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2022 Zelos Games - Fantasy Fitnessing

2022 Zelos Games

November 11th - 21st, 2022

Final Results - Women

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# Name Total Points

Final Results - Men

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Event 1 - Snake Eyes

3:00 AMRAP
26/18 cal Echo
14 DB Box Step-overs
Max RMU in remaining time
Rest 1:00
3:00 AMRAP
26/18 cal Echo
14 DB Box Step-overs
Max RMU in remaining time
Rest 1:00
4:00 AMRAP
26/18 cal Echo
14 DB Box Step-overs
Max RMU in remaining time
DB Weights: 2 x 50/35lb DBs
Box Height: 24" for Men, 20" for Women
#Women  #Men 
1Matilde Øyen Garnes47 reps 1James Sprague39 reps
2Elena Carratalá Sanahuja44 reps 2Damián Martínez Satorres38 reps
3Andrea Nisler36 reps 2Fabián Beneito Sellés38 reps
4Feeroozeh Saghafi35 reps 2Tola Morakinyo38 reps
4Alex Gazan35 reps 2Logan Ewing38 reps
6Christine Kolenbrander34 reps 6Tudor Magda37 reps
7Emma Mcquaid32 reps 6Tommaso Pieri37 reps
8Devyn Kim31 reps 8Leonel Franco36 reps
8Sequoia Barrera31 reps 9Matt Dlugos35 reps
10Brittany Weiss30 reps 9Mathias Porter35 reps
11Tayler Patterson29 reps 11Denis Samsonov33 reps
12Elena Budz28 reps 11Peter Mason33 reps
13Randa Roddenberry27 reps 11Brendan Willis33 reps
13Ellia Miller27 reps 14Kaique Cerveny32 reps
15Kyra Milligan26 reps 14Jack Rozema32 reps
16Samantha Petrich25 reps 14Kyle Bernier32 reps
17Roran Scott23 reps 17Anton Foss28 reps
17Mariana Bell23 reps 18Phillip Muscarella27 reps
19Karisa Stapp18 reps 19Derek Abdelnour26 reps
--- 20Mitch Mcclune22 reps
--- 21Ethan Helbig20 reps

Event 2 - Royal Flush

For Time
Power Clean 165/115 lbs
Bar Facing Burpee
Bar Facing Burpee
Time Cap: 7:00
#Women  #Men 
1Roran Scott03:59.0 1Damián Martínez Satorres03:57.0
2Andrea Nisler04:01.0 2Anton Foss04:04.0
3Feeroozeh Saghafi04:06.0 3Peter Mason04:08.0
4Christine Kolenbrander04:09.0 4Phillip Muscarella04:09.0
5Devyn Kim04:12.0 5Fabián Beneito Sellés04:11.0
6Alex Gazan04:24.0 6Kyle Bernier04:14.0
7Elena Budz04:28.0 7Tudor Magda04:16.0
7Emma Mcquaid04:28.0 8Jack Rozema04:21.0
9Ellia Miller04:30.0 9Ethan Helbig04:22.0
10Sólveig Sigurðardóttir04:34.0 10James Sprague04:29.0
11Matilde Øyen Garnes04:37.0 10Leonel Franco04:29.0
12Elena Carratalá Sanahuja04:40.0 12Kaique Cerveny04:33.0
13Karisa Stapp04:50.0 13Denis Samsonov04:38.0
14Kyra Milligan04:52.0 14Tola Morakinyo04:47.0
15Mariana Bell04:55.0 15Sebastian Jalas04:52.0
16Brittany Weiss05:06.0 15Mathias Porter04:52.0
17Randa Roddenberry05:12.0 17Mitch Mcclune04:54.0
18Samantha Petrich05:39.0 18Brendan Willis04:55.0
19Tayler Patterson06:31.0 19Logan Ewing05:05.0
--- 20Matt Dlugos05:06.0

