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2021 Last Chance Qualifier - Fantasy Fitnessing

2021 Last Chance Qualifier

June 28th - July 4th, 2021

Final Results - Women

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# Name Total Points

Final Results - Men

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Event 1

42-30-18 for time of: Row (cal.) Alternating dumbbell hang snatch W:35-lb. dumbbell M:50-lb. dumbbell Time cap: 15 min.
#Women  #Men 
1Lucy Campbell06:55.0 1Roman Khrennikov05:32.0
2Bailey Rogers07:04.0 2Dallin Pepper05:38.0
3Karin Freyová07:11.0 3Taylor Self05:43.0
4Valentina Rangel07:17.0 4Khan Porter05:48.0
4Matilde Øyen Garnes07:17.0 5Alexandre Caron05:51.0
6Emma Tall07:19.0 6Kaique Cerveny05:55.0
7Alexis Raptis07:23.0 7Cole Greashaber05:57.0
8Dina Swift07:24.0 8Cédric Lapointe05:58.0
9Nicole Mghenyi07:25.0 8Phil Toon05:58.0
10Feeroozeh Saghafi07:32.0 10Tyler Christophel06:01.0
11Evie Hollis07:33.0 10Ioannis Papadopoulos06:01.0
12Kristi O'Connell07:34.0 12Joshua Al-Chamaa06:03.0
13Oihana Moya07:35.0 13James Newbury06:04.0
14Manon Angonese07:36.0 14Nick Mathew06:06.0
15Christine Kolenbrander07:38.0 15Alex Kotoulas06:11.0
15Elena Carratalá Sanahuja07:38.0 16Luke Fiso06:13.0
17Madeline Sturt07:39.0 17Austin Spencer06:14.0
18Kelly Stone07:44.0 18Fabián Beneito Sellés06:15.0
19Paige Semenza07:46.0 19Mohamed Elomda06:17.0
20Anikha Greer07:48.0 19Spencer Panchik06:17.0
21Julia Kato07:49.0 21Angelo Dicicco06:25.0
22Alexis Johnson08:03.0 21Lukas Grouleff06:25.0
23Victoria Campos08:08.0 23Jakub Cieślik06:29.0
24Danielle Dunlap08:12.0 24Anderon Primo06:30.0
25Nicole Gibson-Burke08:13.0 25Ruan Duvenage06:36.0
26Gilmari Reyneke08:15.0 26Hunter Holifield06:48.0
27Stephanie Chung08:23.0 27Omar Martinez06:53.0
28Alethea Boon08:24.0 28Morteza Sedaghat07:07.0

Event 2 - 3 Rep Max Deadlift

3-rep-max deadlift Time cap: 20 min.
#Women  #Men 
1Oihana Moya392 lbs 1Ioannis Papadopoulos595 lbs
2Madeline Sturt386 lbs 2Phil Toon575 lbs
3Christine Kolenbrander382 lbs 3Tyler Christophel561 lbs
4Emma Tall375 lbs 4Morteza Sedaghat557 lbs
5Manon Angonese370 lbs 5Nick Mathew555 lbs
6Victoria Campos368 lbs 6Fabián Beneito Sellés551 lbs
7Paige Semenza362 lbs 7Alexandre Caron547 lbs
8Kristi O'Connell356 lbs 8Roman Khrennikov540 lbs
9Matilde Øyen Garnes355 lbs 9Anderon Primo533 lbs
9Valentina Rangel355 lbs 10Khan Porter521 lbs
11Dina Swift353 lbs 11Ruan Duvenage518 lbs
12Anikha Greer347 lbs 12Angelo Dicicco517 lbs
13Nicole Mghenyi345 lbs 13Joshua Al-Chamaa510 lbs
14Danielle Dunlap342 lbs 14Kaique Cerveny508 lbs
14Bailey Rogers342 lbs 14Dallin Pepper508 lbs
16Elena Carratalá Sanahuja333 lbs 16Spencer Panchik506 lbs
17Gilmari Reyneke331 lbs 17James Newbury501 lbs
18Karin Freyová330 lbs 18Jakub Cieślik498 lbs
19Alexis Johnson327 lbs 19Mohamed Elomda496 lbs
19Kelly Stone327 lbs 20Omar Martinez488 lbs
21Evie Hollis317 lbs 21Luke Fiso486 lbs
22Nicole Gibson-Burke316 lbs 22Alex Kotoulas485 lbs
23Julia Kato315 lbs 23Cole Greashaber484 lbs
24Alethea Boon309 lbs 24Austin Spencer478 lbs
25Feeroozeh Saghafi305 lbs 25Hunter Holifield477 lbs
25Stephanie Chung305 lbs 26Cédric Lapointe475 lbs
27Lucy Campbell302 lbs 27Lukas Grouleff463 lbs
28Alexis Raptis297 lbs 28Taylor Self462 lbs

