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2019 CrossFit Strength in Depth - Fantasy Fitnessing

2019 CrossFit Strength in Depth

February 22 - 24, 2019

Final Results - Women

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# Name Total Points

Final Results - Men

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# Name Total Points

Event 1 - 19.1

Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:
19 wall-ball shots
19-cal. row
Men throw 20-lb. ball to 10-ft. target

#Women  #Men 
1Ragnheiður Sara Sigmundsdottir350 reps 1Roman Khrennikov389 reps
2Jamie Simmonds330 reps 2Elliot Simmonds382 reps
2Dani Speegle330 reps 3Kristóf Horváth379 reps
4Emma Mcquaid324 reps 4Milosz Staworzynski374 reps
5Synne Krokstad317 reps 5Norman Woodring372 reps
6Emma Tall316 reps 6Zack George371 reps
6Jayne Eadie316 reps 7Joshua Al-Chamaa370 reps
8Jessica Griffith311 reps 8Drew Wayman368 reps
9Haley Adams307 reps 9Antony Monks367 reps
10Tayla Howe304 reps 10David Shorunke366 reps
11Frida Moller302 reps 11Bronislaw Olenkowicz365 reps
12Emma Pilkington300 reps 12Willy Georges362 reps
13Thuridur Erla Helgadottir299 reps 13Erik Toth361 reps
14Jane Bj?rn298 reps 13Adrian Mundwiler361 reps
14Caragh Milligan298 reps 15Owen Bernstein355 reps
14Casey Dolan298 reps 16Jordan Hayward351 reps
14Johanna Nilsson298 reps 16Craig Kenney351 reps
18Kaitlynne Rahner296 reps 16Tom Wilson351 reps
19Maddy Harris295 reps 19Filip Yang Fisker349 reps
20Aneta Tucker294 reps 19Paul Tremblay349 reps
21Elena Carratalá Sanahuja291 reps 21Austin Bolen346 reps
22Carys Webster290 reps 22Owen Roberts345 reps
22Jenna Herron290 reps 23Eric Evans344 reps
24Sam Ventrice289 reps 23Jak Cornthwaite344 reps
25Agata Herbert286 reps 25Andrea Ferrero342 reps
26Sapphire Goddard285 reps 26Fabián Beneito Sellés341 reps
27Paula Zikowsky284 reps 27Jonah Jones340 reps
28Jenny Swallow283 reps 28Damián Martínez Satorres334 reps
29Manon Saint-Maxent281 reps 29Lucas Parker329 reps
30Ella Wilkinson280 reps 30Riccardo Romano327 reps
31Laura Faulkner278 reps 31Max Olivestrand325 reps
32Bjork Odinsdottir275 reps 32Elwin Ter Avest321 reps
33Courtney Walker274 reps 33James Mclaughlan315 reps
33Candace Rubenstein274 reps 34James Tapp Jr305 reps
35Jenna McKean272 reps 35Evander Harewood304 reps
36Valentina Facchini269 reps 36Murtaza Nadeem298 reps
37Jo McGurk265 reps 37Stefano Di Francesco297 reps
38Natasha Watkiss258 reps ---
39Suzanne Birchall225 reps ---

