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2021 Granite Games - Fantasy Fitnessing

2021 Granite Games

June 4 - 6th, 2021

Final Results - Women

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Final Results - Men

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Event 1 - 2018's Flashback Snatch (1 Rep Max Snatch)

1 rep max Snatch
#Women  #Men 
1Nicole Mghenyi215 lbs 1Anthony Davis340 lbs
2Madison Mcelhaney210 lbs 2Jack Rozema305 lbs
2Alessandra Pichelli210 lbs 2Chandler Smith305 lbs
4Emma Cary200 lbs 4Kevin Schuetz300 lbs
4Emily White200 lbs 5Saxon Panchik295 lbs
6Arielle Loewen190 lbs 5Taylor Self295 lbs
6Kendall Vincelette190 lbs 7Nick Mathew290 lbs
6Caroline Stanley190 lbs 7Stephen Jones290 lbs
6Emma Ferreira190 lbs 9Roy Gamboa285 lbs
6Paige Powers190 lbs 9Tim Paulson285 lbs
6Stephanie Chung190 lbs 9Austin Spencer285 lbs
12Mallory O'Brien185 lbs 12Phillip Muscarella280 lbs
12Faith Ferguson185 lbs 12Carlos Albaladejo280 lbs
14Jessica Kalagian180 lbs 12Grant Belrose280 lbs
14Amy Morton180 lbs 15Justin Rhodes275 lbs
14Katie Cain180 lbs 15Tanner Balazs275 lbs
14Kristi O'Connell180 lbs 15Garrett Clark275 lbs
14Bailey Meraviglia180 lbs 15Drew Wayman275 lbs
14Caroline Spencer180 lbs 15Blair Chapman275 lbs
14Rachel Vonderach180 lbs 20Gunnar Regan270 lbs
21Katelynn Sanders175 lbs 20Anton Foss270 lbs
21Shelby Neal175 lbs 20Colten Mertens270 lbs
23Samantha Petrich170 lbs 23Mitch Wagner265 lbs
23April Payne170 lbs 23Reilly Good265 lbs
23Hayley Hunter170 lbs 23Christopher Shimley265 lbs
23Jessi Smith170 lbs 23Richard Paul Castillo265 lbs
27Carla Frazier165 lbs 27Scott Tetlow260 lbs
28Samantha Scorzelli155 lbs 28Jake Marconi255 lbs
29Sofi Prorok150 lbs 29Christian Ramon250 lbs
30Brynn Kurlan145 lbs 29Streat Hoerner250 lbs

Event 2 - Thurster Run 3.0

18 Dumbbell Thrusters (2x70/50 lb)
200 meter Run
15 Dumbbell Thrusters (2x70/50 lb)
200 meter Run
12 Dumbbell Thrusters (2x70/50 lb)
200 meter Run
9 Dumbbell Thrusters (2x70/50 lb)
200 meter Run
6 Dumbbell Thrusters (2x70/50 lb)
200 meter Run
3 Dumbbell Thrusters (2x70/50 lb)
200 meter Run
Time Cap: 12 minutes

