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2021 CrossFit Atlas Games - Fantasy Fitnessing

2021 CrossFit Atlas Games

June 18 - 20th, 2021

Final Results - Women

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# Name Total Points

Final Results - Men

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Event 1 - Friendly Fran

3 Rounds for Time
21 Thrusters (115/85 lb)
21 Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups

#Women  #Men 
1Carolyne Prevost04:07.0 1Dane Smith03:47.0
2Anikha Greer04:27.0 2Paul Tremblay03:48.0
3McKenzie Flinchum04:31.0 3Phil Toon03:50.0
4Sydney Michalyshen04:42.0 3Jeffrey Adler03:50.0
4Mekenzie Riley04:42.0 5Logan Collins03:54.0
6Emily Rolfe04:44.0 6Griffin Roelle03:55.0
7Callerina Key04:48.0 7Adam Davidson03:56.0
8Baylee Rayl Christophel04:51.0 7Patrick Vellner03:56.0
9Cecilia Ramirez Villamil05:14.0 9Samuel Cournoyer03:57.0
10Alexis Johnson05:17.0 10Alexandre Caron04:03.0
10Freya Moosbrugger05:17.0 11Cole Greashaber04:08.0
12Nikki Matarazzo05:24.0 12Nycolas Joyal04:09.0
13Paige Semenza05:27.0 13William Bennett04:23.0
14Kaela Stephano05:28.0 14Alex Vigneault04:25.0
15Kaitlyn Anapolsky05:37.0 15Peter Shaw04:28.0
16Chyna Cho05:43.0 15Henry Matthews04:28.0
17Catherine St-Gelais05:48.0 17Mike Wagner04:38.0
18Alexis Machuga05:59.0 18Tyler Christophel04:42.0
19Marie-Pier Bonneau06:03.0 19Brent Fikowski04:46.0
21Whitney Stephenson06:45.0 20Jack Farlow04:47.0
22Laurie Pfleiderer06:47.0 21Jason Carroll04:48.0
23Rachel Cannon06:49.0 21Jeremy Vigneault04:48.0
24Michelle Palmer06:53.0 23Andrew Hiller04:50.0
24Emma Lawson06:53.0 24Samuel Paquin04:54.0
26Lynsey Martin06:58.0 25Joshua Gervais05:05.0
27Taylor Rector07:01.0 26Stephane Cossette05:15.0
28Sierra Cameron08:35.0 27Richard Deschamps05:16.0
--- 28Justin Reidelbach05:20.0
--- 29Richard Wollboldt05:41.0
--- 30Tristan Harrison05:54.0
--- 31Tafadzwa Mushandu06:36.0

Event 2 - Semifinals 21.2

For Time
50 Dumbbell Shoulder-to-Overheads (2x50/35 lb)
50 Dumbbell Deadlifts (2x50/35 lb)
50 GHD Sit-Ups
100 Single-Arm Dumbbell Overhead Squats (50/35 lb)
50 GHD Sit-Ups
50 Dumbbell Deadlifts (2x50/35 lb)
50 Dumbbell Shoulder-to-Overheads (2x50/35 lb)
Time Cap: 25 minutes

