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2022 Torian Pro - Fantasy Fitnessing

2022 Torian Pro

May 20 - 22, 2022

Final Results - Women

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# Name Total Points

Final Results - Men

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Event 1 - King Arthur

For time:
15 overhead squats (70/52 kg)
15 burpee box jumps-overs (24/20 in)
15 thrusters (61/43 kg)
15 power cleans (93/61 kg)
15 muscle-ups
Run 1,500 m
15 muscle-ups
15 power cleans (93/61 kg)
15 thrusters (61/43 kg)
15 burpee box jump-overs (24/20 in)
15 overhead squats (70/52 kg)
Time cap: 23 minutes

#Women  #Men 
1Tia-Clair Toomey-Orr18:02.9 1Bayden Brown18:17.16
2Kara Saunders19:43.44 2Bayley Martin19:52.92
3Jamie Simmonds20:25.39 3Jay Crouch20:07.48
4Ellie Turner21:05.58 4Matt Mcleod20:22.6
5Madeline Sturt21:35.84 5Rees Machell20:30.30
6Bailey Rogers21:58.21 6Ricky Garard20:32.53
7Georgia PryerCAP + 7 7Royce Dunne20:59.34
8Gemma HauckCAP + 15 8Kurtis Jackson21:47.8
8Emily De RooyCAP + 15 9Matt Gilpin21:47.88
8Danielle FordCAP + 15 10Mitchell Case22:14.25
11Amy AlessiCAP + 19 11Peter Ellis22:25.77
12Georgia WelsmanCAP + 25 12James Newbury22:31.56
13Elly HutchensCAP + 26 13Thor Hajnal22:49.59
14Chloe GregoryCAP + 32 14Joel MoliniaCAP + 0
15Olivia SmoothyCAP + 34 15Darcy HancockCAP + 5
16Emma WrightCAP + 36 15John ChampionCAP + 5
17Grace WaltonCAP + 38 17Jake StandenCAP + 7
17Lucy ClarkCAP + 38 18Mason DohertyCAP + 8
19Tahlia JordanCAP + 41 19Kieren PowerCAP + 12
20Rachel Toomua-FaumuinaCAP + 42 20Liam FordCAP + 14
20Katie BrockCAP + 42 21Mitch ClarkeCAP + 15
22Julia HannafordCAP + 44 21Riley MartinCAP + 15
23Georgia OttoCAP + 45 21Kosta IlicCAP + 15
24Adrienne GearyCAP + 47 24Jack ClarkCAP + 19
25Carrie FreestoneCAP + 53 25Jake DouglasCAP + 20
26Castell PridgenCAP + 56 26Ash RoozendaalCAP + 28
27Emily AttonCAP + 61 27Jake SolesCAP + 30
27Joelene NevilleCAP + 61 28Zac ThomasCAP + 35
29Bec GlenisterCAP + 62 29Evan MorrisCAP + 43
30Jade WilliamsCAP + 66 30Jack FlemingCAP + 49