#Women  #Men 
1Mallory O'Brien07:24.41 1Colten Mertens06:21.30
2Rachel Vonderach07:41.90 2Tim Paulson06:47.83
3Brynn Kurlan08:02.76 3Saxon Panchik06:51.69
4Caroline Spencer08:09.42 4Scott Tetlow06:52.37
5Alessandra Pichelli08:17.35 5Anthony Davis06:55.82
6Kristi O'Connell08:27.95 6Streat Hoerner07:08.65
7Caroline Stanley08:34.37 7Reilly Good07:10.38
8Arielle Loewen08:37.4 8Richard Paul Castillo07:17.5
9Nicole Mghenyi08:53.65 9Chandler Smith07:19.31
10Emma Cary09:12.96 10Mitch Wagner07:22.44
11Hayley Hunter09:13.47 11Nick Mathew07:33.73
12Emily White09:16.40 12Anton Foss07:37.3
13Emma Ferreira09:18.84 13Garrett Clark07:55.73
14Jessi Smith09:28.75 14Roy Gamboa07:56.29
15Katelynn Sanders09:34.88 15Gunnar Regan08:00.16
16April Payne09:37.14 16Drew Wayman08:03.14
17Bailey Meraviglia09:37.53 17Austin Spencer08:09.28
18Carla Frazier09:49.32 18Jack Rozema08:09.35
19Madison Mcelhaney09:53.40 19Taylor Self08:22.41
20Kendall Vincelette10:00.97 20Jake Marconi08:25.96
21Samantha Petrich10:01.98 21Christian Ramon08:26.44
22Faith Ferguson10:15.54 22Justin Rhodes08:27.52
23Shelby Neal10:17.19 23Kevin Schuetz08:46.60
24Jessica Kalagian10:17.27 24Tanner Balazs09:03.55
25Amy Morton10:22.17 25Phillip Muscarella09:15.50
26Stephanie Chung10:25.74 26Carlos Albaladejo09:23.90
27Katie Cain10:45.41 27Grant Belrose10:12.35
28Paige Powers11:22.23 28Stephen Jones10:13.8
29Sofi Prorok11:30.63 29Christopher Shimley10:54.99
30Samantha Scorzelli11:35.25 ---

Event 3 - So Close But So Far Away

For Time
From 0:00-2:00, complete:
9 Ring Muscle-Ups
9 Hang Squat Cleans (185/125 lb)
9 Bar Over Burpees
50 yard Torque Sled Push
50 yard Torque Sled Drag
50 yard Sprint
Rest 1 minute
From 3:00-5:00, complete:
7 Ring Muscle-Ups
7 Hang Squat Cleans (185/125 lb)
7 Bar Over Burpees
50 yard Torque Sled Push
50 yard Torque Sled Drag
50 yard Sprint
Rest 1 minute
From 6:00-8:00, complete:
5 Ring Muscle-Ups
5 Hang Squat Cleans (185/125 lb)
5 Bar Over Burpees
50 yard Torque Sled Push
50 yard Torque Sled Drag
50 yard Sprint
Rest 1 minute
From 9:00-12:00, complete:
3 Ring Muscle-Ups
3 Hang Squat Cleans (185/125 lb)
3 Bar Over Burpees
50 yard Torque Sled Push
50 yard Torque Sled Drag
50 yard Sprint

#Women  #Men 
1Mallory O'Brien07:46.29 1Colten Mertens07:19.54
2Emma Cary08:01.46 2Jake Marconi07:27.80
3Rachel Vonderach08:06.81 3Scott Tetlow07:31.73
4Kristi O'Connell08:08.90 4Austin Spencer07:36.95
5Kendall Vincelette08:17.21 5Saxon Panchik07:36.96
6Arielle Loewen09:52.20 6Mitch Wagner07:39.5
7Caroline Spencer10:09.98 7Chandler Smith07:44.77
8Amy Morton10:14.59 8Taylor Self07:47.15
9Shelby Neal10:18.72 9Grant Belrose07:54.38
10Nicole Mghenyi10:25.72 10Roy Gamboa07:55.42
11Samantha Petrich10:49.95 11Nick Mathew08:01.65
12Caroline Stanley10:56.65 12Jack Rozema08:02.33
13Stephanie Chung11:08.5 13Streat Hoerner08:03.35
14April Payne11:13.2 14Christian Ramon08:04.0
15Bailey Meraviglia11:21.69 15Anton Foss08:10.58
16Alessandra Pichelli11:22.84 16Richard Paul Castillo10:02.72
17Paige Powers11:23.12 17Drew Wayman10:02.74
18Jessi Smith11:30.29 18Tim Paulson10:08.75
19Madison Mcelhaney11:50.79 19Tanner Balazs10:08.97
20Hayley Hunter11:52.38 20Anthony Davis10:15.57
21Katelynn Sanders11:52.80 21Garrett Clark10:19.16
22Emma FerreiraCAP + 5 22Kevin Schuetz10:21.11
22Jessica KalagianCAP + 5 23Phillip Muscarella10:26.31
24Faith FergusonCAP + 6 24Justin Rhodes10:38.69
24Samantha ScorzelliCAP + 6 25Reilly Good10:39.78
26Carla FrazierCAP + 24 26Christopher Shimley10:46.64
27Sofi ProrokCAP + 33 27Carlos Albaladejo10:58.65
28Katie CainCAP + 35 28Stephen Jones11:23.92
29Brynn KurlanCAP + 38 29Gunnar Regan11:32.97
30Emily WhiteCAP + 40 ---