Event 2

10 Rounds for time:
4 bar muscle ups
8 metre unbroken handstand walk
12 hang dumbbell snatch 30kg/22.5kg

#Women  #Men 
1Jamie Simmonds10:46.0 1Kristóf Horváth11:07.0
2Ragnheiður Sara Sigmundsdottir11:04.0 2Drew Wayman11:08.0
3Dani Speegle11:22.0 3David Shorunke11:13.0
4Haley Adams11:52.0 4Elliot Simmonds11:21.0
5Thuridur Erla Helgadottir12:13.0 5Milosz Staworzynski11:37.0
6Manon Saint-Maxent12:49.0 6Adrian Mundwiler11:55.0
7Emma Mcquaid12:59.0 7Roman Khrennikov11:58.0
8Jessica Griffith13:03.0 8Bronislaw Olenkowicz12:02.0
9Tayla Howe13:21.0 9Erik Toth12:24.0
10Courtney Walker14:01.0 9Jak Cornthwaite12:24.0
11Jo McGurk14:54.0 11Norman Woodring12:25.0
12Ella Wilkinson15:30.0 12Filip Yang Fisker12:31.0
13Laura Faulkner15:51.0 13Lucas Parker12:34.0
14Paula Zikowsky15:52.0 14Antony Monks12:35.0
15Emma Tall16:03.0 15Austin Bolen13:00.0
16Aneta Tucker16:25.0 16Tom Wilson13:05.0
17Synne Krokstad16:43.0 17Willy Georges13:07.0
18Casey Dolan16:48.0 18Zack George13:11.0
19Elena Carratalá Sanahuja17:00.0 19Paul Tremblay13:17.0
20Jayne Eadie17:02.0 20Owen Bernstein13:19.0
21Bjork Odinsdottir17:20.0 21Eric Evans13:36.0
21Jenna Herron17:20.0 22Fabián Beneito Sellés13:50.0
23Jane Bj?rn17:21.0 23Joshua Al-Chamaa13:51.0
23Kaitlynne Rahner17:21.0 24Elwin Ter Avest13:54.0
25Jenna McKean17:22.0 25Jordan Hayward13:56.0
26Sam Ventrice17:25.0 26Max Olivestrand13:57.0
27Jenny Swallow17:30.0 27Craig Kenney14:05.0
28Maddy Harris17:32.0 28Damián Martínez Satorres14:25.0
29Carys Webster17:34.0 29Owen Roberts14:43.0
30Natasha Watkiss17:48.0 30Riccardo Romano14:48.0
31Johanna Nilsson17:49.0 31Evander Harewood15:33.0
32Emma Pilkington17:53.0 32Andrea Ferrero15:38.0
33Caragh Milligan18:08.0 33Stefano Di Francesco15:58.0
33Agata Herbert18:08.0 34Murtaza Nadeem15:59.0
35Sapphire Goddard18:11.0 35James Mclaughlan16:08.0
35Suzanne Birchall18:11.0 36James Tapp Jr16:09.0
37Frida Moller18:36.0 37Jonah Jones17:00.0
38Valentina Facchini19:44.0 ---
39Candace Rubenstein21:00.0 ---

Event 3

3 attempts at a max snatch
#Women  #Men 
1Dani Speegle100 kg 1Bronislaw Olenkowicz140 kg
2Ragnheiður Sara Sigmundsdottir95 kg 2Paul Tremblay138 kg
3Tayla Howe90 kg 2Filip Yang Fisker138 kg
4Jessica Griffith83 kg 4Lucas Parker135 kg
4Aneta Tucker83 kg 5Jordan Hayward130 kg
4Haley Adams83 kg 6Adrian Mundwiler128 kg
4Thuridur Erla Helgadottir83 kg 6Joshua Al-Chamaa128 kg
4Jamie Simmonds83 kg 6Evander Harewood128 kg
9Emma Mcquaid80 kg 9Max Olivestrand125 kg
9Candace Rubenstein80 kg 9Elwin Ter Avest125 kg
9Kaitlynne Rahner80 kg 9Zack George125 kg
9Jo McGurk80 kg 9David Shorunke125 kg
13Frida Moller78 kg 9Jak Cornthwaite125 kg
14Courtney Walker75 kg 9Owen Bernstein125 kg
14Emma Pilkington75 kg 15Drew Wayman123 kg
14Agata Herbert75 kg 16Andrea Ferrero120 kg
14Jayne Eadie75 kg 16Murtaza Nadeem120 kg
14Emma Tall75 kg 18Eric Evans118 kg
14Synne Krokstad75 kg 18Fabián Beneito Sellés118 kg
20Casey Dolan73 kg 18Craig Kenney118 kg
20Laura Faulkner73 kg 18Kristóf Horváth118 kg
20Maddy Harris73 kg 22Jonah Jones115 kg
20Johanna Nilsson73 kg 22Tom Wilson115 kg
24Jenna McKean70 kg 24James Tapp Jr113 kg
24Manon Saint-Maxent70 kg 24Antony Monks113 kg
24Suzanne Birchall70 kg 26Roman Khrennikov110 kg
24Carys Webster70 kg 26Owen Roberts110 kg
24Paula Zikowsky70 kg 26Riccardo Romano110 kg
24Sam Ventrice70 kg 26Damián Martínez Satorres110 kg
24Sapphire Goddard70 kg 26Austin Bolen110 kg
24Jenna Herron70 kg 31Norman Woodring108 kg
32Valentina Facchini68 kg 31James Mclaughlan108 kg
32Jenny Swallow68 kg 31Elliot Simmonds108 kg
34Ella Wilkinson65 kg 34Milosz Staworzynski105 kg
34Natasha Watkiss65 kg 35Stefano Di Francesco100 kg
34Bjork Odinsdottir65 kg 36Erik Toth0 kg
34Elena Carratalá Sanahuja65 kg ---
38Jane Bj?rn63 kg ---
39Caragh Milligan60 kg ---

