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2022 Last Chance Qualifier - Fantasy Fitnessing

2022 Last Chance Qualifier

June 29 - July 1, 2022

Final Results - Women

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Final Results - Men

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Event 1

From 0-2 minutes:
20 Thrusters
Max-Rep Bar Muscle-Ups
From 2-4 minutes:
From 4-6 minutes:
20 Bar Muscle-Ups
Max-Rep Thrusters
M:185 lbs
W:125 lbs

#Women  #Men 
1Arielle Loewen29 reps 1Griffin Roelle34 reps
2Jamie Simmonds28 reps 2Bayley Martin33 reps
3Kloie Wilson26 reps 3Tyler Christophel32 reps
4Madeline Sturt26 reps 4Jonne Koski30 reps
5Oihana Moya25 reps 5Jake Berman30 reps
6Feeroozeh Saghafi25 reps 6Royce Dunne30 reps
7Elena Carratalá Sanahuja24 reps 7Hamza Abdalfatah29 reps
8Katrín Tanja Davidsdottir23 reps 8Jake Douglas28 reps
9Tori Dyson22 reps 9Jacob Pfaff28 reps
10Tayla Howe21 reps 10Fabián Beneito Sellés27 reps
11Kristine Best20 reps 11Nick Mathew27 reps
12Lindsey Porter20 reps 12Denis Samsonov24 reps
13Or Cohen19 reps 13Alex Kotoulas23 reps
14Callista Lang16 reps 14Tim Paulson23 reps
15Kelly Clark16 reps 15Andrey Fedotov23 reps
16Ragnheiður Sara Sigmundsdottir16 reps 16Connor Duddy22 reps
17Dawon Jung15 reps 17Austin Spencer21 reps
18Hattie Kanyo15 reps 18Mitchel Stevenson21 reps
19Claudia Espinosa13 reps 19Matt Dlugos20 reps
20Christina Livaditakis12 reps 20Agustín Richelme18 reps
21Gabby Mcclelland11 reps 21Luka Đukić18 reps
22Masha Savvina3 reps 22Jeremy Vigneault18 reps
--- 23James Sprague16 reps
--- 24Ant Haynes15 reps
--- 25Darren Zurnamer15 reps
--- 26Arthur Semenov15 reps
--- 27Ruan Potgieter6 reps

Event 2

2,000-meter Row
Handstand Walk for Max Distance
Time cap: Nine minutes for Women, eight minutes for Men

#Women  #Men 
1Katrín Tanja Davidsdottir38 reps 1Royce Dunne42 reps
2Tayla Howe35 reps 2Tim Paulson41 reps
3Kristine Best33 reps 3James Sprague36 reps
4Kloie Wilson31 reps 4Jonne Koski36 reps
5Elena Carratalá Sanahuja31 reps 5Matt Dlugos35 reps
6Arielle Loewen30 reps 6Nick Mathew34 reps
7Lindsey Porter30 reps 7Arthur Semenov34 reps
8Jamie Simmonds30 reps 8Connor Duddy34 reps
9Gabby Mcclelland29 reps 9Alex Kotoulas34 reps
10Ragnheiður Sara Sigmundsdottir29 reps 10Jeremy Vigneault32 reps
11Madeline Sturt27 reps 10Luka Đukić32 reps
12Tori Dyson25 reps 12Mitchel Stevenson31 reps
13Feeroozeh Saghafi24 reps 13Jake Berman30 reps
13Oihana Moya24 reps 14Jacob Pfaff30 reps
15Callista Lang24 reps 15Agustín Richelme30 reps
16Hattie Kanyo23 reps 16Ruan Potgieter30 reps
17Kelly Clark23 reps 17Tyler Christophel30 reps
18Christina Livaditakis22 reps 18Hamza Abdalfatah29 reps
19Or Cohen20 reps 19Austin Spencer29 reps
20Claudia Espinosa15 reps 20Bayley Martin28 reps
21Masha Savvina13 reps 21Denis Samsonov28 reps
22Dawon Jung12 reps 22Griffin Roelle25 reps
--- 23Ant Haynes25 reps
--- 24Darren Zurnamer25 reps
--- 25Jake Douglas25 reps
--- 26Fabián Beneito Sellés25 reps
--- 27Andrey Fedotov22 reps

Event 3

For time, 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 reps each of:

Clean & Jerk - Women: 155 pounds | Men: 225 pounds
Shuttle Run - 50 feet

#Women  #Men 
1Arielle Loewen12:51.0 1Jake Berman13:33.0
2Ragnheiður Sara Sigmundsdottir12:54.0 2Tim Paulson13:34.0
3Kristine Best13:16.0 2Mitchel Stevenson13:34.0
4Feeroozeh Saghafi13:31.0 4Jeremy Vigneault13:49.0
5Elena Carratalá Sanahuja13:36.0 5Austin Spencer13:57.0
6Jamie Simmonds13:41.0 6Nick Mathew13:59.0
7Katrín Tanja Davidsdottir14:06.0 7Tyler Christophel14:15.0
8Tori Dyson14:10.0 8Jonne Koski14:25.0
9Oihana Moya14:22.0 9James Sprague14:40.0
10Kloie Wilson14:43.0 10Connor Duddy15:04.0
11Madeline Sturt14:52.0 11Griffin Roelle15:10.0
12Hattie Kanyo14:56.0 12Royce Dunne15:11.0
13Kelly Clark15:00.0 13Alex Kotoulas15:17.0
14Tayla Howe15:27.0 14Arthur Semenov15:21.0
15Claudia Espinosa15:48.0 15Bayley Martin15:27.0
16Gabby Mcclelland15:49.0 16Hamza Abdalfatah15:37.0
17Christina Livaditakis15:54.0 17Luka Đukić16:13.0
18Lindsey Porter16:24.0 18Jacob Pfaff16:16.0
19Dawon Jung16:36.0 19Fabián Beneito Sellés16:32.0
20Callista Lang16:50.0 20Denis Samsonov17:23.0
21Or Cohen18:37.0 21Jake Douglas18:07.0
22Masha SavvinaCAP + 90 22Ant Haynes19:30.0
--- 23Ruan PotgieterCAP + 106

Event 4

Two rounds for time:
50 Burpee Box Jump-Overs - Women: 20-inch box | Men: 24-inch box
75 Double Unders
100 Wall-Ball Shots - 10-foot target | Women: 14 pounds | Men: 20 pounds
Time cap: 20 minutes

#Women  #Men 
1Arielle Loewen17:43.0 1Tim Paulson15:24.0
2Elena Carratalá Sanahuja17:58.0 2James Sprague15:52.0
3Feeroozeh Saghafi18:07.0 3Mitchel Stevenson15:54.0
4Katrín Tanja Davidsdottir18:14.0 4Jake Berman16:19.0
5Kristine Best18:33.0 5Jonne Koski16:41.0
6Madeline Sturt19:08.0 6Tyler Christophel17:08.0
7Jamie Simmonds19:15.0 7Nick Mathew17:11.0
8Kloie Wilson19:24.0 8Alex Kotoulas17:17.0
9Oihana Moya19:49.0 9Ruan Potgieter17:33.0
10Tori DysonCAP + 449 10Connor Duddy17:50.0
11Callista LangCAP + 446 11Jeremy Vigneault17:51.0
12Hattie KanyoCAP + 445 12Austin Spencer17:59.0
13Dawon JungCAP + 436 13Luka Đukić18:03.0
14Kelly ClarkCAP + 435 14Hamza Abdalfatah18:09.0
15Lindsey PorterCAP + 432 15Bayley Martin18:16.0
16Tayla HoweCAP + 421 16Griffin Roelle18:30.0
17Christina LivaditakisCAP + 417 17Fabián Beneito Sellés18:34.0
18Claudia EspinosaCAP + 416 18Royce Dunne19:18.0
19Ragnheiður Sara SigmundsdottirCAP + 415 19Arthur Semenov19:21.0
20Or CohenCAP + 401 20Jacob Pfaff19:29.0
21Gabby McclellandCAP + 380 21Andrey FedotovCAP + 431
22Masha SavvinaCAP + 357 22Ant HaynesCAP + 422
--- 23Denis SamsonovCAP + 418
--- 24Jake DouglasCAP + 375

The following is a breakdown of the number of movements in each category programmed in the 2022 Last Chance Qualifier. If a movement appears in multiple events, it is counted twice


Gymnastics Movements
Bar Muscle Ups Event #1
Burpee Box Jump Overs Event #4
Handstand Walk Event #2
Monostructural Movements
Double Unders Event #4
Row Event #2
Shuttle Run Event #3
Weightlifting Movements
Clean and Jerk Event #3
Thruster Event #1
Wall Balls Event #4
Time DomainCount
5 to 10 minutes2
10 to 20 minutes2