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2023 Wodapalooza - Fantasy Fitnessing

2023 Wodapalooza

January 12 - 15, 2023

Final Results - Women

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# Name Total Points

Final Results - Men

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# Name Total Points

Event 1 - E1 - Rings and Squats

For Time:
21/15 Ring Muscle-ups
21 Back Squats (235, 165lb)
15/12 Ring Muscle-ups
15 Front Squats
9 Ring Muscle-ups
9 Overhead Squats
#Women  #Men 
1Emma Cary09:10.0 1Ricky Garard08:41.89
2Elisa Fuliano09:11.28 2Nick Mathew09:56.51
3Paige Semenza09:23.95 3Patrick Vellner10:15.5
4Sydney Michalyshen10:25.52 4Cole Greashaber10:39.81
5Andrea Nisler10:50.5 5Fabián Beneito Sellés11:33.0
6Alexia Williams11:13.9 6Luke Parker11:58.2
7Paige Powers11:16.91 7Leonel Franco90 reps
8Olivia Kerstetter11:46.2 8Lukas Ozaki89 reps
9Emily Rolfe11:58.72 8John Wood89 reps
10Lexi Neely80 reps 10Alexandre Caron88 reps
11Victoria Campos79 reps 10Damián Martínez Satorres88 reps
12Nicole Gibson-Burke78 reps 12Kealan Henry87 reps
12Rebecca Fuselier78 reps 12Dallin Pepper87 reps
14Cece Cronin77 reps 14Agustín Richelme86 reps
15Emma Tall76 reps 14Cam Crockett86 reps
15Oihana Moya76 reps 14Roman Khrennikov86 reps
15Ragnheiður Sara Sigmundsdottir76 reps 17Tiago Luzes85 reps
18Becca Merritt74 reps 17Brent Fikowski85 reps
18Elizabeth Wishart74 reps 17Jack Rozema85 reps
20Dani Speegle72 reps 20Guilherme Malheiros84 reps
20Cecilia Ramirez Villamil72 reps 20Nate Ackermann84 reps
20Elena Carratalá Sanahuja72 reps 22Samuel Paquin83 reps
20Katelin Van Zyl72 reps 22Fernando Llaneza Pardillos83 reps
24Madeline Helms69 reps 22Matt Poulin83 reps
24Freya Moosbrugger69 reps 22Peter Mason83 reps
26Ella Kanona Wunger68 reps 26Tudor Magda82 reps
26LucÍa Viretti Anino68 reps 27Lukas Grouleff81 reps
28Mirakim Couvrette66 reps 28Aniol Ekai80 reps
29Brittany Weiss65 reps 28Benjamin Gutierrez80 reps
29Chloe Carano65 reps 30Kaique Cerveny78 reps
29Sydney Wells65 reps 30Guillaume Briant78 reps
32Constanza Cabrera63 reps 32Phillip Muscarella77 reps
33Valentina Magalotti62 reps 33Lago Guiraldes75 reps
34Hanna Karlsson44 reps 34Raymond Romanick72 reps
34Aimee Cringle44 reps 35Henrik Haapalainen67 reps
36Fernanda Dotto17 reps 36Travon Benton66 reps
37Julia Kato0 reps 37Arthur Semenov54 reps

Event 2 - E2 - Back to the Future

For Time:
5/4 Legless Rope Climbs
40 Weighted GHD Sit-ups (20,14lb)
90' Double KB Overhead Walking Lunge (53, 35lb)
20 Double KB Hang Clean & Jerks
1 Mile Assault Run
20 Double KB Thrusters
90' Double KB Front-rack Walking Lunge
40 GHD Sit-ups
5 Rope Climbs

