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2019 Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge - Fantasy Fitnessing

2019 Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge

April 12 - 14, 2019

Final Results - Women

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# Name Total Points

Final Results - Men

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Event 1 - Three Wise Men

3 Rounds
5 Hang Squat Snatches (185/125)
10 Bar Facing Burpees

3 Rounds
10 Double DB Power Snatch (50/35)
20 Pull-ups

3 Rounds
15 Box Jump Overs (24/20)
30 Wall-Ball shots (20/14)

#Women  #Men 
1Katie Trombetta13:55.0 1Marquan Jones14:03.0
2Dani Speegle14:19.0 2Matt Morton14:24.0
3Meg Reardon14:26.0 3Nicolás Bidarte14:38.0
4Paige Semenza14:48.0 4Mitch Spjut14:39.0
5Amanda Hardeman15:04.0 5Richard Paul Castillo14:45.0
6Kristine Best15:11.0 6Will Moorad14:47.0
7Tammy Wildgoose15:18.0 7Tyler Christophel14:48.0
8Melissa Herman15:20.0 8Samuel Kwant14:54.0
9Alexis Raptis15:23.0 9Kevin Schuetz15:05.0
10Elizabeth Wishart15:30.0 10John-Paul Hethcock15:12.0
10Kolson Lamb Casey15:30.0 11Josh Mattes15:13.0
12Maddie Senkosky15:32.0 12Devin O'Neill15:14.0
13Danielle Kearns15:46.0 13Adam Klink15:24.0
14Paige Henry15:55.0 14Josh Miller15:26.0
15Ashley Smith Mathewson15:59.0 15Matt Dlugos15:31.0
16Emily Pritchard16:05.0 16Christian Harris15:33.0
17Briana Siegert16:16.0 17Norman Woodring15:43.0
18Leanne Watson16:31.0 18Jake Floen15:53.0
--- 19Nik Hecht15:57.0
--- 20Spencer Panchik16:10.0

Event 2 - Milo Part 1

6 Minutes to Find 1RM Snatch
6 Minutes to Find 1RM Clean and Jerk

#Women  #Men 
1Dani Speegle215 lbs 1Devin O'Neill290 lbs
2Elizabeth Wishart190 lbs 1Will Moorad290 lbs
3Meg Reardon185 lbs 3Josh Mattes285 lbs
3Katie Trombetta185 lbs 3Christian Harris285 lbs
5Danielle Kearns180 lbs 5John-Paul Hethcock280 lbs
5Tammy Wildgoose180 lbs 6Kevin Schuetz275 lbs
5Amanda Hardeman180 lbs 6Samuel Kwant275 lbs
5Ashley Smith Mathewson180 lbs 6Marquan Jones275 lbs
9Paige Semenza175 lbs 6Nik Hecht275 lbs
9Melissa Herman175 lbs 6Spencer Panchik275 lbs
11Kolson Lamb Casey170 lbs 6Matt Dlugos275 lbs
11Briana Siegert170 lbs 12Mitch Spjut270 lbs
11Alexis Raptis170 lbs 12Matt Morton270 lbs
14Leanne Watson165 lbs 14Jake Floen265 lbs
14Kristine Best165 lbs 14Richard Paul Castillo265 lbs
16Maddie Senkosky160 lbs 14Nicolás Bidarte265 lbs
17Paige Henry145 lbs 17Tyler Christophel245 lbs
18Emily Pritchard125 lbs 17Josh Miller245 lbs
--- 19Norman Woodring225 lbs
--- 20Adam Klink45 lbs