Event 2 - 2014 Regional IE5

10 rounds for time:
1 legless rope climb, 15 ft
Run, 170 ft
Time cap: 11 minutes

#Women  #Men 
1Tia-Clair Toomey-Orr03:32.54 1Ricky Garard02:49.4
2Georgia Pryer04:00.92 2Jay Crouch02:55.92
3Jamie Simmonds04:03.44 3Bayley Martin02:57.57
4Gemma Hauck04:11.51 4James Newbury03:00.89
5Kara Saunders04:26.57 5Royce Dunne03:03.36
6Elly Hutchens04:41.96 6Jake Soles03:05.49
7Madeline Sturt04:54.0 7Matt Mcleod03:06.57
8Georgia Welsman05:02.5 8Joel Molinia03:06.58
9Bailey Rogers05:03.53 9Ash Roozendaal03:06.62
10Ellie Turner05:03.89 10Jake Douglas03:11.0
11Danielle Ford05:15.84 11Mason Doherty03:12.99
12Georgia Otto05:32.71 12Mitch Clarke03:13.50
13Bec Glenister05:52.56 13Peter Ellis03:13.63
14Emma Wright05:54.98 14Kieren Power03:13.69
15Rachel Toomua-Faumuina06:13.0 15Liam Ford03:14.0
16Emily De Rooy06:49.0 16Kurtis Jackson03:15.17
17Olivia Smoothy06:57.19 17Rees Machell03:15.72
18Castell Pridgen07:27.47 18Jake Standen03:16.40
19Amy Alessi08:20.8 19Matt Gilpin03:16.62
20Joelene Neville08:59.63 20Jack Clark03:17.6
21Adrienne Geary09:11.85 20Bayden Brown03:17.6
22Emily Atton10:38.34 22Thor Hajnal03:17.83
23Tahlia JordanCAP + 1 23John Champion03:24.25
24Katie BrockCAP + 3 24Kosta Ilic03:29.68
24Grace WaltonCAP + 3 25Zac Thomas03:40.57
26Jade WilliamsCAP + 5 26Mitchell Case03:41.0
26Julia HannafordCAP + 5 27Riley Martin03:47.15
28Chloe GregoryCAP + 7 28Jack Fleming04:01.98
28Lucy ClarkCAP + 7 29Evan Morris04:03.91
30Carrie FreestoneCAP + 13 30Darcy Hancock04:19.51

Event 3 - Barbell Complex

3 attempts for max load of:
3 cleans
2 front squats
1 jerk (shoulder-to-overhead)

#Women  #Men 
1Tia-Clair Toomey-Orr245 lbs 1Darcy Hancock335 lbs
2Kara Saunders235 lbs 2Riley Martin330 lbs
3Olivia Smoothy230 lbs 3Jake Standen325 lbs
4Ellie Turner220 lbs 4Jack Clark320 lbs
5Emily Atton215 lbs 4Liam Ford320 lbs
5Madeline Sturt215 lbs 4Jay Crouch320 lbs
7Emily De Rooy210 lbs 4Ricky Garard320 lbs
7Castell Pridgen210 lbs 8Royce Dunne315 lbs
7Bailey Rogers210 lbs 8Bayden Brown315 lbs
7Joelene Neville210 lbs 8John Champion315 lbs
11Jamie Simmonds205 lbs 8Jake Douglas315 lbs
11Gemma Hauck205 lbs 12Kosta Ilic305 lbs
11Grace Walton205 lbs 13Evan Morris300 lbs
11Adrienne Geary205 lbs 13Mitch Clarke300 lbs
11Julia Hannaford205 lbs 15Mitchell Case295 lbs
16Rachel Toomua-Faumuina200 lbs 15Matt Gilpin295 lbs
16Danielle Ford200 lbs 15Rees Machell295 lbs
16Emma Wright200 lbs 15Bayley Martin295 lbs
16Elly Hutchens200 lbs 15Ash Roozendaal295 lbs
20Chloe Gregory195 lbs 15Joel Molinia295 lbs
20Lucy Clark195 lbs 21Kieren Power290 lbs
22Tahlia Jordan190 lbs 22James Newbury285 lbs
23Carrie Freestone185 lbs 22Peter Ellis285 lbs
23Jade Williams185 lbs 24Matt Mcleod280 lbs
23Georgia Otto185 lbs 25Jack Fleming275 lbs
23Georgia Welsman185 lbs 25Kurtis Jackson275 lbs
23Bec Glenister185 lbs 25Thor Hajnal275 lbs
28Katie Brock180 lbs 25Jake Soles275 lbs
29Georgia Pryer175 lbs 29Mason Doherty270 lbs
29Amy Alessi175 lbs 30Zac Thomas245 lbs

Event 4 - Don't Stop Me Now

In 2 minutes:

15 chest-to-bar pull-ups
15/10-cal Echo bike
Max snatches in remaining time (47/35 kg)