#Women  #Men 
1Emma Cary18:55.82 1Roman Khrennikov17:27.0
2Emily Rolfe19:05.83 2Ricky Garard17:39.65
3Ragnheiður Sara Sigmundsdottir19:24.6 3Alexandre Caron18:16.64
4Paige Powers19:42.97 4Patrick Vellner18:34.8
5Emma Tall19:59.71 5Cole Greashaber18:51.46
6Rebecca Fuselier20:22.33 6Nick Mathew19:03.1
7Freya Moosbrugger20:34.28 7Dallin Pepper19:35.9
8Sydney Wells20:36.52 8Lago Guiraldes19:49.38
9Dani Speegle20:47.13 9Brent Fikowski19:55.14
10Paige Semenza20:50.94 10Arthur Semenov20:02.78
11Katelin Van Zyl21:17.51 11Fernando Llaneza Pardillos20:15.71
12Ella Kanona Wunger21:22.19 12Kaique Cerveny20:18.81
13Aimee Cringle21:23.72 13Guillaume Briant21:00.0
14Brittany Weiss21:31.84 14Samuel Paquin21:07.0
15Elisa Fuliano21:50.35 15Cam Crockett21:20.65
16Andrea Nisler21:53.0 16Phillip Muscarella21:32.91
17Hanna Karlsson21:54.29 17Tiago Luzes21:35.2
18Sydney Michalyshen141 reps 18Jack Rozema21:47.26
19Oihana Moya140 reps 19Peter Mason21:47.84
19Valentina Magalotti140 reps 20Fabián Beneito Sellés21:49.15
19Elizabeth Wishart140 reps 21Lukas Ozaki142 reps
22Olivia Kerstetter139 reps 21Agustín Richelme142 reps
23Victoria Campos138 reps 21Aniol Ekai142 reps
23Alexia Williams138 reps 24Nate Ackermann141 reps
25Cece Cronin137 reps 25Kealan Henry140 reps
26Elena Carratalá Sanahuja117 reps 26Raymond Romanick139 reps
27Nicole Gibson-Burke115 reps 26Matt Poulin139 reps
28Julia Kato102 reps 28Henrik Haapalainen138 reps
29Lexi Neely99 reps 28Tudor Magda138 reps
30Chloe Carano97 reps 28Luke Parker138 reps
30LucÍa Viretti Anino97 reps 28Benjamin Gutierrez138 reps
32Cecilia Ramirez Villamil96 reps 32Damián Martínez Satorres132 reps
33Fernanda Dotto94 reps 33John Wood130 reps
34Mirakim Couvrette93 reps 34Travon Benton123 reps
35Madeline Helms92 reps 34Leonel Franco123 reps
36Constanza Cabrera70 reps 36Guilherme Malheiros113 reps
36Becca Merritt70 reps ---

Event 3 - E3 - Start Fast, Finish Strong

Part A
For time:
Toes to Bar
Lateral Jumps (24in, 18in)
44yd Shuttle Run (11-22-11yd)

#Women  #Men 
1Emily Rolfe02:30.2 1Patrick Vellner02:26.57
2Elisa Fuliano02:31.71 2Brent Fikowski02:32.82
3Brittany Weiss02:33.87 3Nick Mathew02:34.1
4Oihana Moya02:34.26 4Ricky Garard02:34.5
5Sydney Michalyshen02:35.39 5Cole Greashaber02:34.88
6Elizabeth Wishart02:36.33 6Roman Khrennikov02:36.34
7Aimee Cringle02:36.51 7Henrik Haapalainen02:36.37
8Rebecca Fuselier02:38.12 8Damián Martínez Satorres02:36.52
9Sydney Wells02:38.65 9Tudor Magda02:36.64
10Lexi Neely02:40.2 10Guilherme Malheiros02:37.1
11Ella Kanona Wunger02:40.8 11Aniol Ekai02:37.32
12Emma Cary02:41.21 12Jack Rozema02:37.45
13Paige Powers02:42.68 13Fabián Beneito Sellés02:37.57
14Dani Speegle02:43.59 14Phillip Muscarella02:38.7
15Chloe Carano02:44.44 15Benjamin Gutierrez02:39.22
16Paige Semenza02:44.62 16Dallin Pepper02:39.5
17Madeline Helms02:45.12 17Samuel Paquin02:40.0
18Ragnheiður Sara Sigmundsdottir02:45.26 18Luke Parker02:41.69
19LucÍa Viretti Anino02:48.2 19John Wood02:41.7
20Emma Tall02:48.31 20Agustín Richelme02:44.57
21Andrea Nisler02:48.44 21Alexandre Caron02:45.46
22Becca Merritt02:49.71 22Fernando Llaneza Pardillos02:45.63
23Cece Cronin02:51.14 23Guillaume Briant02:46.19
24Katelin Van Zyl02:52.22 24Lago Guiraldes02:46.27
25Cecilia Ramirez Villamil02:54.41 25Leonel Franco02:47.16
26Julia Kato02:55.41 26Nate Ackermann02:49.9
27Valentina Magalotti02:56.62 27Cam Crockett02:50.58
28Fernanda Dotto02:57.7 28Kaique Cerveny02:50.94
29Olivia Kerstetter02:57.31 29Lukas Ozaki02:51.58
30Alexia Williams02:57.89 30Matt Poulin02:52.75
31Victoria Campos02:59.87 31Peter Mason02:55.18
32Hanna Karlsson03:00.45 32Kealan Henry02:56.12
33Freya Moosbrugger03:09.0 33Travon Benton02:58.34
34Elena Carratalá Sanahuja03:12.0 34Tiago Luzes03:02.99
35Constanza Cabrera03:19.88 35Arthur Semenov03:12.75
36Mirakim Couvrette03:24.53 36Raymond Romanick03:18.0