Event 3 - Milo Part 2

6 Minutes to Find 1RM Snatch


6 Minutes to Find 1RM Clean and Jerk

#Women  #Men 
1Dani Speegle255 lbs 1Josh Mattes365 lbs
2Katie Trombetta235 lbs 2Spencer Panchik355 lbs
2Danielle Kearns235 lbs 2John-Paul Hethcock355 lbs
4Paige Semenza230 lbs 2Tyler Christophel355 lbs
4Meg Reardon230 lbs 5Will Moorad345 lbs
6Kolson Lamb Casey225 lbs 5Samuel Kwant345 lbs
6Elizabeth Wishart225 lbs 7Christian Harris340 lbs
6Melissa Herman225 lbs 7Nik Hecht340 lbs
9Kristine Best220 lbs 7Mitch Spjut340 lbs
10Maddie Senkosky215 lbs 7Matt Dlugos340 lbs
11Ashley Smith Mathewson210 lbs 11Nicolás Bidarte335 lbs
11Tammy Wildgoose210 lbs 11Marquan Jones335 lbs
13Alexis Raptis205 lbs 13Jake Floen330 lbs
13Briana Siegert205 lbs 13Richard Paul Castillo330 lbs
13Amanda Hardeman205 lbs 15Kevin Schuetz325 lbs
16Leanne Watson185 lbs 15Devin O'Neill325 lbs
17Paige Henry180 lbs 17Matt Morton315 lbs
17Emily Pritchard180 lbs 18Josh Miller310 lbs
--- 19Norman Woodring300 lbs
--- 20Adam Klink45 lbs

Event 4 - Milo Total

6 Minutes to Find 1RM Snatch


6 Minutes to Find 1RM Clean and Jerk

#Women  #Men 
1Dani Speegle470 lbs 1Josh Mattes650 lbs
2Katie Trombetta420 lbs 2John-Paul Hethcock635 lbs
3Meg Reardon415 lbs 2Will Moorad635 lbs
3Danielle Kearns415 lbs 4Spencer Panchik630 lbs
3Elizabeth Wishart415 lbs 5Christian Harris625 lbs
6Paige Semenza405 lbs 6Samuel Kwant620 lbs
7Melissa Herman400 lbs 7Nik Hecht615 lbs
8Kolson Lamb Casey395 lbs 7Matt Dlugos615 lbs
9Tammy Wildgoose390 lbs 7Devin O'Neill615 lbs
9Ashley Smith Mathewson390 lbs 10Marquan Jones610 lbs
11Amanda Hardeman385 lbs 10Mitch Spjut610 lbs
11Kristine Best385 lbs 12Kevin Schuetz600 lbs
13Briana Siegert375 lbs 12Tyler Christophel600 lbs
13Maddie Senkosky375 lbs 12Nicolás Bidarte600 lbs
13Alexis Raptis375 lbs 15Jake Floen595 lbs
16Leanne Watson350 lbs 15Richard Paul Castillo595 lbs
17Paige Henry325 lbs 17Matt Morton585 lbs
18Emily Pritchard305 lbs 18Josh Miller555 lbs
--- 19Norman Woodring525 lbs
--- 20Adam Klink90 lbs

Event 5 - Hitting the Slopes with Grace

2000m Ski Erg
30 Clean and Jerks (135/95)

#Women  #Men 
1Melissa Herman09:39.0 1Samuel Kwant08:58.0
2Kolson Lamb Casey10:03.0 2Richard Paul Castillo09:02.0
3Meg Reardon10:04.0 3Josh Miller09:05.0
4Amanda Hardeman10:08.0 4Jake Floen09:09.0
5Dani Speegle10:09.0 5Matt Morton09:10.0
6Danielle Kearns10:17.0 6Marquan Jones09:11.0
7Kristine Best10:31.0 7Adam Klink09:12.0
8Alexis Raptis10:34.0 7Will Moorad09:12.0
9Paige Semenza10:37.0 7Nik Hecht09:12.0
10Paige Henry10:45.0 10Devin O'Neill09:18.0
10Katie Trombetta10:45.0 11Norman Woodring09:21.0
12Ashley Smith Mathewson10:55.0 12Spencer Panchik09:22.0
13Leanne Watson10:57.0 13Christian Harris09:23.0
14Elizabeth Wishart10:58.0 14Mitch Spjut09:25.0
15Briana Siegert11:01.0 15Nicolás Bidarte09:29.0
16Emily Pritchard11:10.0 16Kevin Schuetz09:36.0
17Tammy Wildgoose11:16.0 17John-Paul Hethcock09:38.0
18Maddie Senkosky11:24.0 18Matt Dlugos09:40.0
--- 19Josh Mattes09:45.0
--- 20Tyler Christophel10:02.0