Event 3 - Ace of Spades

Every 1:30 until failure or completion:
Round 1: (0-1:30) 30 Double Unders + 3 Snatch(185/125 lbs)
Round 2: (1:30-3:00) 30 Double Unders + 3 Snatch (205/135 lbs)
Round 3: (3:00-4:30) 30 Double Unders + 3 Snatch (225/145 lbs)
Round 4: (4:30-6:00) 30 Double Unders + 2 Snatch (235/155 lbs)
Round 5: (6:00-7:30) 30 Double Unders + 2 Snatch (245/160 lbs)
Round 6: (7:30-9:00) 30 Double Unders + 1 Snatch (255/165 lbs)
Round 7: (9:00-10:30) 30 Double Unders + 1 Snatch (265/170 lbs)
Round 8: (10:30-13:30) If you clear all bars 3:00 to find a max snatch
#Women  #Men 
1Christine Kolenbrander225 lbs 1Tola Morakinyo325 lbs
2Ellia Miller215 lbs 2Tudor Magda322 lbs
3Roran Scott205 lbs 3Kaique Cerveny305 lbs
4Andrea Nisler202 lbs 3Denis Samsonov305 lbs
5Emma Mcquaid198 lbs 5Anton Foss295 lbs
6Sequoia Barrera195 lbs 6Leonel Franco290 lbs
6Devyn Kim195 lbs 6Matt Dlugos290 lbs
8Alex Gazan190 lbs 6Jack Rozema290 lbs
9Matilde Øyen Garnes189 lbs 9Ethan Helbig285 lbs
10Elena Carratalá Sanahuja183 lbs 10Damián Martínez Satorres280 lbs
11Feeroozeh Saghafi182 lbs 10Fabián Beneito Sellés280 lbs
12Tayler Patterson180 lbs 10Mitch Mcclune280 lbs
12Karisa Stapp180 lbs 13Mathias Porter275 lbs
12Kyra Milligan180 lbs 13Phillip Muscarella275 lbs
15Mariana Bell175 lbs 15James Sprague272 lbs
15Randa Roddenberry175 lbs 16Logan Ewing265 lbs
15Brittany Weiss175 lbs 17Peter Mason255 lbs
18Samantha Petrich170 lbs 18Brendan Willis205 lbs
19Elena Budz165 lbs ---

Event 4 - Full House

For Time:
150ft HS Walk (25' Sections)
50/40 cal Row
35 Wall Balls @ 20/14 lbs to 10'
50 Chest to Bar Pull-ups
10 Devils Press @ 2x70/50lbs
*May be performed as a clean & Jerk
50 Toes to Bar
35 Wall Balls @ 20/14 lbs to 10'
50/40 cal Row
150ft HS Walk
Time Cap: 22:00
*each 25 ft section = 1 rep
#Women  #Men 
1Matilde Øyen Garnes15:42.0 1James Sprague15:41.0
2Feeroozeh Saghafi16:57.0 2Fabián Beneito Sellés15:46.0
3Alex Gazan17:25.0 3Kaique Cerveny15:59.0
4Sequoia Barrera17:30.0 4Brendan Willis16:13.0
5Brittany Weiss17:37.0 5Damián Martínez Satorres16:26.0
6Andrea Nisler17:44.0 5Tola Morakinyo16:26.0
7Christine Kolenbrander18:30.0 7Phillip Muscarella16:30.0
8Elena Carratalá Sanahuja18:32.0 8Peter Mason16:31.0
9Elena Budz18:39.0 9Denis Samsonov16:47.0
10Emma Mcquaid19:06.0 10Jack Rozema17:14.0
11Karisa Stapp19:26.0 11Tudor Magda17:16.0
12Devyn Kim21:04.0 12Leonel Franco17:17.0
13Kyra Milligan21:13.0 13Mathias Porter19:19.0
14Roran Scott21:15.0 14Logan Ewing19:36.0
15Ellia Miller21:26.0 15Anton Foss20:08.0
16Randa Roddenberry21:49.0 ---
17Mariana BellCAP + 271 ---
17Samantha PetrichCAP + 271 ---
19Tayler PattersonCAP + 269 ---

The following is a breakdown of the number of movements in each category programmed in the 2022 Zelos Games. If a movement appears in multiple events, it is counted twice


Gymnastics Movements
Bar Facing BurpeeRoyal Flush
Chest To Bar Pull UpsFull House
Handstand WalkFull House
Ring Muscle UpSnake Eyes
Monostructural Movements
Double UndersAce of Spades
Echo BikeSnake Eyes
RowFull House
Weightlifting Movements
Devil's PressFull House
Power CleanRoyal Flush
SnatchAce of Spades
Step OverSnake Eyes
ThrusterRoyal Flush
Wall BallsFull House
Pyramid Chipper1
Time DomainCount
Less than 5 minutes1
10 to 20 minutes2
Max Lift1