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2022 Mid Atlantic CrossFit Challenge - Fantasy Fitnessing

2022 Mid Atlantic CrossFit Challenge

May 27 - 29, 2022

Final Results - Women

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# Name Total Points

Final Results - Men

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Event 1 - Barbell Complex

3 attempts for max load of:
3 cleans
2 front squats
1 jerk (shoulder-to-overhead)

#Women  #Men 
1Callerina Key235 lbs 1Zach Watts335 lbs
2Sydney Michalyshen225 lbs 1Luis Oscar Mora335 lbs
2Kyra Milligan225 lbs 3Nick Thomas330 lbs
2Keara Napoli225 lbs 3Travon Benton330 lbs
5Shelby Neal220 lbs 5Tyler Christophel325 lbs
5Faith Ferguson220 lbs 5Dallin Pepper325 lbs
7Taylor Reber215 lbs 5Saxon Panchik325 lbs
7Kelly Clark215 lbs 8Cole Sager320 lbs
7Lydia Schaake215 lbs 8Cam Crockett320 lbs
7Kenzie Nolte215 lbs 8Mitch Mcclune320 lbs
7Brooke Wells215 lbs 11Mitchel Stevenson315 lbs
7Megan O'Donnell215 lbs 11Logan Collins315 lbs
13Lindsey Porter210 lbs 11Phillip Muscarella315 lbs
13Danielle Kearns210 lbs 11John Coltey315 lbs
13Baylee Rayl Christophel210 lbs 11Reilly Good315 lbs
13Taylor Babb210 lbs 16Jake Berman310 lbs
13Danielle Brandon210 lbs 16Spencer Panchik310 lbs
18Gabrielle Spenst205 lbs 16Frank Mastroianni310 lbs
19Jordan Adcock200 lbs 19Noah Ohlsen305 lbs
19Samantha Petrich200 lbs 19Bill Leahy305 lbs
19Rebecca Fuselier200 lbs 19Michael Needleman305 lbs
19Hayley Murillo200 lbs 19Robert Yates305 lbs
19Jessica Schwartz200 lbs 23Lee Sharum300 lbs
24Emma Gardner195 lbs 23Chase Smith300 lbs
24Kacey Wells195 lbs 23Richie Carrel300 lbs
24Marisa Flowers195 lbs 26Justin Rhodes295 lbs
27Claire Truax190 lbs 26Jake Marconi295 lbs
27Leah Irons190 lbs 28Connor Mcdonald290 lbs
29Mary Helen Saunders185 lbs 29Tanner Balazs285 lbs
30Rachel Thibodeaux180 lbs ---

Event 2 - Midline Sadness

For time:

50 GHD sit-ups
30-ft handstand walk
30 overhead squats (145/95 lb)
60-ft handstand walk
40 GHD sit-ups
60-ft handstand walk
20 overhead squats (185/115 lb)
90-ft handstand walk
30 GHD sit-ups
90-ft handstand walk
10 overhead squats (185/135 lb)