Event 4 - Earn It

50 foot Handstand Walk
40/30 calorie Ski
30 Deficit Handstand Push-Ups (6/4.5 in)
40/30 calorie Ski
50 foot Handstand Walk
Time Cap: 12 minutes

#Women  #Men 
1Mallory O'Brien05:18.45 1Scott Tetlow05:15.7
2Emma Cary05:32.5 2Roy Gamboa05:35.75
3Stephanie Chung05:49.80 3Colten Mertens05:40.36
4Arielle Loewen05:59.46 4Tim Paulson05:57.46
5Shelby Neal06:13.95 5Nick Mathew05:57.51
6Madison Mcelhaney06:18.46 6Garrett Clark06:00.8
7Caroline Spencer06:18.85 7Saxon Panchik06:01.17
8Jessi Smith06:28.39 8Streat Hoerner06:01.68
9Nicole Mghenyi06:29.92 9Justin Rhodes06:12.49
10Kristi O'Connell06:31.79 10Taylor Self06:28.14
11Paige Powers06:33.52 11Chandler Smith06:35.65
12Kendall Vincelette06:34.54 12Jake Marconi06:35.96
13Alessandra Pichelli06:37.54 13Austin Spencer06:48.17
14Faith Ferguson06:55.48 14Carlos Albaladejo06:52.86
15Caroline Stanley06:57.36 15Kevin Schuetz06:53.43
16Amy Morton07:02.28 16Grant Belrose07:00.40
17Bailey Meraviglia07:05.15 17Drew Wayman07:12.78
18Jessica Kalagian07:21.87 18Anton Foss07:23.48
19Samantha Petrich07:29.24 19Gunnar Regan07:32.83
20Katelynn Sanders07:34.29 20Reilly Good07:36.89
21Samantha Scorzelli07:56.42 21Richard Paul Castillo07:37.19
22April PayneCAP + 1 22Jack Rozema07:48.23
22Katie CainCAP + 1 23Stephen Jones07:51.36
22Sofi ProrokCAP + 1 24Phillip Muscarella07:57.35
22Emma FerreiraCAP + 1 26Tanner BalazsCAP + 1
22Hayley HunterCAP + 1 27Anthony DavisCAP + 10
27Carla FrazierCAP + 2 28Christopher ShimleyCAP + 16
27Brynn KurlanCAP + 2 29Christian RamonCAP + 18
27Emily WhiteCAP + 2 ---
30Rachel VonderachCAP + 39 ---

Event 5 - Back to Back 1

With a Running Clock in 21 minutes
From 0:00-13:00, 3 Rounds of:
33 Wall Ball Shots (20/14 lb)
22 GHD Sit-Ups
11 D-Ball Cleans (150/100 lb)
Rest 2 minutes
From 15:00-21:00, 2 Rounds of:
22 Toes-to-Bars
11 D-Ball Box Step-Overs (100/70 lb, 24/20 in)