Event 4 - E3 - Start Fast, Finish Strong (B)

Part B
For Time:
1,000M Row
20 D-Ball Cleans (150,100lb)
300ft D-Ball Bearhug Carry
#Women  #Men 
1Dani Speegle07:17.37 1Roman Khrennikov07:19.46
2Emma Tall07:19.7 2Tudor Magda07:57.66
3Sydney Wells07:43.1 3Brent Fikowski08:00.15
4Andrea Nisler07:47.75 4Ricky Garard08:09.3
5Emily Rolfe07:48.37 5Lago Guiraldes08:22.9
6Ragnheiður Sara Sigmundsdottir07:52.76 6Patrick Vellner08:23.72
7Paige Powers07:56.14 7Cole Greashaber08:28.34
8Katelin Van Zyl07:56.81 8Guillaume Briant08:30.78
9Olivia Kerstetter08:03.52 9Dallin Pepper08:42.3
10Sydney Michalyshen08:06.19 10Nate Ackermann09:04.22
11Elizabeth Wishart08:16.3 11Arthur Semenov09:15.75
12Ella Kanona Wunger08:18.33 12Alexandre Caron09:19.28
13Paige Semenza08:22.8 13John Wood09:24.95
14Aimee Cringle08:29.16 14Phillip Muscarella09:27.28
15Victoria Campos08:37.85 15Aniol Ekai09:32.96
16Brittany Weiss08:42.26 16Kaique Cerveny09:40.7
17Hanna Karlsson08:51.58 17Kealan Henry09:41.1
18Rebecca Fuselier09:11.22 18Fabián Beneito Sellés09:43.3
19Cece Cronin09:12.9 19Jack Rozema09:46.26
20LucÍa Viretti Anino09:15.0 20Lukas Ozaki09:46.84
21Alexia Williams09:17.82 21Henrik Haapalainen09:58.89
22Fernanda Dotto09:20.63 22Leonel Franco29 reps
23Freya Moosbrugger09:20.79 22Matt Poulin29 reps
24Oihana Moya09:30.59 22Tiago Luzes29 reps
25Julia Kato09:43.51 22Nick Mathew29 reps
26Becca Merritt09:43.89 26Samuel Paquin28 reps
27Chloe Carano09:58.59 26Peter Mason28 reps
28Mirakim Couvrette09:58.75 26Guilherme Malheiros28 reps
29Cecilia Ramirez Villamil14 reps 29Cam Crockett27 reps
30Elisa Fuliano13 reps 30Luke Parker26 reps
30Emma Cary13 reps 31Agustín Richelme24 reps
30Madeline Helms13 reps 31Fernando Llaneza Pardillos24 reps
33Valentina Magalotti12 reps 33Benjamin Gutierrez23 reps
33Constanza Cabrera12 reps 34Travon Benton22 reps
35Elena Carratalá Sanahuja11 reps 35Damián Martínez Satorres21 reps
36Lexi Neely7 reps 36Raymond Romanick12 reps