#Women  #Men 
1Carolyne Prevost12:07.0 1Patrick Vellner11:53.0
2Emma Lawson13:00.0 2Tyler Christophel12:30.0
3Alexis Johnson13:12.0 3Samuel Cournoyer12:32.0
4Michelle Palmer13:14.0 3Alex Vigneault12:32.0
5Kaitlyn Anapolsky13:39.0 5Adam Davidson12:34.0
6Chyna Cho13:43.0 6Phil Toon12:39.0
7Freya Moosbrugger13:48.0 7Dane Smith12:46.0
8Baylee Rayl Christophel13:50.0 8Alexandre Caron12:52.0
9Emily Rolfe13:52.0 9Nycolas Joyal12:53.0
10Paige Semenza14:07.0 10Stephane Cossette13:03.0
11Anikha Greer14:22.0 11Jeffrey Adler13:07.0
12Mekenzie Riley14:30.0 12Brent Fikowski13:20.0
13Sydney Michalyshen14:31.0 13Samuel Paquin13:30.0
14Kaela Stephano14:32.0 14Jack Farlow13:39.0
15McKenzie Flinchum14:44.0 15Griffin Roelle13:52.0
16Taylor Rector15:11.0 16Jeremy Vigneault14:17.0
17Nikki Matarazzo15:17.0 17Logan Collins14:20.0
18Whitney Stephenson15:39.0 18Cole Greashaber14:34.0
20Alexis Machuga15:43.0 19Peter Shaw14:40.0
21Laurie Pfleiderer15:52.0 20William Bennett14:42.0
22Rachel Cannon15:57.0 21Paul Tremblay15:48.0
23Marie-Pier Bonneau16:25.0 22Henry Matthews16:08.0
24Callerina Key16:40.0 23Joshua Gervais16:14.0
25Cecilia Ramirez Villamil16:54.0 24Richard Deschamps16:20.0
26Catherine St-Gelais17:15.0 25Jason Carroll16:44.0
27Lynsey Martin18:00.0 26Tafadzwa Mushandu17:28.0
28Sierra Cameron19:21.0 27Justin Reidelbach17:37.0
--- 28Richard Wollboldt17:42.0
--- 29Andrew Hiller17:44.0
--- 30Mike Wagner17:47.0
--- 31Tristan Harrison19:42.0

Event 3 - Semifinals 21.3

For Time
30 Muscle-Ups
30 meter Dumbbell Front Rack Lunges (2x50/35 lb)
300 Double-Unders
20 Muscle-Ups
20 meter Dumbbell Front Rack Lunges (2x50/35 lb)
200 Double-Unders
10 Muscle-Ups
10 meter Dumbbell Front Rack Lunges (2x50/35 lb)
100 Double-Unders
Time Cap: 25 minutes

#Women  #Men 
1Mekenzie Riley17:10.0 1Patrick Vellner14:08.0
2Paige Semenza17:18.0 2Jeffrey Adler14:46.0
3Baylee Rayl Christophel17:26.0 3Tyler Christophel14:52.0
4Emily Rolfe18:06.0 4Alex Vigneault15:12.0
5Chyna Cho18:47.0 5Logan Collins15:24.0
6Anikha Greer19:33.0 6Samuel Cournoyer15:50.0
7Emma Lawson19:39.0 7Henry Matthews15:54.0
8Sydney Michalyshen19:44.0 8Nycolas Joyal16:20.0
9Alexis Johnson20:21.0 9Alexandre Caron16:29.0
10McKenzie Flinchum20:38.0 10Brent Fikowski16:30.0
11Lynsey Martin21:12.0 11Phil Toon16:39.0
12Nikki Matarazzo21:21.0 12Peter Shaw16:51.0
13Kaela Stephano22:07.0 13Cole Greashaber17:00.0
14Cecilia Ramirez Villamil22:20.0 14Andrew Hiller17:32.0
15Freya Moosbrugger22:22.0 15Dane Smith17:35.0
16Whitney Stephenson22:26.0 16Samuel Paquin17:48.0
17Catherine St-Gelais22:41.0 17Tristan Harrison18:05.0
18Carolyne Prevost23:07.0 18Mike Wagner18:22.0
19Marie-Pier Bonneau23:30.0 19William Bennett18:28.0
20Taylor Rector24:43.0 20Richard Deschamps18:45.0
21Rachel CannonCAP + 14 21Adam Davidson18:58.0
22Alexis MachugaCAP + 39 22Richard Wollboldt19:13.0
23Callerina KeyCAP + 47 23Jason Carroll19:19.0
24Laurie PfleidererCAP + 48 24Stephane Cossette21:00.0
26Kaitlyn AnapolskyCAP + 105 25Jeremy Vigneault21:11.0
27Michelle PalmerCAP + 109 26Griffin Roelle21:26.0
28Sierra CameronCAP + 112 27Jack Farlow22:35.0
--- 28Paul Tremblay22:36.0
--- 29Justin ReidelbachCAP + 102
--- 30Tafadzwa MushanduCAP + 310

