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2022 Granite Games - Fantasy Fitnessing

2022 Granite Games

June 3 - 5, 2022

Final Results - Women

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# Name Total Points

Final Results - Men

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Event 1 - HS Reverse Fran

For time:
Barbell thrusters (115/80 lb)
Handstand walks (yards)
Time cap: 6 minutes

#Women  #Men 
1Mallory O'Brien02:14.36 1Tim Paulson02:20.2
2Dani Speegle02:15.98 2Phil Toon02:30.80
3Amanda Barnhart02:34.26 3Colten Mertens02:36.28
4Sydney Wells02:37.7 4Brent Fikowski02:38.23
5Emily Rolfe02:37.26 5Travis Mayer02:40.78
6Chloe Carano02:41.22 6Nick Mathew02:47.91
7Kloie Wilson02:49.9 7Zachery Buntin02:48.81
8Feeroozeh Saghafi03:10.77 8Samuel Kwant02:53.80
9Kelly Stone03:13.49 9Leonel Franco02:56.23
10Kaela Stephano03:15.40 10Marquan Jones03:06.82
11Alex Gazan03:15.91 11Matt Dlugos03:07.92
12Jessi Smith03:22.38 12John Wood03:09.11
13Jordan Szewc03:28.49 13Casey Crable03:09.52
14Kelly Benfey03:33.14 14Josh Woodhull03:12.93
15Karisa Stapp03:43.84 15Sam Demeester03:15.58
16Nataya Flores03:55.62 16Jordan Hayward03:23.70
17Ashley Shoemaker04:03.36 17Tyler Eggimann03:29.47
18Brittany Bolella04:05.54 18Chandler Smith03:31.25
19Emily Beroth04:11.80 19Eric Evans03:43.73
20Danielle Oliveri04:29.2 20Marshall Creed03:47.56
21Caroline Stanley04:30.70 21Joshua Hong03:50.97
22Chelsea Nicholas04:31.17 22Joe Pierro04:00.80
23Sierra Tjelmeland04:32.26 23Stewart Jones04:04.21
24Lindsey Derby04:33.37 24Anthony Davis04:04.76
25Jessica Meek04:51.95 25Chase Merrill04:15.3
26Ana Valladares04:54.27 26Dylan Hamming04:15.28
27Victoria Caruso04:59.28 27Kyle Baughman04:23.1
28Andrea Chiovitti05:57.51 28Carlos Albaladejo04:36.51
29Julia GlotzCAP + 2 29Norman Woodring04:50.43
--- 30Cj Gerald05:28.61

Event 2 - Barbell Complex

3 attempts for max load of:
3 cleans
2 front squats
1 jerk (shoulder-to-overhead)

#Women  #Men 
1Dani Speegle245 lbs 1Anthony Davis355 lbs
2Chelsea Nicholas230 lbs 2Zachery Buntin345 lbs
2Amanda Barnhart230 lbs 3Nick Mathew335 lbs
2Alex Gazan230 lbs 3Colten Mertens335 lbs
5Mallory O'Brien225 lbs 3Travis Mayer335 lbs
5Victoria Caruso225 lbs 3Phil Toon335 lbs
7Caroline Stanley220 lbs 7Tyler Eggimann330 lbs
7Kloie Wilson220 lbs 8Chandler Smith325 lbs
7Kelly Stone220 lbs 8Brent Fikowski325 lbs
10Kaela Stephano215 lbs 8Leonel Franco325 lbs
10Ashley Shoemaker215 lbs 8Joe Pierro325 lbs
10Lindsey Derby215 lbs 12Matt Dlugos320 lbs
10Emily Beroth215 lbs 12Tim Paulson320 lbs
14Kelly Benfey210 lbs 12Dylan Hamming320 lbs
14Jessi Smith210 lbs 15Norman Woodring315 lbs
14Julia Glotz210 lbs 15Casey Crable315 lbs
17Karisa Stapp205 lbs 15Samuel Kwant315 lbs
17Jessica Meek205 lbs 18Marquan Jones310 lbs
17Andrea Chiovitti205 lbs 18Jordan Hayward310 lbs
17Danielle Oliveri205 lbs 20Josh Woodhull305 lbs
17Chloe Carano205 lbs 20Carlos Albaladejo305 lbs
22Feeroozeh Saghafi200 lbs 20John Wood305 lbs
22Sydney Wells200 lbs 20Cj Gerald305 lbs
22Emily Rolfe200 lbs 24Sam Demeester300 lbs
25Sierra Tjelmeland195 lbs 24Chase Merrill300 lbs
25Jordan Szewc195 lbs 26Kyle Baughman295 lbs
27Nataya Flores190 lbs 27Stewart Jones290 lbs
28Ana Valladares180 lbs 28Joshua Hong285 lbs
28Brittany Bolella180 lbs 28Eric Evans285 lbs
--- 30Marshall Creed275 lbs