Event 5 - E4 - We Have Lift Off

1RM Clean & Jerk
3 Attempts in 4 min
#Women  #Men 
1Cece Cronin256 lbs 1Guilherme Malheiros395 lbs
2Dani Speegle255 lbs 2Tudor Magda386 lbs
3Paige Semenza247 lbs 3Jack Rozema367 lbs
4Elisa Fuliano246 lbs 4Henrik Haapalainen366 lbs
5Paige Powers245 lbs 5Arthur Semenov365 lbs
6Olivia Kerstetter241 lbs 6Travon Benton360 lbs
6Victoria Campos241 lbs 7Roman Khrennikov356 lbs
6Sydney Michalyshen241 lbs 7Ricky Garard356 lbs
9Andrea Nisler237 lbs 9Alexandre Caron355 lbs
10Emma Tall236 lbs 9Nick Mathew355 lbs
11Freya Moosbrugger235 lbs 9Brent Fikowski355 lbs
11Alexia Williams235 lbs 12Dallin Pepper353 lbs
13Lexi Neely231 lbs 13Aniol Ekai352 lbs
13Sydney Wells231 lbs 14John Wood351 lbs
15Emma Cary230 lbs 15Fabián Beneito Sellés346 lbs
16Ella Kanona Wunger226 lbs 15Patrick Vellner346 lbs
17Aimee Cringle225 lbs 17Luke Parker345 lbs
17Ragnheiður Sara Sigmundsdottir225 lbs 17Leonel Franco345 lbs
17Constanza Cabrera225 lbs 17Cole Greashaber345 lbs
20Chloe Carano222 lbs 20Phillip Muscarella342 lbs
21Elena Carratalá Sanahuja220 lbs 21Cam Crockett337 lbs
22Rebecca Fuselier218 lbs 21Guillaume Briant337 lbs
23Fernanda Dotto217 lbs 23Tiago Luzes336 lbs
24Elizabeth Wishart216 lbs 24Damián Martínez Satorres335 lbs
25Katelin Van Zyl215 lbs 24Agustín Richelme335 lbs
25Becca Merritt215 lbs 26Lago Guiraldes332 lbs
25Oihana Moya215 lbs 26Kaique Cerveny332 lbs
28Emily Rolfe212 lbs 28Peter Mason330 lbs
28Julia Kato212 lbs 29Matt Poulin325 lbs
30Brittany Weiss207 lbs 29Samuel Paquin325 lbs
31Mirakim Couvrette205 lbs 29Benjamin Gutierrez325 lbs
31LucÍa Viretti Anino205 lbs 32Nate Ackermann320 lbs
33Madeline Helms200 lbs 33Raymond Romanick315 lbs
34Cecilia Ramirez Villamil198 lbs 34Lukas Ozaki305 lbs
35Valentina Magalotti190 lbs 35Kealan Henry295 lbs
--- 36Fernando Llaneza Pardillos275 lbs

Event 6 - E4 - We Have Lift Off (B)