Event 4

For time:
30/20 assault bike calories
30 clean and jerks @65kg/45kg

#Women  #Men 
1Ragnheiður Sara Sigmundsdottir02:39.0 1Bronislaw Olenkowicz02:43.0
2Jamie Simmonds02:59.0 2Zack George02:55.0
3Jessica Griffith03:16.0 3Drew Wayman03:00.0
4Dani Speegle03:17.0 4Jak Cornthwaite03:05.0
5Emma Mcquaid03:21.0 5Norman Woodring03:08.0
5Emma Tall03:21.0 6Roman Khrennikov03:09.0
7Synne Krokstad03:26.0 7David Shorunke03:13.0
8Haley Adams03:27.0 8Filip Yang Fisker03:20.0
9Sapphire Goddard03:29.0 9Austin Bolen03:25.0
10Thuridur Erla Helgadottir03:31.0 9Paul Tremblay03:25.0
11Kaitlynne Rahner03:33.0 11Lucas Parker03:29.0
12Sam Ventrice03:34.0 11Elliot Simmonds03:29.0
13Jayne Eadie03:35.0 13Tom Wilson03:35.0
14Carys Webster03:38.0 13Joshua Al-Chamaa03:35.0
15Casey Dolan03:43.0 15Craig Kenney03:36.0
15Frida Moller03:43.0 15Adrian Mundwiler03:36.0
17Caragh Milligan03:44.0 17Owen Roberts03:37.0
18Tayla Howe03:46.0 18Jordan Hayward03:39.0
19Agata Herbert03:48.0 19Antony Monks03:40.0
20Aneta Tucker03:51.0 20Kristóf Horváth03:45.0
21Emma Pilkington03:55.0 21Erik Toth03:46.0
22Ella Wilkinson03:59.0 22Andrea Ferrero03:47.0
23Courtney Walker04:01.0 23Milosz Staworzynski03:50.0
24Johanna Nilsson04:02.0 24Max Olivestrand03:56.0
25Jo McGurk04:10.0 25Elwin Ter Avest04:01.0
26Valentina Facchini04:12.0 26Owen Bernstein04:02.0
27Maddy Harris04:16.0 27Evander Harewood04:07.0
28Candace Rubenstein04:24.0 28Murtaza Nadeem04:09.0
28Manon Saint-Maxent04:24.0 28Eric Evans04:09.0
30Jane Bj?rn04:28.0 28Damián Martínez Satorres04:09.0
31Suzanne Birchall04:30.0 31Fabián Beneito Sellés04:11.0
32Elena Carratalá Sanahuja04:32.0 32Stefano Di Francesco04:16.0
33Jenna Herron04:36.0 33Jonah Jones04:20.0
34Jenna McKean04:41.0 34James Tapp Jr04:27.0
35Laura Faulkner04:46.0 35Riccardo Romano04:45.0
36Natasha Watkiss04:47.0 36James Mclaughlan04:56.0
37Jenny Swallow04:51.0 ---
38Paula Zikowsky04:53.0 ---
39Bjork Odinsdottir05:01.0 ---

Event 5

For time:
200 double unders - RPM 'Scout' rope
25 burpees over the rower
1000m Row
50m Single arm dumbbell overhead walking lunge 30kg/22.5kg
1000m Row
25 burpees over the rower
200 double unders - RPM 'Scout' rope