#Women  #Men 
1Arielle Loewen10:22.0 1Grant Belrose10:07.58
2Katelynn Sanders11:33.83 2Nick Mathew10:34.40
3Emily White11:35.0 3Tim Paulson10:39.20
4Emma Cary11:58.60 4Roy Gamboa10:39.33
5Kendall Vincelette12:01.39 5Jake Marconi10:52.4
6Emma Ferreira12:06.8 6Saxon Panchik10:57.32
7Alessandra Pichelli12:18.26 7Drew Wayman11:04.15
8Amy Morton12:25.39 8Taylor Self11:05.13
9Jessi Smith12:30.33 9Chandler Smith11:18.4
10Shelby Neal12:31.8 10Anthony Davis11:28.84
11April Payne12:35.0 11Austin Spencer11:28.93
12Mallory O'Brien12:41.88 12Reilly Good11:29.51
13Kristi O'Connell12:43.10 13Mitch Wagner11:40.50
14Caroline Stanley12:47.35 14Gunnar Regan11:45.37
15Rachel VonderachCAP + 3 15Anton Foss11:46.89
15Paige PowersCAP + 3 16Richard Paul Castillo11:47.29
15Sofi ProrokCAP + 3 17Streat Hoerner11:50.53
18Samantha PetrichCAP + 4 18Colten Mertens11:57.17
19Nicole MghenyiCAP + 6 19Scott Tetlow12:02.75
20Samantha ScorzelliCAP + 8 20Tanner Balazs12:23.30
21Bailey MeravigliaCAP + 9 21Kevin Schuetz12:27.46
21Carla FrazierCAP + 9 22Christian Ramon12:27.58
23Hayley HunterCAP + 12 23Garrett Clark12:54.56
24Stephanie ChungCAP + 15 24Christopher Shimley12:55.88
25Brynn KurlanCAP + 24 25Jack RozemaCAP + 4
26Madison McelhaneyCAP + 33 26Stephen JonesCAP + 6
26Faith FergusonCAP + 33 27Carlos AlbaladejoCAP + 7
26Katie CainCAP + 33 28Phillip MuscarellaCAP + 8
29Caroline SpencerCAP + 49 29Justin RhodesCAP + 11
30Jessica KalagianCAP + 50 ---

Event 6 - Back to Back 2

With a Running Clock in 21 minutes
From 0:00-13:00, 3 Rounds of:
33 Wall Ball Shots (20/14 lb)
22 GHD Sit-Ups
11 D-Ball Cleans (150/100 lb)
Rest 2 minutes
From 15:00-21:00, 2 Rounds of:
22 Toes-to-Bars
11 D-Ball Box Step-Overs (100/70 lb, 24/20 in)

#Women  #Men 
1Arielle Loewen03:27.89 1Tim Paulson03:55.30
2Mallory O'Brien03:29.49 2Drew Wayman04:00.98
3Caroline Spencer03:30.79 3Colten Mertens04:01.83
4Emma Cary03:36.0 4Reilly Good04:08.82
5Shelby Neal03:38.54 5Taylor Self04:10.91
6Stephanie Chung03:39.86 6Chandler Smith04:11.17
7Alessandra Pichelli03:50.43 7Saxon Panchik04:29.63
8Katelynn Sanders03:52.98 8Roy Gamboa04:32.15
9Samantha Petrich03:59.74 9Kevin Schuetz04:37.57
10Amy Morton04:07.7 10Mitch Wagner04:38.23
11Hayley Hunter04:08.36 11Justin Rhodes04:38.64
12Brynn Kurlan04:08.74 12Streat Hoerner04:40.18
13Nicole Mghenyi04:10.48 13Gunnar Regan04:45.48
14Emily White04:18.18 14Nick Mathew04:52.44
15Madison Mcelhaney04:18.36 15Austin Spencer04:55.85
16Jessica Kalagian04:30.97 16Phillip Muscarella04:59.81
17April Payne04:33.86 17Stephen Jones05:16.13
18Kristi O'Connell04:42.83 18Richard Paul Castillo05:24.4
19Carla Frazier04:43.55 19Anthony Davis05:25.72
20Samantha Scorzelli04:46.13 20Carlos Albaladejo05:29.31
21Rachel Vonderach04:48.66 21Jack Rozema05:32.89
22Bailey Meraviglia04:50.72 22Christopher Shimley05:36.63
23Caroline Stanley04:52.9 23Jake Marconi05:48.21
24Katie Cain05:04.51 24Scott Tetlow05:55.96
25Kendall Vincelette05:15.27 25Grant BelroseCAP + 1
26Emma Ferreira05:20.55 26Anton FossCAP + 3
27Jessi Smith05:31.93 26Tanner BalazsCAP + 3
28Faith Ferguson05:46.73 28Christian RamonCAP + 5
29Paige Powers05:54.49 29Garrett ClarkCAP + 43
30Sofi Prorok05:59.22 ---