Time cap: 14 minutes

#Women  #Men 
1Brooke Wells09:04.13 1Saxon Panchik08:56.28
2Danielle Brandon09:20.94 2Dallin Pepper09:18.52
3Shelby Neal09:53.10 3Noah Ohlsen09:31.93
4Rebecca Fuselier10:09.50 4Spencer Panchik09:44.0
5Baylee Rayl Christophel10:26.96 5Cole Sager09:52.80
6Sydney Michalyshen10:37.60 6Jake Berman09:55.2
7Claire Truax10:58.35 7Tyler Christophel10:07.58
8Marisa Flowers11:00.28 8Nick Thomas10:12.29
9Faith Ferguson11:16.77 9Logan Collins10:14.94
10Lindsey Porter11:37.91 10Michael Needleman10:29.51
11Kelly Clark11:44.13 11Lee Sharum10:32.50
12Megan O'Donnell12:08.1 12Luis Oscar Mora10:41.63
13Emma Gardner12:27.2 13Reilly Good10:47.22
14Taylor Reber13:04.57 14Phillip Muscarella11:04.39
15Leah Irons13:09.73 15Cam Crockett11:11.30
16Mary Helen Saunders13:32.33 16John Coltey11:24.26
17Kyra Milligan13:33.99 17Justin Rhodes11:43.7
18Jordan Adcock13:43.78 18Mitchel Stevenson11:48.70
19Hayley Murillo13:50.81 19Mitch Mcclune13:30.3
20Jessica Schwartz13:56.42 20Jake Marconi13:30.24
21Gabrielle SpenstCAP + 1 21Tanner Balazs13:47.29
21Taylor BabbCAP + 1 22Bill Leahy13:49.85
23Kacey WellsCAP + 2 23Robert Yates13:50.28
24Samantha PetrichCAP + 4 24Connor McdonaldCAP + 3
25Danielle KearnsCAP + 5 25Travon BentonCAP + 7
26Kenzie NolteCAP + 6 26Richie CarrelCAP + 10
27Keara NapoliCAP + 10 27Chase SmithCAP + 11
28Callerina KeyCAP + 11 27Zach WattsCAP + 11
28Rachel ThibodeauxCAP + 11 29Frank MastroianniCAP + 13
30Lydia SchaakeCAP + 12 ---

Event 3 - 2014 Regional IE5

10 rounds for time:
1 legless rope climb (15 ft)
Run 170 ft
Time cap: 11 minutes

#Women  #Men 
1Sydney Michalyshen03:43.60 1Bill Leahy02:33.30
2Baylee Rayl Christophel03:51.68 2Saxon Panchik02:47.92
3Taylor Babb03:55.69 3Dallin Pepper02:50.15
4Rebecca Fuselier04:03.14 4Spencer Panchik02:51.94
5Danielle Brandon04:08.36 5Luis Oscar Mora02:52.7
6Claire Truax04:17.85 6Justin Rhodes02:57.55
7Lindsey Porter04:21.67 7Logan Collins02:58.68
8Kelly Clark04:35.76 8Tyler Christophel03:01.1
9Taylor Reber04:36.25 9Lee Sharum03:02.65
10Keara Napoli04:47.39 10Noah Ohlsen03:02.69
11Samantha Petrich05:07.0 11Mitchel Stevenson03:03.36
12Emma Gardner05:10.15 12Cole Sager03:04.34
13Gabrielle Spenst05:20.0 13Phillip Muscarella03:07.30
14Callerina Key05:26.84 14John Coltey03:10.5
15Marisa Flowers05:51.96 15Connor Mcdonald03:12.66
16Kyra Milligan06:00.0 16Chase Smith03:16.43
17Hayley Murillo06:00.85 17Travon Benton03:19.6
18Kacey Wells06:01.5 18Jake Berman03:21.79
19Kenzie Nolte06:38.75 19Tanner Balazs03:23.64
20Jordan Adcock06:42.5 20Michael Needleman03:28.14
21Leah Irons07:01.95 21Reilly Good03:29.60
22Rachel Thibodeaux07:02.64 22Cam Crockett03:29.65
23Megan O'Donnell07:14.17 23Jake Marconi03:42.63
24Brooke Wells07:14.58 24Zach Watts03:47.19
25Faith Ferguson07:46.14 25Robert Yates04:00.62
26Mary Helen Saunders08:18.45 26Mitch Mcclune04:36.15
27Jessica Schwartz08:49.73 27Richie Carrel05:28.13
28Lydia Schaake10:34.77 28Frank Mastroianni08:26.28
29Danielle Kearns10:48.28 29Nick Thomas09:34.23
30Shelby NealCAP + 2 ---

Event 4 - The MACC Mile

4 rounds for time:
400-m Trueform run
30 wall-ball shots (20/14 lb)
20 chest-to-bar pull-ups
80-ft Tank push
10 sandbag-to-shoulders (150/100 lb)
80-ft Tank push