1min after Part A Max Clean and Jerk
Parallette Free-standing Handstand Hold
Max Time
10 seconds to get into hold
1 attempt
#Women  #Men 
1Rebecca Fuselier01:27.44 1Cole Greashaber01:28.25
2Elisa Fuliano01:22.47 2Guillaume Briant01:11.31
3Emily Rolfe01:19.87 3Nick Mathew01:10.56
4Chloe Carano01:08.44 4Henrik Haapalainen01:10.35
5Dani Speegle01:06.1 5Phillip Muscarella01:09.38
6Paige Powers00:54.97 6Ricky Garard01:01.0
7Sydney Wells00:54.16 7Patrick Vellner00:52.12
8Aimee Cringle00:52.93 8Samuel Paquin00:48.5
9Alexia Williams00:51.35 9Arthur Semenov00:46.5
10Brittany Weiss00:49.12 10Roman Khrennikov00:46.3
11Lexi Neely00:43.16 11Brent Fikowski00:41.52
12Sydney Michalyshen00:40.65 12Raymond Romanick00:39.25
13Victoria Campos00:35.81 13John Wood00:38.22
14Becca Merritt00:34.0 14Cam Crockett00:37.6
15Constanza Cabrera00:28.28 15Benjamin Gutierrez00:35.91
16Cecilia Ramirez Villamil00:24.7 16Dallin Pepper00:34.93
17Valentina Magalotti00:21.41 17Alexandre Caron00:34.28
18LucÍa Viretti Anino00:19.55 18Lukas Ozaki00:28.91
19Madeline Helms00:17.56 19Tudor Magda00:26.87
20Elena Carratalá Sanahuja00:17.5 20Tiago Luzes00:25.34
21Cece Cronin00:17.9 21Kaique Cerveny00:19.15
22Katelin Van Zyl00:15.38 22Jack Rozema00:18.97
23Andrea Nisler00:14.1 23Luke Parker00:18.9
24Freya Moosbrugger00:10.59 24Fabián Beneito Sellés00:15.63
25Olivia Kerstetter00:08.24 25Lago Guiraldes00:14.31
26Emma Cary00:07.9 26Fernando Llaneza Pardillos00:13.32
27Oihana Moya00:06.32 27Agustín Richelme00:12.43
28Julia Kato00:05.12 28Nate Ackermann00:10.0
29Paige Semenza00:03.5 29Travon Benton00:09.43
30Emma Tall00:03.19 30Aniol Ekai00:09.22
31Ragnheiður Sara Sigmundsdottir00:03.2 31Leonel Franco00:08.84
32Elizabeth Wishart00:02.98 32Peter Mason00:06.62
33Fernanda Dotto00:02.56 33Kealan Henry00:04.88
34Ella Kanona Wunger00:01.5 34Matt Poulin00:04.72
35Mirakim Couvrette00:00.0 35Damián Martínez Satorres00:04.41
--- 36Guilherme Malheiros00:01.52

Event 7 - E5 - Double Shot with a Splash

2 rounds:
50 Wall Balls (30,20lb)
Open Water Swim
150 Drag Rope Double Unders

#Women  #Men 
1Paige Powers15:34.22 1Roman Khrennikov14:02.88
2Brittany Weiss16:05.57 2Ricky Garard14:04.0
3Aimee Cringle17:20.34 3Brent Fikowski15:31.57
4Katelin Van Zyl17:27.18 4Tudor Magda15:43.0
5Emma Cary17:46.25 5Guilherme Malheiros16:07.0
6Paige Semenza17:59.34 6Nick Mathew16:13.0
7Freya Moosbrugger18:08.25 7Fernando Llaneza Pardillos16:24.14
8Ragnheiður Sara Sigmundsdottir18:11.69 8Cole Greashaber16:37.65
9Dani Speegle18:15.84 9Samuel Paquin16:41.65
10Sydney Michalyshen18:22.85 10Henrik Haapalainen16:43.95
11Emma Tall18:28.44 11Matt Poulin16:58.58
12Andrea Nisler18:31.0 12Patrick Vellner16:59.28
13Elizabeth Wishart18:35.28 13Dallin Pepper17:00.0
14Sydney Wells19:11.78 14Luke Parker17:07.76
15Elena Carratalá Sanahuja19:45.0 15Fabián Beneito Sellés17:11.0
16Olivia Kerstetter385 reps 16Peter Mason17:26.27
17Lexi Neely379 reps 17Arthur Semenov17:28.19
18Chloe Carano370 reps 18Lukas Ozaki17:31.4
19LucÍa Viretti Anino365 reps 19Leonel Franco17:33.58
20Victoria Campos356 reps 20Agustín Richelme17:40.88
21Elisa Fuliano347 reps 21Kealan Henry17:41.72
22Mirakim Couvrette346 reps 22Alexandre Caron17:58.62
23Cece Cronin336 reps 23John Wood18:15.0
24Rebecca Fuselier334 reps 24Phillip Muscarella18:19.94
25Emily Rolfe333 reps 25Tiago Luzes18:31.65
26Oihana Moya311 reps 26Nate Ackermann18:55.83
27Becca Merritt296 reps 27Lago Guiraldes19:02.22
28Cecilia Ramirez Villamil291 reps 28Guillaume Briant19:14.7
29Ella Kanona Wunger266 reps 29Kaique Cerveny19:23.3
30Constanza Cabrera252 reps 30Jack Rozema19:28.37
31Valentina Magalotti251 reps 31Benjamin Gutierrez19:34.37
31Fernanda Dotto251 reps 32Cam Crockett19:38.53
31Julia Kato251 reps 33Aniol Ekai19:48.33
31Alexia Williams251 reps 34Raymond Romanick19:49.5
31Madeline Helms251 reps 35Damián Martínez Satorres383 reps
--- 36Travon Benton336 reps