Event 6 - Groundhog Day


DB Squat Cleans (50/35)
Toes To Bar
100 Double-Unders between each set

#Women  #Men 
1Dani Speegle12:02.0 1Tyler Christophel11:17.0
2Paige Semenza12:08.0 2Adam Klink11:30.0
3Meg Reardon12:41.0 3Matt Morton12:03.0
4Katie Trombetta12:51.0 4Richard Paul Castillo12:07.0
5Tammy Wildgoose13:01.0 5Josh Miller12:11.0
6Melissa Herman13:12.0 6Mitch Spjut12:18.0
7Kolson Lamb Casey13:13.0 7John-Paul Hethcock12:26.0
8Kristine Best13:14.0 8Kevin Schuetz12:33.0
9Briana Siegert13:17.0 9Nicolás Bidarte12:34.0
10Paige Henry13:19.0 10Norman Woodring12:42.0
11Alexis Raptis13:59.0 11Jake Floen12:43.0
12Emily Pritchard14:22.0 12Spencer Panchik12:51.0
13Maddie Senkosky14:25.0 13Christian Harris12:53.0
14Elizabeth Wishart14:33.0 14Marquan Jones13:01.0
15Ashley Smith Mathewson14:38.0 14Devin O'Neill13:01.0
16Amanda Hardeman14:47.0 16Samuel Kwant13:03.0
17Leanne Watson15:06.0 17Will Moorad13:16.0
18Danielle Kearns15:14.0 18Matt Dlugos14:13.0
--- 19Nik Hecht14:19.0
--- 20Josh Mattes14:40.0

Event 7 - Hotstepper

10 Rounds for Time
4 Burpee Box Jump Overs 24/20in
1 Rope Climb
Athlete will wear a vest.

#Women  #Men 
1Amanda Hardeman05:41.0 1Will Moorad04:50.0
2Meg Reardon05:42.0 2Josh Miller04:56.0
3Kolson Lamb Casey06:03.0 3John-Paul Hethcock04:57.0
4Paige Semenza06:04.0 4Tyler Christophel04:59.0
5Katie Trombetta06:13.0 5Samuel Kwant05:03.0
6Alexis Raptis06:24.0 6Matt Dlugos05:04.0
7Melissa Herman06:32.0 6Kevin Schuetz05:04.0
8Dani Speegle06:36.0 8Spencer Panchik05:09.0
8Danielle Kearns06:36.0 8Adam Klink05:09.0
8Elizabeth Wishart06:36.0 10Marquan Jones05:12.0
11Paige Henry06:52.0 11Christian Harris05:13.0
12Leanne Watson06:53.0 12Richard Paul Castillo05:18.0
13Kristine Best07:08.0 13Mitch Spjut05:22.0
14Emily Pritchard07:14.0 14Nicolás Bidarte05:41.0
15Tammy Wildgoose07:15.0 14Josh Mattes05:41.0
16Briana Siegert07:49.0 16Norman Woodring05:45.0
17Ashley Smith Mathewson07:50.0 17Nik Hecht05:47.0
18Maddie Senkosky08:04.0 18Devin O'Neill05:50.0
--- 19Jake Floen06:06.0
--- 20Matt Morton06:35.0

Event 8 - Flawless Victory Part 1

10 Minute Max Calories Assault Bike
-1 minute rest-
4 Sets for Time
400m Assault Runner
Sandbag Carry 200/150 From Assault Runner to drop off point
Handstand walk from Drop off point to Assault Runner

#Women  #Men 
1Melissa Herman150 reps 1Devin O'Neill207 reps
2Amanda Hardeman145 reps 2Matt Morton202 reps
3Meg Reardon144 reps 3Adam Klink200 reps
4Kolson Lamb Casey143 reps 3Matt Dlugos200 reps
5Katie Trombetta140 reps 5Norman Woodring193 reps
6Kristine Best137 reps 6Nik Hecht190 reps
7Alexis Raptis134 reps 7Josh Miller187 reps
7Paige Henry134 reps 8Kevin Schuetz185 reps
9Dani Speegle132 reps 8Jake Floen185 reps
10Leanne Watson131 reps 10Richard Paul Castillo183 reps
11Tammy Wildgoose130 reps 11John-Paul Hethcock181 reps
12Emily Pritchard129 reps 12Samuel Kwant180 reps
13Paige Semenza128 reps 12Josh Mattes180 reps
14Ashley Smith Mathewson127 reps 14Tyler Christophel179 reps
15Maddie Senkosky121 reps 15Will Moorad178 reps
16Danielle Kearns117 reps 16Marquan Jones175 reps
17Briana Siegert113 reps 17Mitch Spjut174 reps
18Elizabeth Wishart107 reps 18Spencer Panchik173 reps
--- 19Christian Harris172 reps
--- 20Nicolás Bidarte156 reps