Time cap: 25 minutes

#Women  #Men 
1Danielle BrandonCAP + 11 1Saxon Panchik24:50.46
2Leah IronsCAP + 49 2Mitchel StevensonCAP + 2
3Brooke WellsCAP + 52 3Cole SagerCAP + 4
4Kelly ClarkCAP + 58 4Noah OhlsenCAP + 8
5Shelby NealCAP + 61 4Dallin PepperCAP + 8
6Claire TruaxCAP + 62 6Jake BermanCAP + 10
7Baylee Rayl ChristophelCAP + 62 7Cam CrockettCAP + 11
8Mary Helen SaundersCAP + 62 7Logan CollinsCAP + 11
8Megan O'DonnellCAP + 62 7Bill LeahyCAP + 11
10Sydney MichalyshenCAP + 62 7Jake MarconiCAP + 11
11Taylor ReberCAP + 62 11Tyler ChristophelCAP + 25
11Rebecca FuselierCAP + 62 12Phillip MuscarellaCAP + 33
13Keara NapoliCAP + 62 13Reilly GoodCAP + 36
14Kyra MilliganCAP + 62 14Spencer PanchikCAP + 37
14Gabrielle SpenstCAP + 62 15Tanner BalazsCAP + 44
14Callerina KeyCAP + 62 16Chase SmithCAP + 61
17Jessica SchwartzCAP + 62 17Lee SharumCAP + 62
18Samantha PetrichCAP + 62 18Mitch MccluneCAP + 62
19Lindsey PorterCAP + 62 19Michael NeedlemanCAP + 62
20Danielle KearnsCAP + 62 19Robert YatesCAP + 62
21Marisa FlowersCAP + 62 21Travon BentonCAP + 62
21Faith FergusonCAP + 62 22John ColteyCAP + 62
23Emma GardnerCAP + 63 23Zach WattsCAP + 62
23Kenzie NolteCAP + 63 24Justin RhodesCAP + 62
23Hayley MurilloCAP + 63 25Connor McdonaldCAP + 62
23Kacey WellsCAP + 63 26Luis Oscar MoraCAP + 63
27Taylor BabbCAP + 67 26Nick ThomasCAP + 63
27Jordan AdcockCAP + 67 26Frank MastroianniCAP + 63
29Rachel ThibodeauxCAP + 71 29Richie CarrelCAP + 90
30Lydia SchaakeCAP + 74 ---

Event 5 - Hardcore Parkour

For time:
2-km Echo bike
30 toes-to-bars
50 alternating dumbbell snatches (70/50 lb)
30 toes-to-bars
20 burpee box get-overs (48/40 in)

Time cap: 15 minutes

#Women  #Men 
1Danielle Brandon08:48.88 1Jake Berman08:22.81
2Brooke Wells09:14.58 2Noah Ohlsen08:23.84
3Baylee Rayl Christophel09:16.85 3Cole Sager08:26.81
4Shelby Neal09:30.77 4Bill Leahy08:35.77
5Sydney Michalyshen09:41.49 5Dallin Pepper08:38.53
6Rebecca Fuselier10:00.20 6Tyler Christophel08:41.77
7Leah Irons10:01.33 7Spencer Panchik08:45.67
8Faith Ferguson10:10.85 8Mitchel Stevenson08:49.68
9Lindsey Porter10:12.8 9Justin Rhodes08:50.23
10Megan O'Donnell10:17.18 10Cam Crockett08:55.30
11Taylor Reber10:21.7 11Saxon Panchik08:59.84
12Kacey Wells10:26.35 12Logan Collins09:03.66
13Samantha Petrich10:33.29 13Jake Marconi09:12.28
14Kelly Clark10:38.13 14Reilly Good09:20.36
15Mary Helen Saunders10:39.20 15Phillip Muscarella09:37.41
16Claire Truax10:39.48 16Lee Sharum09:37.54
17Danielle Kearns10:40.0 17Tanner Balazs09:40.47
18Gabrielle Spenst10:41.31 18Chase Smith09:43.23
19Keara Napoli10:48.82 19Michael Needleman09:47.71
20Marisa Flowers10:50.50 20Travon Benton10:05.43
21Kyra Milligan11:06.12 21Luis Oscar Mora10:06.71
22Emma Gardner11:15.87 22Frank Mastroianni10:08.10
23Hayley Murillo11:16.56 23Mitch Mcclune10:11.96
24Jessica Schwartz11:20.3 24Robert Yates10:21.17
25Callerina Key11:20.53 25John Coltey10:26.47
26Lydia Schaake11:43.37 26Zach Watts10:54.0
27Taylor Babb11:58.82 27Nick Thomas11:07.69
28Kenzie Nolte12:02.8 28Connor Mcdonald11:14.76
29Rachel Thibodeaux12:44.58 29Richie Carrel12:56.31