#Women  #Men 
1Ragnheiður Sara Sigmundsdottir16:10.0 1Erik Toth15:36.0
2Thuridur Erla Helgadottir16:44.0 2Elliot Simmonds15:46.0
3Haley Adams17:15.0 3Norman Woodring15:52.0
4Jamie Simmonds17:30.0 3Adrian Mundwiler15:52.0
5Jessica Griffith17:36.0 5Kristóf Horváth15:57.0
6Emma Mcquaid17:48.0 6Drew Wayman16:22.0
7Dani Speegle18:17.0 7Craig Kenney16:38.0
8Emma Tall18:20.0 7David Shorunke16:38.0
9Jane Bj?rn18:30.0 9Zack George16:43.0
10Synne Krokstad18:48.0 10Bronislaw Olenkowicz16:46.0
11Jayne Eadie19:11.0 11Jak Cornthwaite16:54.0
12Sapphire Goddard19:21.0 12Joshua Al-Chamaa16:55.0
13Casey Dolan19:30.0 13Roman Khrennikov16:56.0
14Sam Ventrice19:36.0 14Max Olivestrand16:58.0
15Tayla Howe19:46.0 14Eric Evans16:58.0
16Aneta Tucker19:58.0 16Antony Monks16:59.0
17Laura Faulkner20:01.0 17James Mclaughlan17:10.0
18Maddy Harris20:11.0 18Murtaza Nadeem17:23.0
19Courtney Walker20:17.0 19Fabián Beneito Sellés17:28.0
20Caragh Milligan20:24.0 20Evander Harewood17:32.0
21Carys Webster20:43.0 21Austin Bolen17:49.0
22Jenna Herron20:57.0 22Owen Bernstein18:07.0
23Johanna Nilsson21:00.0 23Tom Wilson18:11.0
24Manon Saint-Maxent21:02.0 24Filip Yang Fisker18:17.0
25Ella Wilkinson21:06.0 25Elwin Ter Avest18:18.0
25Emma Pilkington21:06.0 26Lucas Parker18:22.0
27Jo McGurk21:15.0 27Riccardo Romano18:43.0
28Paula Zikowsky21:29.0 28Paul Tremblay18:52.0
29Agata Herbert21:36.0 29Owen Roberts19:10.0
30Frida Moller22:16.0 30Stefano Di Francesco19:23.0
31Elena Carratalá Sanahuja22:25.0 31Jordan Hayward19:28.0
32Kaitlynne Rahner22:41.0 32Damián Martínez Satorres19:46.0
33Candace Rubenstein22:58.0 33Andrea Ferrero19:48.0
34Valentina Facchini23:06.0 34James Tapp Jr20:43.0
35Jenna McKean24:40.0 35Jonah Jones21:58.0
36Jenny Swallow24:50.0 ---
36Suzanne Birchall24:50.0 ---
38Natasha Watkiss25:11.0 ---
39Bjork Odinsdottir25:22.0 ---

Event 6

3 rounds for time:
Run 400m - Assault Air Runner
21 toes to bars
12 deadlifts 160kg/105kg

#Women  #Men 
1Ragnheiður Sara Sigmundsdottir10:05.0 1Roman Khrennikov09:39.0
2Jamie Simmonds10:11.0 2Elliot Simmonds09:59.0
3Jessica Griffith10:23.0 3David Shorunke10:05.0
4Thuridur Erla Helgadottir10:39.0 4Norman Woodring10:06.0
5Dani Speegle10:54.0 4Drew Wayman10:06.0
6Emma Mcquaid11:04.0 6Adrian Mundwiler10:10.0
6Haley Adams11:04.0 7Antony Monks10:20.0
8Synne Krokstad11:10.0 7Zack George10:20.0
9Jayne Eadie11:12.0 9Lucas Parker10:23.0
10Emma Tall11:13.0 10Jak Cornthwaite10:30.0
11Laura Faulkner11:18.0 11Kristóf Horváth10:43.0
12Jo McGurk11:21.0 12Craig Kenney10:50.0
13Carys Webster11:23.0 13Tom Wilson11:01.0
13Tayla Howe11:23.0 14Austin Bolen11:03.0
15Johanna Nilsson11:24.0 14Bronislaw Olenkowicz11:03.0
16Caragh Milligan11:25.0 16Jordan Hayward11:04.0
16Jane Bj?rn11:25.0 17James Mclaughlan11:05.0
18Maddy Harris11:29.0 18Evander Harewood11:08.0
19Ella Wilkinson11:30.0 19Joshua Al-Chamaa11:09.0
20Casey Dolan11:32.0 20Fabián Beneito Sellés11:11.0
21Frida Moller11:49.0 21Eric Evans11:12.0
22Sam Ventrice12:01.0 21Andrea Ferrero11:12.0
23Sapphire Goddard12:05.0 21Owen Bernstein11:12.0
24Candace Rubenstein13:03.0 21Elwin Ter Avest11:12.0
25Jenna Herron13:19.0 25Filip Yang Fisker11:15.0
26Emma Pilkington13:30.0 25Riccardo Romano11:15.0
27Courtney Walker13:37.0 27Owen Roberts11:21.0
28Manon Saint-Maxent13:43.0 28Damián Martínez Satorres11:22.0
29Jenny Swallow13:57.0 29Max Olivestrand11:23.0
30Aneta Tucker13:59.0 29Erik Toth11:23.0
31Kaitlynne Rahner14:11.0 31Paul Tremblay11:24.0
32Jenna McKean14:14.0 32James Tapp Jr11:26.0
33Agata Herbert15:33.0 33Stefano Di Francesco11:33.0
34Elena Carratalá Sanahuja15:48.0 34Murtaza Nadeem13:53.0
35Suzanne Birchall16:02.0 ---
36Paula Zikowsky16:06.0 ---
37Natasha Watkiss16:55.0 ---
38Valentina Facchini18:13.0 ---