Event 4 - Semifinals 21.4

For Total Reps in 10 minutes
10 Snatches (135/85 lb)
Rest 1 minute
10 Snatches (185/125 lb)
Rest 1 minute
10 Snatches (225/145 lb)
Rest 1 minute
In the remaining time, AMRAP of: Snatches (245/165 lb)

#Women  #Men 
1Sydney Michalyshen54 reps 1Brent Fikowski50 reps
2Callerina Key53 reps 2Paul Tremblay49 reps
3Catherine St-Gelais47 reps 3Jeffrey Adler49 reps
4Kaela Stephano47 reps 4Griffin Roelle49 reps
5Mekenzie Riley46 reps 5Samuel Cournoyer49 reps
6Emma Lawson46 reps 6Patrick Vellner48 reps
7Freya Moosbrugger45 reps 7Alex Vigneault48 reps
8Chyna Cho45 reps 8Cole Greashaber45 reps
9McKenzie Flinchum45 reps 9William Bennett45 reps
10Paige Semenza44 reps 10Henry Matthews45 reps
11Alexis Johnson44 reps 10Tyler Christophel45 reps
12Carolyne Prevost43 reps 12Adam Davidson44 reps
13Emily Rolfe43 reps 13Jack Farlow44 reps
14Anikha Greer40 reps 14Justin Reidelbach44 reps
15Sierra Cameron40 reps 15Stephane Cossette43 reps
16Kaitlyn Anapolsky39 reps 16Phil Toon42 reps
17Baylee Rayl Christophel39 reps 17Jeremy Vigneault42 reps
18Michelle Palmer36 reps 18Alexandre Caron41 reps
19Laurie Pfleiderer35 reps 19Logan Collins41 reps
21Rachel Cannon33 reps 20Andrew Hiller40 reps
22Lynsey Martin31 reps 21Peter Shaw40 reps
23Nikki Matarazzo30 reps 22Mike Wagner38 reps
24Cecilia Ramirez Villamil30 reps 23Dane Smith37 reps
25Taylor Rector30 reps 24Richard Wollboldt37 reps
26Marie-Pier Bonneau30 reps 25Nycolas Joyal37 reps
27Alexis Machuga30 reps 26Samuel Paquin37 reps
--- 27Tafadzwa Mushandu33 reps
--- 28Richard Deschamps30 reps
--- 29Tristan Harrison30 reps
--- 30Jason Carroll30 reps

Event 5 - Semifinals 21.5

For Time
2,000 meter Row
60 meter Handstand Walk
5 Legless Rope Climbs
1,000 meter Row
40 meter Handstand Walk
4 Legless Rope Climbs
500 meter Row
20 meter Handstand Walk
3 Legless Rope Climbs
Time Cap: 30 minutes

#Women  #Men 
1Emily Rolfe24:59.0 1Brent Fikowski20:04.0
2Baylee Rayl Christophel25:07.0 2Patrick Vellner20:06.0
3Alexis Johnson25:28.0 3Jeremy Vigneault20:18.0
4Anikha Greer25:43.0 4Samuel Cournoyer20:20.0
5Chyna Cho25:47.0 5Jeffrey Adler20:22.0
6Catherine St-Gelais25:51.0 6Alex Vigneault20:29.0
7Carolyne Prevost26:41.0 7Stephane Cossette20:51.0
8Paige Semenza27:00.0 8Logan Collins20:59.0
9Emma Lawson27:12.0 9Cole Greashaber21:08.0
10Mekenzie Riley27:26.0 10Alexandre Caron21:37.0
11Marie-Pier Bonneau27:39.0 11Tyler Christophel21:54.0
12McKenzie Flinchum28:27.0 11Jack Farlow21:54.0
13Sydney Michalyshen28:44.0 13Nycolas Joyal22:20.0
14Freya Moosbrugger28:56.0 14Andrew Hiller22:23.0
15Callerina Key29:16.0 15Jason Carroll22:37.0
16Whitney Stephenson29:18.0 16Henry Matthews22:56.0
18Cecilia Ramirez VillamilCAP + 2 17Adam Davidson23:06.0
19Nikki MatarazzoCAP + 3 18Tristan Harrison23:49.0
20Kaela StephanoCAP + 10 19Griffin Roelle23:52.0
20Michelle PalmerCAP + 10 20Mike Wagner23:58.0
22Alexis MachugaCAP + 13 21William Bennett24:10.0
22Laurie PfleidererCAP + 13 22Richard Deschamps24:14.0
22Kaitlyn AnapolskyCAP + 13 23Peter Shaw24:24.0
25Rachel CannonCAP + 14 24Samuel Paquin24:28.0
26Lynsey MartinCAP + 17 25Dane Smith24:36.0
27Sierra CameronCAP + 35 26Justin Reidelbach27:23.0
28Taylor RectorCAP + 36 27Phil Toon27:58.0
--- 28Paul Tremblay28:45.0
--- 29Tafadzwa MushanduCAP + 3