Event 6 - Turbo Tunnel

For time:
18 ring muscle-ups
15 front squats (205/145 lb)
45-ft front-rack lunge
12 bar muscle-ups
9 shoulder-to-overheads (165/115 lb)
45-ft overhead lunge

Time cap: 10 minutes

#Women  #Men 
1Danielle Brandon05:03.32 1Saxon Panchik04:12.37
2Kelly Clark05:38.7 2Noah Ohlsen04:25.9
3Rebecca Fuselier05:46.65 3Spencer Panchik04:28.80
4Sydney Michalyshen05:51.27 4Cole Sager04:28.88
5Shelby Neal06:05.83 5Jake Berman04:30.23
6Baylee Rayl Christophel06:25.12 6Mitchel Stevenson04:51.94
7Marisa Flowers06:28.81 7Dallin Pepper04:58.9
8Leah Irons06:35.70 8Reilly Good05:05.42
9Lindsey Porter06:56.79 9Justin Rhodes05:24.67
10Kyra Milligan07:09.55 10Logan Collins05:32.84
11Brooke Wells07:10.83 11Cam Crockett05:38.16
12Faith Ferguson07:41.67 12Phillip Muscarella05:52.11
13Megan O'Donnell07:42.52 13Bill Leahy05:53.90
14Taylor Reber07:45.83 14Jake Marconi05:54.39
15Claire Truax08:17.9 15Lee Sharum05:57.1
16Taylor Babb08:18.82 16Luis Oscar Mora06:25.49
17Callerina Key08:20.26 17Zach Watts06:29.19
18Mary Helen Saunders08:27.96 18Mitch Mcclune06:39.68
19Kacey Wells08:36.43 19Tyler Christophel06:42.50
20Danielle Kearns08:38.2 20Frank Mastroianni06:45.13
21Emma Gardner08:46.67 21John Coltey06:52.22
22Rachel Thibodeaux08:47.57 22Michael Needleman06:54.63
23Lydia Schaake08:48.52 23Tanner Balazs07:11.90
24Jessica Schwartz08:54.50 24Connor Mcdonald07:24.67
25Gabrielle Spenst09:18.2 25Travon Benton07:41.17
26Kenzie Nolte09:30.20 26Robert Yates07:50.66
27Samantha Petrich10:01.33 27Richie Carrel10:08.47
28Keara Napoli11:20.7 28Chase SmithCAP + 15
29Hayley MurilloCAP + 2 29Nick ThomasCAP + 31

The following is a breakdown of the number of movements in each category programmed in the 2022 Mid Atlantic CrossFit Challenge. If a movement appears in multiple events, it is counted twice


Gymnastics Movements
Bar Muscle UpsTurbo Tunnel
Burpee Box Jump OversHardcore Parkour
Chest To Bar Pull UpsThe MACC Mile
GHD SitupsMidline Sadness
Handstand WalkMidline Sadness
Legless Rope Climb2014 Regional IE5
Ring Muscle UpTurbo Tunnel
Toes To BarHardcore Parkour
Monostructural Movements
Assault RunnerThe MACC Mile
Echo BikeHardcore Parkour
Running2014 Regional IE5
Weightlifting Movements
CleanThe MACC Mile
ComplexBarbell Complex
Front SquatTurbo Tunnel
LungeTurbo Tunnel
LungeTurbo Tunnel
Overhead SquatMidline Sadness
Shoulder to OverheadTurbo Tunnel
SnatchHardcore Parkour
Torque Sled PushThe MACC Mile
Wall BallsThe MACC Mile
Single Movement1
4 or More Movements1
Time DomainCount
Less than 5 minutes2
5 to 10 minutes1
10 to 20 minutes1
Greater than 20 minutes1
Max Lift1