Rest 2 minutes, then repeat until 60 snatches are completed. Four-round cap.
Time cap: 15 minutes
#Women  #Men 
1Tia-Clair Toomey-Orr05:59.13 1Bayden Brown09:25.52
2Ellie Turner09:04.36 2Ricky Garard09:26.34
3Kara Saunders09:26.67 3Jay Crouch09:33.77
4Jamie Simmonds09:31.52 4Bayley Martin09:36.18
5Bailey Rogers09:40.48 5Kosta Ilic09:38.42
6Gemma Hauck09:47.92 6Jake Douglas09:43.76
7Madeline Sturt09:57.53 7Royce Dunne09:45.30
8Emily De Rooy10:04.80 8Zac Thomas09:49.81
9Bec Glenister13:12.63 9Rees Machell09:56.0
10Emma Wright13:21.25 10Matt Mcleod09:58.47
11Elly Hutchens13:32.47 11Jack Clark10:02.63
12Danielle Ford13:33.19 12Matt Gilpin10:03.44
13Katie Brock13:44.37 13Mitchell Case10:04.0
14Georgia Pryer13:48.94 14John Champion13:22.6
15Julia Hannaford13:51.82 15Peter Ellis13:26.2
16Rachel Toomua-FaumuinaCAP + 0 16Thor Hajnal13:31.74
17Emily AttonCAP + 2 17Darcy Hancock13:40.77
18Grace WaltonCAP + 3 18Liam Ford13:42.27
18Lucy ClarkCAP + 3 19Kurtis Jackson13:49.18
18Chloe GregoryCAP + 3 20Kieren Power13:50.59
21Adrienne GearyCAP + 5 21Mitch Clarke13:50.97
22Jade WilliamsCAP + 7 22James Newbury13:54.42
23Georgia WelsmanCAP + 8 23Riley MartinCAP + 1
23Joelene NevilleCAP + 8 24Ash RoozendaalCAP + 3
25Castell PridgenCAP + 9 24Jake StandenCAP + 3
25Olivia SmoothyCAP + 9 26Jake SolesCAP + 4
27Amy AlessiCAP + 10 27Jack FlemingCAP + 8
28Georgia OttoCAP + 11 28Joel MoliniaCAP + 9
28Carrie FreestoneCAP + 11 29Evan MorrisCAP + 11
30Tahlia JordanCAP + 17 30Mason DohertyCAP + 74

Event 5 - Strongman Diane

For time:

21 strict deficit handstand push-ups
180-ft Husafell bag carry
15 strict deficit handstand push-ups
180-ft kettlebell farmers carry
9 strict deficit handstand push-ups
90-ft yoke carry

Time cap: 11 minutes

#Women  #Men 
1Tia-Clair Toomey-Orr03:45.77 1Jay Crouch04:52.95
2Kara Saunders05:17.37 2Bayden Brown05:09.78
3Emily De Rooy05:35.49 3Rees Machell05:31.72
4Madeline Sturt05:56.83 4Jake Douglas05:54.72
5Ellie Turner06:20.29 5Ricky Garard06:03.39
6Jamie Simmonds06:26.93 6Royce Dunne06:05.84
7Chloe Gregory07:28.39 7Jake Standen06:15.4
8Bailey Rogers08:04.90 8Matt Mcleod06:33.26
9Amy Alessi08:10.11 9Kurtis Jackson06:37.79
10Emma Wright08:16.3 10Joel Molinia06:53.6
11Georgia Pryer08:55.77 11Darcy Hancock06:58.96
12Rachel Toomua-Faumuina08:56.59 12Mitch Clarke07:15.86
13Gemma Hauck08:57.12 13Evan Morris07:23.75
14Julia Hannaford09:04.87 14Liam Ford07:47.96
15Emily Atton09:17.84 15Ash Roozendaal07:58.61
16Lucy Clark10:00.28 16Jack Clark08:02.75
17Tahlia Jordan10:16.62 17Peter Ellis08:43.71
18Joelene Neville10:30.73 18Mitchell Case09:22.12
19Georgia Welsman10:33.97 19James Newbury09:25.32
20Georgia OttoCAP + 4 20Bayley Martin09:28.14
20Elly HutchensCAP + 4 21Kosta Ilic09:44.45
22Grace WaltonCAP + 5 22Zac Thomas09:46.2
23Olivia SmoothyCAP + 6 23Mason Doherty10:26.16
23Danielle FordCAP + 6 24Riley Martin10:58.60
25Jade WilliamsCAP + 8 25John Champion10:59.3
26Carrie FreestoneCAP + 11 26Matt GilpinCAP + 0
27Adrienne GearyCAP + 29 27Kieren PowerCAP + 1
28Katie BrockCAP + 31 28Jake SolesCAP + 4
29Bec GlenisterCAP + 55 29Jack FlemingCAP + 6
30Castell PridgenCAP + 64 30Thor HajnalCAP + 9