Event 6 - Grettel

10 Rounds for Time
3 Clean-and-Jerks (135/95 lb)
3 Bar Over Burpees

#Women  #Men 
1Carolyne Prevost02:32.0 1Cole Greashaber02:21.0
2Baylee Rayl Christophel02:36.0 2Paul Tremblay02:22.0
3Freya Moosbrugger02:37.0 3Patrick Vellner02:24.0
4McKenzie Flinchum02:46.0 4Brent Fikowski02:25.0
5Sydney Michalyshen02:47.0 5Phil Toon02:26.0
5Emma Lawson02:47.0 6Alexandre Caron02:27.0
7Paige Semenza02:49.0 7William Bennett02:31.0
7Mekenzie Riley02:49.0 8Tyler Christophel02:32.0
9Emily Rolfe02:51.0 9Jeffrey Adler02:33.0
10Anikha Greer02:54.0 10Alex Vigneault02:36.0
11Lynsey Martin03:00.0 10Dane Smith02:36.0
11Alexis Johnson03:00.0 12Adam Davidson02:39.0
13Taylor Rector03:04.0 13Logan Collins02:40.0
14Chyna Cho03:07.0 14Mike Wagner02:42.0
14Kaela Stephano03:07.0 14Nycolas Joyal02:42.0
16Laurie Pfleiderer03:11.0 14Griffin Roelle02:42.0
17Callerina Key03:15.0 17Jack Farlow02:43.0
18Kaitlyn Anapolsky03:18.0 18Peter Shaw02:48.0
18Catherine St-Gelais03:18.0 18Samuel Cournoyer02:48.0
20Rachel Cannon03:19.0 20Samuel Paquin02:54.0
21Michelle Palmer03:21.0 21Henry Matthews02:57.0
22Nikki Matarazzo03:24.0 22Jeremy Vigneault02:59.0
23Alexis Machuga03:29.0 23Tafadzwa Mushandu03:02.0
24Marie-Pier Bonneau03:34.0 24Stephane Cossette03:05.0
26Sierra Cameron03:43.0 25Richard Deschamps03:08.0
27Whitney Stephenson03:50.0 26Jason Carroll03:25.0
28Cecilia Ramirez Villamil03:53.0 26Tristan Harrison03:25.0
--- 28Andrew Hiller03:32.0
--- 29Justin Reidelbach03:37.0

The following is a breakdown of the number of movements in each category programmed in the 2021 CrossFit Atlas Games. If a movement appears in multiple events, it is counted twice


Gymnastics Movements
Bar Facing BurpeeGrettel
Chest To Bar Pull UpsFriendly Fran
GHD SitupsSemifinals 21.2
Handstand WalkSemifinals 21.5
Legless Rope ClimbSemifinals 21.5
Ring Muscle UpSemifinals 21.3
Monostructural Movements
Double UndersSemifinals 21.3
RowSemifinals 21.5
Weightlifting Movements
Clean and JerkGrettel
DeadliftSemifinals 21.2
LungeSemifinals 21.3
Overhead SquatSemifinals 21.2
Shoulder to OverheadSemifinals 21.2
SnatchSemifinals 21.4
ThrusterFriendly Fran
Single Movement1
Pyramid Chipper1
Time DomainCount
Less than 5 minutes2
5 to 10 minutes1
10 to 20 minutes2
Greater than 20 minutes1