 95 - 97 - 100 - 102 - 104 - 106 - 109 - 111

#Women  #Men 
1Bailey Rogers111 kgs 1Jake Standen161 kgs
2Kara Saunders111 kgs 2Brandon Swan161 kgs
3Laura Clifton111 kgs 3Evan Morris161 kgs
3Annika Roberts111 kgs 4Royce Dunne159 kgs
5Olivia Smoothy111 kgs 5Bayden Brown159 kgs
6Ellie Turner109 kgs 6Zeke Grove159 kgs
7Emily Atton104 kgs 7Luke Fowler159 kgs
8Emma Wright104 kgs 8Jay Crouch156 kgs
9Madeline Sturt104 kgs 9Khan Porter156 kgs
10Danielle Ford102 kgs 10James Newbury154 kgs
10Alethea Boon102 kgs 11Bayley Martin154 kgs
12Gemma Hauck102 kgs 12Luke Fiso152 kgs
13Christee Bishop102 kgs 13Jack Clark152 kgs
14Justine Beath100 kgs 14John Champion152 kgs
15Adrienne Karniewicz100 kgs 15William Kearney152 kgs
16Emily Fenech97 kgs 16Rob Watt147 kgs
17Amanda Mackay97 kgs 17Adam Leaney147 kgs
18Courtney Haley97 kgs 17Mitchell Case147 kgs
19Simone Arthur95 kgs 19Matt Gilpin147 kgs
20Chelsea Docherty95 kgs 20Jake Law147 kgs
21Christina Livaditakis95 kgs 21Michael Mikaere143 kgs
22Rachel Farinola95 kgs 22Cj Walker143 kgs
23Briony Challis95 kgs 23Ben Fowler143 kgs
24Laken Makhlouf93 kgs 24Rees Machell138 kgs
25Jessica Coughlan93 kgs 25Jack Jeffery138 kgs
26Sheree Willcox93 kgs 26Joel Molinia138 kgs
27Jade Williams93 kgs 27Luke De Jonge134 kgs
28Aimee Tawhai90 kgs 28Luke Mcmahon134 kgs
29Abby Ashton90 kgs 29James Gilmour134 kgs
30Caitlin Danyi79 kgs 30Dene Flude129 kgs

Event 6 - Move it or lose it v3

In 3 minutes:
30/20 cal Ski
15 Burpees over the box 30/24"
Max distance sled pull in the time remaining

Rest 1 minute between rounds. Repeat until the sled has been pulled a total of 90 feet across the finish line.

#Women  #Men 
1Laura Clifton06:26.86 1Bayden Brown06:37.4
2Kara Saunders06:30.74 2Royce Dunne06:37.27
3Bailey Rogers06:52.26 3James Newbury06:45.41
4Justine Beath06:53.49 4John Champion06:52.24
5Jessica Coughlan10:37.64 5Jay Crouch06:53.52
6Ellie Turner10:43.33 6Luke Fiso06:53.65
7Emily Fenech10:45.36 7Bayley Martin06:55.53
8Danielle Ford10:45.71 8Mitchell Case07:00.64
9Gemma Hauck10:47.46 9Khan Porter07:01.64
10Emily Atton11:02.70 10Luke Mcmahon10:39.97
11Christee Bishop14:36.80 11Rees Machell10:43.31
12Madeline Sturt14:52.28 12Matt Gilpin10:47.25
13Courtney Haley14:55.7 13Cj Walker10:53.10
14Simone Arthur14:56.89 14James Gilmour10:58.53
15Aimee TawhaiCAP + 1 15Luke De Jonge14:53.45
16Rachel FarinolaCAP + 2 16Michael Mikaere15:00.0
16Emma WrightCAP + 2 17Zeke GroveCAP + 1
16Jade WilliamsCAP + 2 17Joel MoliniaCAP + 1
16Amanda MackayCAP + 2 17Adam LeaneyCAP + 1
16Chelsea DochertyCAP + 2 20Jake StandenCAP + 2
16Olivia SmoothyCAP + 2 20Jack ClarkCAP + 2
16Caitlin DanyiCAP + 2 20Jack JefferyCAP + 2
16Laken MakhloufCAP + 2 20Jake LawCAP + 2
16Sheree WillcoxCAP + 2 20Evan MorrisCAP + 2
16Alethea BoonCAP + 2 20William KearneyCAP + 2
26Briony ChallisCAP + 3 26Rob WattCAP + 3
27Abby AshtonCAP + 4 26Ben FowlerCAP + 3
28Christina LivaditakisCAP + 6 29Luke FowlerCAP + 5
29Adrienne KarniewiczCAP + 7 30Brandon SwanCAP + 9
30Annika RobertsCAP + 12 ---