Event 3 - Minnesota Mash-Up

For time:
10 wall-ball shots (20/14 lb)
50 GHD sit-ups
20 wall-ball shots (20/14 lb)
40 single-arm dumbbell overhead squats (70/50 lb)
30 wall-ball shots (20/14 lb)
30 ring muscle-ups
40 wall-ball shots (20/14 lb)
200 double-unders
50 wall-ball shots (20/14 lb)
10 dumbbell clean and jerks (70/50 lb)
Time cap: 25 minutes

#Women  #Men 
1Mallory O'Brien18:47.81 1Phil Toon17:07.0
2Emily Rolfe19:52.35 2Brent Fikowski17:31.88
3Alex Gazan20:23.37 3John Wood17:46.3
4Kloie Wilson20:45.54 4Tim Paulson17:51.72
5Dani Speegle20:48.54 5Colten Mertens18:13.49
6Feeroozeh Saghafi21:47.24 6Anthony Davis18:20.42
7Kelly Stone22:02.99 7Samuel Kwant19:08.34
8Amanda Barnhart22:31.83 8Marquan Jones19:13.98
9Jessica Meek22:55.61 9Leonel Franco19:19.35
10Caroline Stanley23:03.36 10Dylan Hamming19:25.49
11Jordan Szewc23:19.7 11Nick Mathew19:30.77
12Chelsea Nicholas23:44.40 12Matt Dlugos19:49.68
13Karisa Stapp23:55.69 13Travis Mayer19:54.34
14Andrea Chiovitti24:22.32 14Zachery Buntin19:57.87
15Ashley Shoemaker24:38.68 15Sam Demeester20:05.72
16Jessi Smith24:46.80 16Tyler Eggimann20:33.88
17Julia GlotzCAP + 0 17Norman Woodring20:51.10
18Kaela StephanoCAP + 2 18Joshua Hong21:20.6
19Nataya FloresCAP + 5 19Chandler Smith21:26.41
20Kelly BenfeyCAP + 8 20Marshall Creed21:29.27
21Brittany BolellaCAP + 10 21Cj Gerald21:33.92
21Emily BerothCAP + 10 22Casey Crable22:11.75
23Sydney WellsCAP + 16 23Jordan Hayward22:34.61
24Sierra TjelmelandCAP + 23 24Josh Woodhull22:51.86
25Ana ValladaresCAP + 26 25Joe Pierro22:52.62
26Lindsey DerbyCAP + 29 26Eric Evans24:08.41
27Victoria CarusoCAP + 40 27Kyle Baughman24:24.70
28Chloe CaranoCAP + 59 28Stewart JonesCAP + 1
29Danielle OliveriCAP + 119 29Chase MerrillCAP + 4
--- 30Carlos AlbaladejoCAP + 8

Event 4 - Speed Chipper

For time:
120-yard shuttle run
16 snatches (175/120 lb)
36 chest-to-bar pull-ups
160-yard shuttle run
36 chest-to-bar pull-ups
16 snatches (175/120 lb)
120-yard shuttle run
Time cap: 10 minutes