Event 3

100 burpees to a target 12 inches above your reach Time cap: 7 min.
#Women  #Men 
1Kristi O'Connell04:16.0 1Omar Martinez04:11.0
2Feeroozeh Saghafi04:44.0 2Jakub Cieślik04:12.0
3Nicole Gibson-Burke04:48.0 3Khan Porter04:17.0
4Alexis Johnson04:51.0 3Alex Kotoulas04:17.0
5Alexis Raptis04:57.0 5Cole Greashaber04:19.0
6Emma Tall05:03.0 6Taylor Self04:22.0
7Alethea Boon05:05.0 6Spencer Panchik04:22.0
8Karin Freyová05:09.0 8Tyler Christophel04:28.0
9Manon Angonese05:14.0 9James Newbury04:33.0
10Matilde Øyen Garnes05:15.0 10Alexandre Caron04:40.0
11Valentina Rangel05:16.0 11Roman Khrennikov04:42.0
12Lucy Campbell05:18.0 12Kaique Cerveny04:47.0
13Oihana Moya05:20.0 13Phil Toon04:51.0
13Kelly Stone05:20.0 14Angelo Dicicco04:54.0
15Madeline Sturt05:21.0 15Morteza Sedaghat04:55.0
16Stephanie Chung05:28.0 16Fabián Beneito Sellés04:57.0
17Elena Carratalá Sanahuja05:36.0 17Luke Fiso04:59.0
18Danielle Dunlap05:37.0 17Dallin Pepper04:59.0
19Victoria Campos05:47.0 17Nick Mathew04:59.0
20Christine Kolenbrander05:50.0 20Joshua Al-Chamaa05:05.0
21Evie Hollis05:53.0 21Ruan Duvenage05:06.0
22Nicole Mghenyi05:54.0 22Austin Spencer05:12.0
23Paige Semenza05:55.0 23Lukas Grouleff05:18.0
24Anikha Greer06:03.0 24Anderon Primo05:31.0
25Julia Kato06:05.0 25Ioannis Papadopoulos05:34.0
26Dina Swift06:21.0 26Hunter Holifield05:35.0
27Bailey Rogers06:31.0 27Mohamed Elomda05:44.0
28Gilmari Reyneke06:52.0 ---

Event 4

100 double-unders
10 squat cleans, 135/95 lb.
5 legless rope climbs
80 double-unders
8 squat cleans, 185/135 lb.
4 legless rope climbs
60 double-unders
6 squat cleans, 225/155 lb.
3 legless rope climbs
40 double-unders
4 squat cleans, 245/175 lb.
2 legless rope climbs
20 double-unders
2 squat cleans, 275/185 lb.
1 legless rope climb
Time cap: 20 min.

#Women  #Men 
1Kristi O'Connell12:42.0 1Roman Khrennikov10:51.0
2Emma Tall13:34.0 2Taylor Self11:07.0
3Paige Semenza13:50.0 3Lukas Grouleff11:15.0
4Victoria Campos13:51.0 4Alexandre Caron11:22.0
5Elena Carratalá Sanahuja14:28.0 5Alex Kotoulas11:42.0
6Madeline Sturt14:53.0 6James Newbury11:47.0
7Feeroozeh Saghafi14:56.0 7Ioannis Papadopoulos12:04.0
8Nicole Gibson-Burke15:18.0 7Tyler Christophel12:04.0
9Christine Kolenbrander15:36.0 9Luke Fiso12:10.0
10Alexis Raptis15:52.0 10Kaique Cerveny12:27.0
11Karin Freyová16:02.0 11Spencer Panchik12:28.0
12Manon Angonese16:40.0 12Nick Mathew12:35.0
13Alethea Boon16:49.0 13Dallin Pepper12:40.0
14Anikha Greer17:11.0 14Jakub Cieślik12:44.0
15Nicole Mghenyi17:29.0 15Austin Spencer12:53.0
16Alexis Johnson18:02.0 16Fabián Beneito Sellés13:07.0
17Matilde Øyen Garnes18:17.0 17Cole Greashaber13:15.0
18Kelly Stone18:31.0 18Phil Toon13:24.0
19Evie Hollis19:10.0 19Angelo Dicicco13:27.0
20Oihana Moya19:29.0 20Morteza Sedaghat13:32.0
21Valentina RangelCAP + 344 21Khan Porter14:32.0
22Danielle DunlapCAP + 343 22Ruan Duvenage14:43.0
23Bailey RogersCAP + 321 23Anderon Primo14:53.0
23Julia KatoCAP + 321 24Omar Martinez15:00.0
23Dina SwiftCAP + 321 26Joshua Al-ChamaaCAP + 344
26Lucy CampbellCAP + 276 27Mohamed ElomdaCAP + 343
27Stephanie ChungCAP + 274 ---
27Gilmari ReynekeCAP + 274 ---

The following is a breakdown of the number of movements in each category programmed in the 2021 Last Chance Qualifier. If a movement appears in multiple events, it is counted twice


Gymnastics Movements
Burpee Event #3
Legless Rope Climb Event #4
Monostructural Movements
Double Unders Event #4
Row Event #1
Weightlifting Movements
Deadlift3 Rep Max Deadlift
Snatch Event #1
Squat Clean Event #4
Single Movement2
Time DomainCount
5 to 10 minutes1
10 to 20 minutes1
Max Lift2