Event 7 - Hang On

For Time
30/20 calorie Row
3/2 Legless Rope Climbs
3 Rope Climbs
9 Devil Presses (2x70/50 lb)
15 yard Double Dumbbell Overhead Walking Lunges (2x70/50 lb)

#Women  #Men 
1Alessandra Pichelli04:54.67 1Chandler Smith04:37.94
2Mallory O'Brien04:56.69 2Anthony Davis04:59.85
3Madison Mcelhaney04:57.42 3Taylor Self05:00.43
4Arielle Loewen05:10.72 4Saxon Panchik05:01.80
5Rachel Vonderach05:18.90 5Drew Wayman05:01.81
6Caroline Spencer05:45.79 6Nick Mathew05:08.11
7Stephanie Chung05:53.25 7Roy Gamboa05:12.87
8Katelynn Sanders06:03.38 8Austin Spencer05:13.61
9Emily White06:10.6 9Jack Rozema05:14.37
10Kristi O'Connell06:18.34 10Jake Marconi05:16.82
11Faith Ferguson06:27.12 11Tim Paulson05:22.0
12April Payne06:33.96 12Colten Mertens05:24.69
13Caroline Stanley06:34.15 13Richard Paul Castillo05:26.71
14Nicole Mghenyi06:37.80 14Mitch Wagner05:42.25
15Amy Morton06:41.71 15Kevin Schuetz06:03.85
16Samantha Petrich06:49.92 16Gunnar Regan06:19.93
17Kendall VinceletteCAP + 1 17Carlos Albaladejo06:23.82
17Hayley HunterCAP + 1 18Phillip Muscarella06:27.48
17Jessi SmithCAP + 1 19Streat Hoerner06:31.28
17Emma CaryCAP + 1 20Christopher Shimley06:32.94
17Katie CainCAP + 1 21Anton Foss06:42.93
17Paige PowersCAP + 1 22Scott TetlowCAP + 1
17Bailey MeravigliaCAP + 1 22Grant BelroseCAP + 1
17Emma FerreiraCAP + 1 22Stephen JonesCAP + 1
25Samantha ScorzelliCAP + 2 22Reilly GoodCAP + 1
25Sofi ProrokCAP + 2 26Justin RhodesCAP + 2
27Shelby NealCAP + 3 26Christian RamonCAP + 2
27Carla FrazierCAP + 3 26Tanner BalazsCAP + 2
29Brynn KurlanCAP + 9 ---
30Jessica KalagianCAP + 16 ---

The following is a breakdown of the number of movements in each category programmed in the 2021 Granite Games. If a movement appears in multiple events, it is counted twice


Gymnastics Movements
Bar Facing BurpeeSo Close But So Far Away
GHD SitupsBack to Back 1
Handstand Push UpEarn It
Handstand WalkEarn It
Legless Rope ClimbHang On
Ring Muscle UpSo Close But So Far Away
Rope ClimbsHang On
Toes To BarBack to Back 2
Monostructural Movements
RowHang On
RowThurster Run 3.0
Ski ErgEarn It
Weightlifting Movements
CleanBack to Back 1
Devil's PressHang On
LungeHang On
Snatch2018's Flashback Snatch (1 Rep Max Snatch)
Squat CleanSo Close But So Far Away
Step OverBack to Back 2
ThrusterThurster Run 3.0
Torque Sled PullSo Close But So Far Away
Torque Sled PushSo Close But So Far Away
Wall BallsBack to Back 1
Single Movement1
4 or More Movements1
Time DomainCount
Less than 5 minutes1
5 to 10 minutes4
10 to 20 minutes1
Max Lift1