Event 7

For time:
Ropes climbs
Thrusters 100kg/65kg

#Women  #Men 
1Thuridur Erla Helgadottir03:27.0 1Paul Tremblay02:46.0
2Ragnheiður Sara Sigmundsdottir03:29.0 2Filip Yang Fisker03:09.0
3Jamie Simmonds03:44.0 3Bronislaw Olenkowicz03:12.0
4Dani Speegle03:59.0 4Roman Khrennikov03:14.0
5Jessica Griffith04:00.0 5Craig Kenney03:17.0
6Emma Tall04:13.0 6David Shorunke03:19.0
7Synne Krokstad04:17.0 7Adrian Mundwiler03:20.0
8Aneta Tucker04:33.0 8Joshua Al-Chamaa03:23.0
9Emma Mcquaid04:47.0 9Jak Cornthwaite03:24.0
10Tayla Howe04:58.0 10Drew Wayman03:26.0
11Sam Ventrice05:11.0 10Lucas Parker03:26.0
11Jayne Eadie05:11.0 12Andrea Ferrero03:44.0
13Courtney Walker05:30.0 12Norman Woodring03:44.0
14Jo McGurk05:31.0 14Tom Wilson03:47.0
15Laura Faulkner05:44.0 15Elliot Simmonds03:51.0
16Frida Moller06:05.0 16Owen Bernstein03:56.0
17Carys Webster06:07.0 17Antony Monks04:00.0
18Casey Dolan06:08.0 18Max Olivestrand04:11.0
19Haley Adams06:11.0 19James Tapp Jr04:30.0
20Jenna McKean06:15.0 20Eric Evans04:34.0
21Maddy Harris06:27.0 20Fabián Beneito Sellés04:34.0
22Candace Rubenstein06:33.0 22Elwin Ter Avest04:36.0
23Paula Zikowsky06:36.0 23Jordan Hayward04:42.0
24Elena Carratalá Sanahuja06:38.0 24Kristóf Horváth04:44.0
25Jenna Herron06:40.0 25Stefano Di Francesco04:53.0
26Manon Saint-Maxent06:42.0 26James Mclaughlan05:03.0
27Johanna Nilsson06:47.0 27Owen Roberts05:15.0
28Jane Bj?rn07:11.0 28Murtaza Nadeem05:21.0
29Kaitlynne Rahner07:18.0 29Austin Bolen05:44.0
30Emma Pilkington07:41.0 30Riccardo Romano07:06.0
30Ella Wilkinson07:41.0 31Damián Martínez Satorres07:16.0
32Jenny Swallow07:46.0 32Evander Harewood07:20.0
33Agata Herbert07:58.0 33Erik Toth08:00.0
34Suzanne Birchall08:02.0 ---
35Valentina Facchini08:03.0 ---
36Natasha Watkiss08:04.0 ---
37Caragh Milligan08:05.0 ---
38Sapphire Goddard08:17.0 ---

The following is a breakdown of the number of movements in each category programmed in the 2019 CrossFit Strength in Depth. If a movement appears in multiple events, it is counted twice


Gymnastics Movements
Bar Facing Burpee Event #5
Bar Muscle Ups Event #2
Handstand Walk Event #2
Rope Climbs Event #7
Toes To Bar Event #6
Monostructural Movements
Assault Bike Event #4
Assault Runner Event #6
Double Unders Event #5
Row Event #5
Weightlifting Movements
Clean and Jerk Event #4
Deadlift Event #6
Lunge Event #5
Snatch Event #3
Snatch Event #2
Thruster Event #7
Wall Balls19.1
Single Movement1
Pyramid Chipper1
Time DomainCount
Less than 5 minutes2
10 to 20 minutes4
Max Lift1