Event 6 - MCX Final

For time:
1,000-m row
100 double-unders
10 deadlifts (185/125 kg)
Time cap: 7 minutes

#Women  #Men 
1Tia-Clair Toomey-Orr04:57.97 1Jake Douglas04:38.69
2Kara Saunders05:01.81 2Bayden Brown04:38.91
3Madeline Sturt05:07.36 3Ricky Garard04:44.5
4Emily De Rooy05:08.7 4Jay Crouch04:50.9
5Ellie Turner05:12.48 5Darcy Hancock04:51.35
6Bailey Rogers05:17.59 6Liam Ford04:51.37
7Gemma Hauck05:19.54 7John Champion04:51.95
8Elly Hutchens05:28.28 8Mitch Clarke04:52.78
9Grace Walton05:28.79 9Jake Standen04:55.62
10Olivia Smoothy05:31.52 10Matt Gilpin04:55.92
11Joelene Neville05:35.72 11Mitchell Case04:59.40
12Jamie Simmonds05:37.51 12Mason Doherty04:59.77
13Lucy Clark05:37.83 13Bayley Martin05:01.21
14Adrienne Geary05:40.95 14Royce Dunne05:04.32
15Emily Atton05:49.37 15Rees Machell05:06.45
16Jade Williams05:50.92 16Jack Fleming05:11.88
17Chloe Gregory05:54.11 17James Newbury05:12.81
18Danielle Ford05:55.67 18Thor Hajnal05:14.44
19Georgia Otto05:57.95 19Ash Roozendaal05:16.25
20Bec Glenister05:58.80 20Kosta Ilic05:16.71
21Emma Wright06:11.16 21Jack Clark05:17.23
22Katie Brock06:11.89 22Matt Mcleod05:21.16
23Castell Pridgen06:12.69 23Peter Ellis05:21.76
24Georgia Pryer06:20.17 24Kieren Power05:39.37
25Carrie Freestone06:36.66 25Evan Morris05:47.5
26Tahlia Jordan06:40.62 26Kurtis Jackson06:32.36
27Amy Alessi06:55.94 27Riley Martin06:34.74
28Rachel Toomua-FaumuinaCAP + 0 28Jake SolesCAP + 0
29Julia HannafordCAP + 3 29Joel MoliniaCAP + 2
30Georgia WelsmanCAP + 4 30Zac ThomasCAP + 10

Tia-Clair Toomey-Orr has a clean sweep at the Torian Pro

Tia-Clair Toomey-Orr went 6 for 6 at this weekends Torian Pro. Toomey-Orr took first place after winner all 6 events, with Kara Saunders finishing second and Ellie Turner finishing third. All three earned their tickets to the CrossFit Games

Athlete: Tia-Clair Toomey-Orr

Source Created On May 24, 2022 3:19PM PDT

The following is a breakdown of the number of movements in each category programmed in the 2022 Torian Pro. If a movement appears in multiple events, it is counted twice


Gymnastics Movements
Burpee Box Jump OversKing Arthur
Chest To Bar Pull UpsDon't Stop Me Now
Handstand Push UpStrongman Diane
Legless Rope Climb2014 Regional IE5
Ring Muscle UpKing Arthur
Monostructural Movements
Double UndersMCX Final
Echo BikeDon't Stop Me Now
RowMCX Final
Running2014 Regional IE5
RunningKing Arthur
Weightlifting Movements
ComplexBarbell Complex
DeadliftMCX Final
Odd Object CarryStrongman Diane
Odd Object CarryStrongman Diane
Overhead SquatKing Arthur
Power CleanKing Arthur
SnatchDon't Stop Me Now
ThrusterKing Arthur
Yoke CarryStrongman Diane
Single Movement1
4 or More Movements1
Pyramid Chipper1
Time DomainCount
Less than 5 minutes2
5 to 10 minutes2
Greater than 20 minutes1
Max Lift1