Event 8 - E6 - Miami Meat Market

Part A 3 Rounds:
25 C2B Pull-up
15 Dumbbell Bench Press
30/21 Cal Echo Bike

#Women  #Men 
1Paige Powers05:31.9 1Roman Khrennikov06:02.74
2Dani Speegle05:57.91 2Ricky Garard06:21.2
3Andrea Nisler06:19.16 3Patrick Vellner06:37.43
4Ragnheiður Sara Sigmundsdottir06:23.77 4Guilherme Malheiros06:46.53
5Sydney Michalyshen06:47.33 5John Wood06:50.59
6Emma Tall07:14.28 6Jack Rozema06:55.11
7Brittany Weiss07:19.62 7Alexandre Caron06:55.5
8Freya Moosbrugger07:23.0 8Nick Mathew07:04.32
9Cece Cronin07:23.75 9Phillip Muscarella07:14.97
10Paige Semenza07:35.57 10Guillaume Briant07:24.13
11Emily Rolfe07:44.16 11Brent Fikowski07:33.17
12Olivia Kerstetter08:14.78 12Tudor Magda07:35.13
13Emma Cary08:36.48 13Fabián Beneito Sellés07:35.19
14Elizabeth Wishart08:38.18 14Luke Parker07:44.68
15Aimee Cringle08:55.54 15Cole Greashaber07:48.1
16Victoria Campos140 reps 16Arthur Semenov08:29.34
17Sydney Wells132 reps 17Dallin Pepper123 reps
18Rebecca Fuselier128 reps 18Lago Guiraldes106 reps
19Elisa Fuliano126 reps 19Samuel Paquin105 reps
20Katelin Van Zyl118 reps 20Henrik Haapalainen40 reps

Event 9 - E6 - Dirty Isabel

Part B
30 Bar Facing Burpees
30 Unbroken* Power Snatches (125,85lb)
*For every break, perform 3 bar-facing burpees at the completion of the snatches.
#Women  #Men 
1Dani Speegle03:19.32 1Dallin Pepper03:07.21
2Emma Cary03:27.58 2Henrik Haapalainen03:20.33
3Paige Powers03:37.84 3Patrick Vellner03:37.63
4Katelin Van Zyl03:49.58 4Cole Greashaber03:45.44
5Elisa Fuliano04:03.47 5Ricky Garard03:51.76
6Olivia Kerstetter04:09.0 6Alexandre Caron03:54.35
7Freya Moosbrugger04:15.0 7Brent Fikowski03:55.69
8Emma Tall04:15.7 8Fabián Beneito Sellés03:59.9
9Ragnheiður Sara Sigmundsdottir04:18.91 9Roman Khrennikov04:29.65
10Sydney Michalyshen04:25.2 10Lago Guiraldes04:31.0
11Sydney Wells04:31.15 11Nick Mathew04:32.95
12Rebecca Fuselier04:31.95 12Guilherme Malheiros04:41.53
13Paige Semenza04:32.97 13Phillip Muscarella04:42.33
14Brittany Weiss04:43.66 14Jack Rozema04:58.3
15Andrea Nisler04:47.41 15John Wood05:05.96
16Victoria Campos05:03.37 16Guillaume Briant05:07.16
17Emily Rolfe05:06.63 17Luke Parker05:12.84
18Cece Cronin05:32.62 18Arthur Semenov05:17.31
19Elizabeth Wishart05:35.66 19Samuel Paquin05:28.57
20Aimee Cringle06:10.72 20Tudor Magda05:37.2

Wodapalooza Team Announced

Christine Kolenbrander, Alexis Raptis and Fee Saghafi are going team together at Wodapalooza

Source Created On November 30, 2022 10:19AM PST

Wodapalooza Team Announced

Ben Smith, Alec Smith and Dane Smith are going team together at Wodapalooza.