Event 7 - Final

For time:
Chest to Bar Pull-ups
Thruster 70/47kg
#Women  #Men 
1Kara Saunders03:54.22 1Bayden Brown03:54.12
2Alethea Boon04:17.35 2Jay Crouch03:55.29
3Ellie Turner04:25.7 3Royce Dunne04:02.74
4Madeline Sturt04:30.23 4Ben Fowler04:19.10
5Laura Clifton04:36.67 5James Newbury04:31.66
6Simone Arthur04:49.64 6Matt Gilpin04:33.0
7Jessica Coughlan04:59.93 7Zeke Grove04:36.90
8Laken Makhlouf05:12.21 8Khan Porter04:38.19
9Aimee Tawhai05:16.0 9Rees Machell04:44.20
10Emma Wright05:30.11 10Luke Fiso04:45.57
11Courtney Haley05:56.46 11Brandon Swan04:45.80
12Bailey Rogers05:59.55 12William Kearney04:53.86
13Chelsea Docherty06:02.0 13Luke Mcmahon04:56.5
14Amanda Mackay06:06.62 14Bayley Martin05:01.18
15Justine Beath06:08.45 15Jack Clark05:08.91
16Christee Bishop06:08.56 16Luke Fowler05:17.97
17Adrienne Karniewicz06:23.23 17Cj Walker05:19.88
18Abby Ashton06:24.43 18Evan Morris05:28.10
19Gemma Hauck06:31.23 19John Champion05:29.30
20Sheree Willcox06:39.88 20Jake Standen05:37.30
21Briony Challis06:50.23 21Mitchell Case05:38.16
22Caitlin Danyi06:53.11 22Michael Mikaere05:40.15
23Christina Livaditakis06:57.66 23Jake Law05:42.48
24Jade WilliamsCAP + 4 24Jack Jeffery05:46.38
25Danielle FordCAP + 7 25Luke De Jonge05:58.69
26Emily FenechCAP + 8 26James Gilmour06:20.1
27Rachel FarinolaCAP + 10 27Rob Watt06:28.59
28Olivia SmoothyCAP + 13 28Adam Leaney06:44.1
28Annika RobertsCAP + 13 29Joel Molinia06:56.32
30Emily AttonCAP + 42 ---

The following is a breakdown of the number of movements in each category programmed in the 2021 Torian Pro. If a movement appears in multiple events, it is counted twice


Gymnastics Movements
Burpee Box Jump OversMove it or lose it v3
Chest To Bar Pull UpsFinal
Handstand WalkHann
Ring Muscle UpAmanda 21
Rope ClimbsHann
Monostructural Movements
Assault RunnerReverse Triathlon
Bike ErgReverse Triathlon
Double UndersDouble Trouble
Echo BikeDouble Trouble
RowReverse Triathlon
Ski ErgMove it or lose it v3
Weightlifting Movements
Clean and JerkClean & Jerk
Sled DragMove it or lose it v3
SnatchAmanda 21
SnatchDouble Trouble
Single Movement1
Time DomainCount
Less than 5 minutes2
5 to 10 minutes3
Greater than 20 minutes1
Max Lift1