#Women  #Men 
1Mallory O'Brien06:48.54 1Colten Mertens07:26.92
2Dani Speegle07:38.47 2Travis Mayer07:46.26
3Emily Rolfe07:39.1 3Anthony Davis07:48.56
4Amanda Barnhart07:55.13 4Samuel Kwant08:09.47
5Feeroozeh Saghafi07:55.99 5Chandler Smith08:15.65
6Kloie Wilson08:10.63 6Brent Fikowski08:15.90
7Kelly Stone08:11.15 7Phil Toon08:22.25
8Caroline Stanley08:39.50 8Cj Gerald08:26.38
9Kaela Stephano09:02.88 9Dylan Hamming08:26.85
10Alex Gazan09:13.19 10Matt Dlugos08:32.47
11Chloe Carano09:14.84 11Tim Paulson08:34.7
12Jessi Smith09:21.14 12Nick Mathew08:34.55
13Chelsea Nicholas09:28.75 13John Wood08:46.69
14Karisa Stapp09:30.55 14Sam Demeester09:06.17
15Julia Glotz09:34.87 15Norman Woodring09:20.43
16Jessica Meek09:34.88 16Jordan Hayward09:22.1
17Victoria Caruso09:41.51 17Joe Pierro09:28.41
18Emily Beroth09:42.0 18Leonel Franco09:31.3
19Sydney Wells09:42.71 19Josh Woodhull09:34.31
20Kelly Benfey09:46.64 20Marquan Jones09:34.41
21Danielle Oliveri09:48.40 21Zachery Buntin09:54.92
22Jordan SzewcCAP + 1 22Carlos AlbaladejoCAP + 1
22Ashley ShoemakerCAP + 1 23Marshall CreedCAP + 2
24Andrea ChiovittiCAP + 3 24Casey CrableCAP + 3
25Nataya FloresCAP + 4 24Tyler EggimannCAP + 3
26Brittany BolellaCAP + 7 24Stewart JonesCAP + 3
27Lindsey DerbyCAP + 8 27Eric EvansCAP + 9
28Ana ValladaresCAP + 9 28Kyle BaughmanCAP + 10
29Sierra TjelmelandCAP + 13 29Joshua HongCAP + 43

Event 5 - Endure The Sled

For time:
50-yard sled push
30 lane-facing burpees
50-yard sled push
1,000-m run
100/70-cal Echo bike
1,000-m run
50-yard sled drag
30 lane-facing burpees
50-yard sled drag
Time cap: 27 minutes

#Women  #Men 
1Mallory O'Brien20:38.21 1Brent Fikowski20:11.18
2Emily Rolfe21:29.80 2Norman Woodring20:17.11
3Karisa Stapp22:00.43 3Samuel Kwant20:51.27
4Amanda Barnhart22:32.46 4Matt Dlugos21:01.51
5Jordan Szewc22:53.96 5Casey Crable21:03.63
6Kloie Wilson23:20.77 6Dylan Hamming21:15.86
7Feeroozeh Saghafi23:28.12 7Phil Toon21:28.45
8Alex Gazan23:46.65 8Travis Mayer21:33.89
9Ashley Shoemaker24:01.39 9Tim Paulson21:38.65
10Sydney Wells24:18.78 10Anthony Davis21:56.52
11Caroline Stanley24:21.6 11Colten Mertens22:02.53
12Dani Speegle24:21.54 12Sam Demeester22:45.37
13Chelsea Nicholas24:52.75 13Nick Mathew22:45.39
14Andrea Chiovitti24:57.34 14John Wood23:15.46
15Danielle Oliveri25:41.57 15Chandler Smith23:16.91
16Kelly Stone25:42.38 16Jordan Hayward23:23.21
17Brittany Bolella26:03.80 17Kyle Baughman23:48.95
18Nataya Flores26:51.3 18Leonel Franco23:54.4
19Emily Beroth26:58.92 19Tyler Eggimann23:59.18
20Jessica Meek26:59.0 20Marquan Jones24:07.93
21Kelly Benfey26:59.91 21Marshall Creed24:14.58
22Victoria CarusoCAP + 0 22Zachery Buntin24:19.6
22Chloe CaranoCAP + 0 23Cj Gerald24:24.8
24Kaela StephanoCAP + 1 24Joshua Hong24:43.9
24Jessi SmithCAP + 1 25Carlos Albaladejo24:54.51
24Sierra TjelmelandCAP + 1 26Stewart Jones25:17.63
24Lindsey DerbyCAP + 1 27Josh Woodhull25:59.87
24Julia GlotzCAP + 1 28Eric Evans26:02.29
29Ana ValladaresCAP + 18 29Joe Pierro26:26.81