Source Created On November 30, 2022 10:17AM PST

Wodapalooza Team Announced

Brent Fikowski, Pat Vellner and Jeff Adler are going team together at Wodapalooza

Source Created On November 30, 2022 10:16AM PST

Wodapalooza Team Announced

Ricky Garard, Tim Paulson and Matt Dlugos are going team together at Wodapalooza

Source Created On November 30, 2022 10:14AM PST

Wodapalooza team announced

Kari Pearce, Arielle Loewen, and Alex Gazan are going team together at Wodapalooza

Source Created On November 30, 2022 10:13AM PST

Wodapalooza have confirmed a number of athletes

Dallin Pepper, Arielle Loewen, Guilherme Malheiros, Emily Rolfe have been confirmed on the Wodapalooza Instagram

Athlete: Dallin Pepper

Source Created On November 30, 2022 10:09AM PST

Nick Mathew is going to Wodapalooza

Nick Mathew is confirmed by Wodapalooza to be competing in January in Miami.

Athlete: Nick Mathew

Source Created On November 09, 2022 1:23PM PST

Sam Stewart leads The Lads to Wodapalooza

2021 CrossFit Games athlete, Sam Stewart is joined by Jamie Headon and Michael Smith in a return to the 2023 Wodapalooza elite team division.

Athlete: Sam Stewart

Source Created On November 08, 2022 8:23AM PST

Sara Sigmundsdottir is confirmed for Wodapalooza

Sara Sigmundsdottir has been confirmed as an individual athlete at 2023 Wodapalooza. Last year Sigmundsdottir bowed out of WZA during the heavy lift, and didn't get back on track for the rest of the year as she still recovered from her 2021 ACL injury. The 2023 WZA will be her first step back.

Athlete: Sara Sigmundsdottir

Source Created On November 08, 2022 8:20AM PST

Jayson Hopper joins James Sprague and Cole Sager in a Wodapalooza team

Good Dudes is a confirmed team for Wodapalooza with Jayson Hopper, Cole Sager and James Sprague. Sager and Sprague trained together in Spokane a bit during the offseason, so there is a connection there, however this seems to be a bit of a unexpected trio.

Athlete: Jayson Hopper

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Sara Sigmundsdottir is confirmed for Wodapalooza

Sara Sigmundsdottir has been confirmed on the Wodapalooza instagram.

Athlete: Sara Sigmundsdottir

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Wodapalooza Team confirmed!

Travis Mayer, Noah Ohlsen and Chandler Smith are confirmed to be back together at Wodapalooza again in 2023.

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Wodapalooza confirmed team!

Danielle Brandon, Andrea Nisler and Taylor Williamson will be on a team at Wodapalooza.

Athlete: Danielle Brandon

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Vellner is Confirmed for Wodapalooza

Patrick Vellner is confirmed for Wodapalooza via the WZA instagram page.

Athlete: Patrick Vellner

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Noah Ohlsen 1:49 Fran

When doing the TYR WZAOC workout Fran Noah Ohlsen set a world-record breaking time of 1:49

Athlete: Noah Ohlsen

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Dani Speegle is confirmed for Wodapalooza

Wodapalooza has posted that Dani Speegle in confirmed.

Athlete: Dani Speegle

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Olivia Sulek is headed to Wodapalooza

Olivia Sulek was 2nd in the qualifier for Wodapalooza. She just posted that she will competing at Wodapalooza again this year. Last year she was 16th at Wodapalooza.

Athlete: Olivia Sulek

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Athletes are getting Wodapalooza invites.

Leonel Franco and Matt Poulin have shared their invites on social media.

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Wodapalooza Qualifier is Done!

Leaderboard is being finalized so keep an eye on it.
All of the invites should be sent out by Sunday Oct. 9th

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Wodapalooza announces Prize Purse

$500,000 total prize purse for Wodapalooza was announced. Dispersement is slightly different but total amount is the same as the 2022 prize purse.