Event 9 - Flawless Victory Part 2

10 Minute Max Calories Assault Bike
-1 minute rest-
4 Sets for Time
400m Assault Runner
Sandbag Carry 200/150 From Assault Runner to drop off point
Handstand walk from Drop off point to Assault Runner

#Women  #Men 
1Dani Speegle25:11.0 1Norman Woodring23:26.0
2Alexis Raptis25:22.0 2Mitch Spjut24:41.0
3Paige Semenza26:53.0 3John-Paul Hethcock24:51.0
4Melissa Herman26:57.0 4Marquan Jones25:12.0
5Meg Reardon27:01.0 5Nicolás Bidarte25:29.0
6Tammy Wildgoose27:02.0 6Samuel Kwant25:33.0
6Danielle Kearns27:02.0 7Richard Paul Castillo26:01.0
8Amanda Hardeman27:03.0 8Matt Dlugos26:04.0
9Kristine Best28:39.0 9Jake Floen26:06.0
10Kolson Lamb Casey29:23.0 9Tyler Christophel26:06.0
11Paige Henry30:12.0 11Josh Miller26:08.0
12Elizabeth Wishart30:46.0 12Nik Hecht26:36.0
13Maddie Senkosky31:13.0 13Christian Harris27:01.0
14Briana Siegert40:26.0 14Will Moorad27:02.0
15Emily Pritchard40:27.0 14Kevin Schuetz27:02.0
15Katie Trombetta40:27.0 16Devin O'Neill27:03.0
17Ashley Smith Mathewson47:08.0 16Josh Mattes27:03.0
17Leanne Watson47:08.0 16Spencer Panchik27:03.0
--- 19Adam Klink33:45.0
--- 20Matt Morton47:08.0

Event 10 - Amanda 2.0

3 Rounds for Time
9 Ring Muscle-Ups
5/3/1 Squat Snatches
Mens weights (205/225/245)
Womens weights (145/155/165)

#Women  #Men 
1Katie Trombetta05:16.0 1John-Paul Hethcock04:06.0
2Meg Reardon05:29.0 2Samuel Kwant04:19.0
3Paige Semenza06:10.0 3Will Moorad04:24.0
4Dani Speegle06:16.0 4Marquan Jones05:11.0
5Kristine Best07:38.0 5Matt Dlugos05:18.0
6Melissa Herman08:10.0 6Mitch Spjut05:58.0
7Amanda Hardeman08:48.0 7Richard Paul Castillo06:09.0
8Alexis Raptis09:14.0 8Tyler Christophel06:13.0
9Danielle Kearns10:02.0 9Matt Morton06:47.0
10Kolson Lamb Casey13:05.0 10Josh Miller13:02.0

The following is a breakdown of the number of movements in each category programmed in the 2019 Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge. If a movement appears in multiple events, it is counted twice


Gymnastics Movements
Bar Facing BurpeeThree Wise Men
Box Jump OversThree Wise Men
Burpee Box Jump OversHotstepper
Handstand WalkFlawless Victory Part 2
Pull UpThree Wise Men
Ring Muscle UpAmanda 2.0
Rope ClimbsHotstepper
Toes To BarGroundhog Day
Monostructural Movements
Assault BikeFlawless Victory Part 1
Assault RunnerFlawless Victory Part 2
Double UndersGroundhog Day
Ski ErgHitting the Slopes with Grace
Weightlifting Movements
Clean and JerkMilo Part 2
Clean and JerkHitting the Slopes with Grace
ComplexMilo Total
Odd Object CarryFlawless Victory Part 2
Power SnatchThree Wise Men
SnatchMilo Part 1
Squat CleanGroundhog Day
Squat SnatchAmanda 2.0
Squat SnatchThree Wise Men
Wall BallsThree Wise Men
Single Movement4
4 or More Movements1
Time DomainCount
5 to 10 minutes3
10 to 20 minutes4
Max Lift3