Event 6 - 2014 Regional IE5

2014 Regional Event 5
10 rounds for time:
1 legless rope climb (15 ft)
Run 170 ft
Time cap: 11 minutes

#Women  #Men 
1Alex Gazan03:55.94 1Matt Dlugos02:59.65
2Feeroozeh Saghafi04:05.22 2Travis Mayer03:03.82
3Mallory O'Brien04:15.12 3Samuel Kwant03:04.3
4Emily Rolfe04:26.0 4Nick Mathew03:04.25
5Amanda Barnhart04:39.72 5Brent Fikowski03:09.2
6Jessi Smith04:49.37 6Leonel Franco03:10.82
7Kloie Wilson04:49.47 7Chandler Smith03:11.39
8Dani Speegle04:50.7 8Marquan Jones03:14.86
9Jessica Meek04:59.40 9Sam Demeester03:15.82
10Chloe Carano05:16.58 10Cj Gerald03:17.32
11Ashley Shoemaker05:20.89 11Dylan Hamming03:19.59
12Lindsey Derby05:26.13 12Phil Toon03:20.30
13Brittany Bolella05:34.7 13Josh Woodhull03:23.14
14Caroline Stanley05:51.76 14Stewart Jones03:26.54
15Andrea Chiovitti06:03.95 15John Wood03:27.14
16Chelsea Nicholas06:16.85 16Jordan Hayward03:29.10
17Jordan Szewc06:55.58 17Eric Evans03:31.49
18Sydney Wells07:00.46 18Tim Paulson03:31.54
19Kelly Benfey07:01.34 19Casey Crable03:33.7
20Danielle Oliveri07:09.33 20Norman Woodring03:33.36
21Ana Valladares07:21.30 21Carlos Albaladejo03:35.30
22Kelly Stone07:43.0 22Marshall Creed03:36.68
23Nataya Flores07:46.10 23Anthony Davis03:39.5
24Sierra Tjelmeland09:36.4 24Tyler Eggimann03:43.50
25Kaela Stephano09:51.96 25Joshua Hong03:48.97
26Julia Glotz09:56.33 26Zachery Buntin03:54.86
27Karisa Stapp10:00.25 27Colten Mertens03:56.57
28Emily BerothCAP + 2 28Joe Pierro05:04.38
29Victoria CarusoCAP + 9 ---

The following is a breakdown of the number of movements in each category programmed in the 2022 Granite Games. If a movement appears in multiple events, it is counted twice


Gymnastics Movements
Chest To Bar Pull UpsSpeed Chipper
GHD SitupsMinnesota Mash-Up
Handstand WalkHS Reverse Fran
Legless Rope Climb2014 Regional IE5
Line Facing BurpeesEndure The Sled
Ring Muscle UpMinnesota Mash-Up
Monostructural Movements
Assault RunnerEndure The Sled
Double UndersMinnesota Mash-Up
Echo BikeEndure The Sled
Running2014 Regional IE5
Shuttle RunSpeed Chipper
Weightlifting Movements
Clean and JerkMinnesota Mash-Up
ComplexBarbell Complex
Overhead SquatMinnesota Mash-Up
Sled PushEndure The Sled
SnatchSpeed Chipper
ThrusterHS Reverse Fran
Wall BallsMinnesota Mash-Up
Single Movement1
4 or More Movements1
Pyramid Chipper1
Time DomainCount
Less than 5 minutes2
5 to 10 minutes1
10 to 20 minutes1
Greater than 20 minutes1
Max Lift1