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Wodapalooza Qualifer Worktout 3 Released

For Time:
600ft Shuttle Run
60 Pull-ups
400ft Shuttle Run
40 Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups
200ft Shuttle Run
20 Bar Muscle-ups
Time Cap: 10 Minutes

The workout flow, movement standards, scorecard & division breakdown are available on our website or through the link in our bio. Week one scores are due on September 19th, 2022, at 8:00PM ET via Competition Corner.

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Wodapalooza Qualifier Workout 2 Released

5 Rounds x AMRAP 2:
20 Bar-Facing Burpees
Max Clean and Jerks
Rest 1 Minute
Round 1: 95/65
Round 2: 135/95
Round 3: 185/125
Round 4: 225/155
Round 5: 275/185

The workout flow, movement standards, scorecard & division breakdown are available on our website or through the link in our bio. Week one scores are due on September 19th, 2022, at 8:00PM ET via Competition Corner.

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Wodapalooza Qualifier Workout 1 Released

+3 Hang Power Snatches
+3 Overhead Squats
30 Double Unders
- Add 3 repetitions to each of the barbell movements (3/3/30, 6/6/30, 9/9/30, etc.) at the conclusion of each round.

Workout flow, movement standards, scorecard & division breakdowns are available on our website or through the link in our bio. Week one scores are due on September 19th, 2022, at 8:00PM ET via Competition Corner.

There's still time to join the celebration. Register and join the party on the Road to Miami!

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Wodapalooza changes elite competition schedule

Wodapalooza announced that they have changed the elite competition schedule to allow athletes to compete as both individuals and team athletes. The elite individuals will run on Thursday and Friday(Jan 12 and 13), while the elite teams will compete on Saturday and Sunday(Jan 14 and 15).

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Wodapalooza 2023 adds invites to athletes who win some off season events

Invites will be sent to these off season events. Keep an eye out for more to add to this list.
Individual Elite Male & Female winners at Madrid CF Challenge 2022
Individual Elite Male & Female winners at FITLAND 2022
Individual Elite Male & Female winners at Black Challenge 2022
Individual Elite Male & Female winners at The Greatness Fit Fest 2022
Individual Elite Male & Female winners at the Argentina Throwdown 2022

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The following is a breakdown of the number of movements in each category programmed in the 2023 Wodapalooza. If a movement appears in multiple events, it is counted twice


Gymnastics Movements
Bar Facing BurpeeE6 - Dirty Isabel
Chest To Bar Pull UpsE6 - Miami Meat Market
GHD SitupsE2 - Back to the Future
Handstand HoldE4 - We Have Lift Off (B)
Laterall JumpE3 - Start Fast, Finish Strong
Legless Rope ClimbE2 - Back to the Future
Ring Muscle UpE1 - Rings and Squats
Rope ClimbsE2 - Back to the Future
Toes To BarE3 - Start Fast, Finish Strong
Monostructural Movements
Assault RunnerE2 - Back to the Future
Double UndersE5 - Double Shot with a Splash
Echo BikeE6 - Miami Meat Market
Ocean SwimE5 - Double Shot with a Splash
RowE3 - Start Fast, Finish Strong (B)
RunningE3 - Start Fast, Finish Strong
Weightlifting Movements
Back SquatE1 - Rings and Squats
Bench PressE6 - Miami Meat Market
CleanE3 - Start Fast, Finish Strong (B)
Clean and JerkE4 - We Have Lift Off
Clean and JerkE2 - Back to the Future
Front SquatE1 - Rings and Squats
LungeE2 - Back to the Future
LungeE2 - Back to the Future
Med Ball GHD Sit UpsE2 - Back to the Future
Odd Object CarryE3 - Start Fast, Finish Strong (B)
Overhead SquatE1 - Rings and Squats
SnatchE6 - Dirty Isabel
ThrusterE2 - Back to the Future
Wall BallsE5 - Double Shot with a Splash
Single Movement2
4 or More Movements1
Time DomainCount
Less than 5 minutes3
5 to 10 minutes3
10 to 20 minutes2
Max Lift1